Horace and Tribune

sections of the
1912 Polk's Kansas State Gazetteer
and Business Directory


(Chicago, R.S. Polk & Co., [published 1911])

HORACE.........Population, 150. On the M. P. Ry., in Tribune township, Greeley county, 2 miles w of Tribune, the county seat and banking point. Tel, W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co.

--Critcher Lumber Co.
--Douglas, Jennie Mrs., confectionary
--Duffield, R. M., general store
--Everett, A. J., livery
--Holmes, Charles, feed
--Lovett, James, genearl store
--Major, C. E., general store
--Pacific House, C. E. Landis propr.
--Sheppard, J. W., physician
--Whitehead, J. B., meats

TRIBUNE.........Population, 158. (U.S. census 1910). On the M. P. Ry., in Greeley county, of which it is the county seat, 24 miles w. of Leoti, and 460 from Kansas City. Has a Methodist and presbyterian churches, a weekly newspaper, the Greeley County Republican, and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. H. C. Record, postmaster..

--Adams, Guy G., county clerk
--Beckstrom, D. R., lawyer
--Bollinger, F. J., sheriff
--Douglas, G. R., register of deeds
--Everett, E. J., lawyer
--First State Bank (Capital $12,500), Charles E. Lobdell Pres, A. N. Rochester Cashr.
--Foster Lumber Co., lumber and coal
--Glenn, Wm., lawyer
--Glenn W. M., publr Greeley County Republican
--Greeley County Republican, W. M. Glenn, publr.
--Lynch, George L., county treasurer
--McGinnis, S. S., physician
--Myers, J. A., general store
--Northrup, M. G., meats
--O'Gara, P. H., real estate
--Pains & Moore, general stores
--Reid, George L., lawyer
--Ridlen, J. G., probate judge
--Scovill, C. L., hardware and furniture
--Simpson, A. R., county supt of schools
--Sutton & Hoffman, meats
--Swisher, A. Z. Dr., drugs
--Tribune Tavern, W. A. Brouse propr.
--White, W. R. livery
--Wilson, Clement L., lawyer

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