A Century of Greenwood County, KS History - Eureka Herald, 1968


The grasshoppers put in their appearance in August. The great body of them, a cloud that reached fourteen miles east and seven miles west of Eureka passed over, going south. for four hours they kept up a steady stream. On Sunday, another cloud went south.

A new postoffice had been established at Flint Ridge. G.G. Grasselli was postmaster.

There are quite a number of Indians camping in this county, but they are Sacs and will do no harm.

They had a bully scare over on Otter Creek the other day. A party of the Sac Indians had been out west and not being strong enough to fight the raiding Indians, returned. Some unsophisticated individual got scared and raised the alarm. the whole neighborhood came near to stampeding, when one of the old settlers took it into his head to examine and soon found the hundred fierce warriors to be six peaceful Sacs with their squaws and papooses. The alarm soon subsided and the Indian raid will furnish fun for the Otter Creekers as long as the generation lasts.

The Eureka Cavalry say they are like locomotives - each one has a tender behind.

The first fire of any importance in Eureka was in June when the stage stable, the horses and equipment burned. Of the six horses destroyed, four belonged to the Stage Company, one to the Humboldt route and one was the property of the El Dorado mail carrier. The fire taught the residents a few lessons. One is that there may as well not be any fire apparatus as to have it stored where it is now. Another is that it is poor economy not to furnish axes. The fire apparatus must be mounted on wheels and put in some accessible place, if it is to be made available.

Last Saturday (January 7) our streets presented a lively appearance, being crowded with teams, many of which were attached to sleighs and things for the purpose of improving the sleighing, which for this climate, was good.

Sparrows are to be introduced into this state. They will eat up the insects.

Last Thursday the ladies of Eureka circulated a remonstrance against granting license for the sale of spirituous, vinous, malt or other intoxicating liquor for the ensuing year. This was done quickly and quietly in a couple of hours, and thoroughly. Only about 20 citizens refused to sign it. This is the first appearance of the ladies organization in public, and it will probably be the last, yet they will not neglect the temperance cause, for they recognize the fact that something more than closing the saloon doors is necessary. They will continue to work in the temperance cause, and we trust that through their efforts many may be saved from the fate that now appears to await them - that of filling a drunkard's grave.

Ordinance No. 41 stated it would be unlawful for any person or persons to set up or keep a saloon or place for the purpose of selling, retailing or giving away any beer, soda water or lemonade without first taking out a license for that purpose.

An "Instant Dress Elevator" - to be inserted under a lady's skirt, would change a long skirt into a walking skirt. The skirt could be raised while passing over a muddy place, and then let it fall again. It was recommended to keep the bottom of the ladies' skirts out of the dirt and mud. Cost - 45 cents.

In November, a Presbyterian church was organized on Homer Creek, ten miles north of Eureka, with ten members. W.D. Moore and F.J. Cockran were chosen and ordained elders. This little church begins its existence under hopeful circumstances and with the good will of the community.

Ordinance No. 46 stated that is was unlawful for anyone to build a camp fire within the city of Eureka.

(September) This city is getting a truck for the Hook and Ladder Company.

We hope that the building on the northwest corner of the public square is only a temporary arrangement. At this distance from railroads and telegraphs the Sheriff is obliged to have his horses where he can get them at minute's warning. There should be a small, neat building in the rear of the courthouse, which should be the property of the county. The present arrangement is a hard times plan, to be dispensed with as soon as possible. And while speaking of courthouse matters, would it not be well to notice those piles of dirt and sweepings in the corner?

Bank up the earth around your houses so that the wind cannot get under the floor. It will save you lots of cordwood this winter.

The attention of the Street Commissioner is respectfully called to the condition of the cross walks on the east side of Main Street. There is a puddle at the south end of each one.

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