A Century of Greenwood County, KS History - Eureka Herald, 1968


The school room, recently fitted up in the basement of the main school building, was occupied for the first time in January.

The postoffice at Fullerton was opened. Marshall was postmaster.

The postmaster at Beaumont received $12 per month.

Greenwood County Building and Loan Association was organized with a capital stock of $120,000.

While digging a well at Virgil, a substance strongly resembling crude petroleum was found at a depth of 20 feet.

A man was noticed passing along the street, evidently under the influence of rattle snake antidote. This was the first instance of this kind sine the embargo was laid.

The new Congregational Church at Severy was dedicated on July 2.

President Garfield was shot by an assassin in July and died in September.

There were 80 organized school districts in the county.

Surveyors were busy laying off a townsite at Twin Falls.

Effects of the long drouth of 1881 were being felt in the price of vegetables. Potatoes were selling at $1.75 per bushel and cabbage was 20 cents per head.

Some of the towns and postoffices in Greenwood County included Collins, west and south of Eureka; North Ward, south of Collins; Charleston, in the southeast part of the county; Twin Falls, east of Climax; Fame, east of Eureka; Kenton, northwest of Virgin; Jamacia, west of Kenton; Lena Valley, northeast of Madison; and Flint Ridge, northwest of Eureka.

The Santa Fe line had been extended to Howard and was to go to the south line of the state.

The first number of the Fall River Times was published in Sept.

The Scandinavians had organized the Scandinavian Mission Society with A.P. Polqvist, president and A. Anderson, secretary.

The colored band was engaged to play at the fairgrounds during the county fair.

Emporia was still advancing. Not content with the new water works, they were preparing to organize a street car company.

The man who ran 2 1/2 miles in 16 minuets at the fair was the one that cut 60 shocks of corn in one day for A.W. Barrier.

The Catholic Church was completed and dedicated Sunday, Oct. 30.

The new Methodist Church at Madison was dedicated on November 6.

A disease among horses called the "pink eye" had made its appearance in this county.

Some mineral springs heretofore known as the Walnut Springs, about 10 miles southeast of Severy, were attracting considerable attention. The proprietor of the land had great faith in the medicinal virtues of the waters of those springs.

The town of Fall River was suggesting a new county composed of portions of Greenwood, Elk and Wilson counties and perhaps a small slice of Woodson county and make Fall River the county seat.

The new railroad was making Toronto into a boom town.

G.F. Dunham sold his interest in the Herald to H.C. Rizer in December, after being connected with the paper for 12 years.

Members of the Second Congregational Church (colored) built a parsonage at Fourth and Oak streets. They were using the courthouse for church services and planned to build a church as soon as possible.

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