A Century of Greenwood County, KS History - Eureka Herald, 1968


Great horse race last Saturday - Jackson vs. Lindsy - entries "male ponies" - distance two blocks - tremendous enthusiasm - Marshal arrests the principals - Lindsy pays his fine - Jackson "never done it" - he demands a trial by jury - jury summoned, accepted and sworn - prosecution objects and jury discharged - case tried before "His Honor" - 14 miles in 15 days is not "furious driving" - prisoner goes free rejoicing - city pays the bill. (It was discovered a few days later that the ordinance under which the proceedings were had was repealed some time ago.)


There are better bargains now offered in Greenwood County than there ever were before. Now is the time to get cheap land in the most prosperous county of the southwest. People who want to come to a community where they are not panic stricken, nor grasshoppered, nor begging, will find this county just the place. Men without capital, who are doing well where they are, have no reason to move. But the farmer with a small capital, say from $500 to $2000, can do better here than anywhere else. Land can be bought on very easy terms, living is reasonably cheap, and there is money in hard work. To such men Greenwood County offers unequaled advantages.

A tour of inspection was made by the fire company in May, with some of the following results: several houses had stovepipes running through the roofs which were not safe; the stone livery stable had a pipe running too near the wall and running through a wood partition; one man didn't have a chimney, trash was in the yard and there was a hay stack on the lot and many stovepipes were too close to wood in the roof.

J.D. Biggs, who started for Missouri, did not go there. He found that it was no use looking for a better place than Greenwood County, so he turned around and came back.

A great parade and celebration was held on July 4 (Monday). fifty wagons were in the procession, together with two cornet bands and a martial band. Everyone walked, or rode, to the grove, west of town, for the program and speeches. Fireworks completed the day's program.

The Eureka library had over 40 volumes of miscellaneous reading and was not in debt. Ninety cents was the membership fee.

L.V. Harkness, who lived on Spring Creek, lost 430 sheep during the high water in July, along with 4000 rails.

The city council passed an ordinance cutting off all pay for councilmen and reducing the Mayor's salary one-half. His new annual salary was $25, payable quarterly.

Immigrants were passing through the city daily. Most of them went in search of homesteads or pre-emption claims.

The Hook and Ladder boys burned a fire guard around the city in October.

The change at the courthouse well is a big improvement. Instead of the wheezy old pump forever getting out of order, there is a neat well house and curb with buckets. The old pump was an expensive thing and never in good order.

There was an ordinance prohibiting the sale of coal oil after dark. It was an unsafe practice and was ordered stopped at once.

Frazier Brothers had a fine stable, with good buggies and gentle horses - no fear of runaways or breakdowns, and no extortionate prices charged.

The material of the old stone schoolhouse, District No. 4, was sold at auction in November for $40.

Greenwood County shipped a half-million dollars worth of cattle in 1875, all fed and fattened here.

A new postoffice has been established on West Creek, to be called Hamilton. Mrs. Harriett Johnson will be postmistress.

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