A Century of Greenwood County, KS History - Eureka Herald, 1968


The first fire company was organized in October, 1872, consisting of not less than 20 able bodied men to be styles as "Eureka Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1." The city council offered to procure suitable apparatus for extinguishing fires. Officers consisted of captain, first assistant, second assistant, engineer, secretary and treasurer.

The scaffolding has been removed from the courthouse and the flag raised on the staff for the first time on election day in November.

Average salaries paid to male teachers was $46 per month. Average for female teachers, $38.

The track on the fairgrounds was laid out by Mr. Clark, the county surveyor. The trace was half-mile in length and consisted of two semi-circles untied by two parallel tangents.

The grounds selected by the directors of the Agricultural Association for the fairgrounds consisted of 70 acres east of eureka and took in 10 or 15 acres of timber and permanent water. The price was $17 per acre.

Twenty-four school building were being built in Greenwood County during the summer of 1872.

An ordinance was passed in January, 1872, prohibiting any swine running at large in the city.

The Greenwood Agricultural Society was organized in March, 1872.

The city clerk reported the city had purchased two tracts of land for cemetery grounds. Nine good street crossings had been built, a good bridge had been erected at the crossing of Elm and First streets and nearly three-fourths mile of sidewalks had been built. A good calaboose had been built and the spring had been fenced and improved.

School District No. 44 (Salt Springs) had finished a new and substantial schoolhouse, 18 by 32, 12 feet high. They would soon put in patent seats and would have a two-months school. The town of Salt Springs is still improving. There is a good store, a drug store, one boarding house, a doctor's office and another store being built.

A town in the southeast, larger than Eureka, boasts that is has eight stone buildings. Eureka has 12. The smallest is a good-sized dwelling house. There are fewer towns in Kansas that are better built than Eureka. Travelers say it is one of the neatest towns in the state.

The first annual fair in the county was held October 2 and 3, 1872. Various classes included horses, jacks and mules; sheep; swine; poultry; mechanical department (including manufactured harness, saddles, bridles, etc.); farm products; horticulture and dairy; ladies' department; paintings and drawings - and bread and condiments.

The Eureka Herald diminished in size with the September 26 issued - a five-column paper.

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