1908 Graham County Kansas Teacher Certificates

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The following list of Graham County teachers who had recently received their certificates to teach appeared in the Hill City New Era, Wednesday, September 10, 1908.

As a result of the recent teachers examination fifty-six certificates were issued one professional, two first grades, seventeen second grades and thirty-six third grades. The remarkable thing in connection with this examination is the large number of really good second grade certificates obtained. Below is a list of the successful candidates:

1.           Grace ABBOTT

2.           Edith BARNES

3.           O. E. BARNES

4.           F. P. BARNES

5.           Alice BEEBY

6.           C. A. BEEBY

7.           Fanny BOLLER

8.           Faye BROOKS

9.           Lulu CRAIG

10.      Gertrude CREAR

11.      Mattie CROWDER

12.      Cora CULVER

13.      Anna DAVIS

14.      Myrtle FOX

15.      Elfie FRANKLIN

16.      Mrs. Minnie GUSTIN

17.      Jessie HANNA

18.      Annas HANSON

19.      Nora M. HARDMAN

20.      Mrs. P. B. HARDMAN

21.      May HATCHER

22.      Ethel HIGINBOTHAM

23.      Mrs. Lizzie IRWIN

24.      James J. EBNOTHER

25.      C. H. MILLIKEN

26.      Ralph MENDEL
(not sure if last letter is an "L")

27.      Margueritte McVEY

28.      Ellen McKIM

29.                        Ira McGUIRE

30.                        Lillian McCLOUD

31.                        Mrs. Birdie E. McBRIDE

32.                        Ulysses LOYD

33.                        Nina KING

34.                        Mrs. Ethel KAY

35.                        Albert JENSON

36.                        Hulda JOHNSON

37.                        Lillie MORGAN

38.                        Maggie MORGAN

39.                        Earl O. MORGAN

40.                        Leroy MOWERY

41.                        Hester NEVINS

42.                        Grace E. NOLAND

43.                        Hattie O'BRIGHT

44.                        Florence QUINT

45.                        Mable QUINT

46.                        May ROBINSON

47.                        Lizzie E. ROGERS

48.                        O. W. SKINNER

49.                        Nellie SPENCER

50.                        Verbi SPROUL

51.                        Onah TEATER

52.                        L. C. THOMAN

53.                        Mrs. Edes E. THOMAN

54.                        Mrs. Gertrude TOWNSON

55.                        Fred E. WAITE

56.                        Grace L. WHITE


About thirty teachers began work last Monday in as many different districts, and several others will begin next week.
Most of the shorter terms do not commence until October 5.

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