A Century of Greenwood County, KS History - Eureka Herald, 1968


A hard-driving sleet, one of the heaviest falls on record, fell in January for two days. Communication and power lines were down, buses couldn't run and schools were closed. Bob Dettmer had been appointed to the Naval Academy. Announcement had been made by the Parks Oil Co. of the grand opening of their new modern station at Seventh and Main. The Snooker Parlor, owned by Glen Handley, opened March 5 in the basement of the Clever building.

Clarence Bailey of the Bailey Bottling co. had completed 40 years of business in Eureka. Fire destroyed the exhibit building at the fairgrounds in March. A capacity crowd attended the Merchants Jubilee and Style Show on March 23. Roger Babson stressed youth education at a May meeting in Eureka, attended by 200 business leaders from eight states.

A huge Blue Stem Festival was held on May 6 with a parade, an aerial parade, an evening program, dances, booths and concession stands. All proceeds were to be used for the community recreation program. The Motor Inn opened with its new building on May 14. The "Little Miss Bathing Beauty" contest at the local pool was a success with Susan Cox awarded first prize in the 1-3 year olds and Judy Wheat, first in the 4-5 year old class. Runners-up were Susan Talley and Stephanie Bradford in the first division and Julie Rockhill and Karen Downard in the last division.

The Fall River dam and reservoir was completed and dedicated on September 5, Labor Day. The celebration drew 50,000 persons in the three-day event. The first bottle of legal liquor was sold in Eureka on July 20 by J.L. Clever. Other licensed stores were Vic Myers and Merle Allen. In 1949, the ladies skirts were slim-as-a-reed in becoming mid-calf length.

Eureka's population was 3.674 and Greenwood County was 13,268. The new Utopia Sunday School was dedicated on September 11. Alex Dreier, radio commentator, was speaker at the 22nd annual Cattlemen's banquet. Television had arrived in Eureka. Vernon Donnelly installed the first television set in the town and programs were received in Oct. He had a 10-inch table model Motorola. It took seven men to install the 45 foot antenna. The set sold for $219.95 and the antenna $150.

The Magic Circle six-state checker tournament was held in Eureka, under the direction of L.S.Hilyard, in November. Dr. W.T. Grove, who had practiced in Greenwood County for 57 years, died in November.


An organized opposition to the Army Engineer's plans to build big dam projects in Kansas was formed in Topeka. The Piedmont Frisco station was closed. Modern lighting systems had been installed in the Eureka schools and classrooms were redecorated in light pastel colors. The PEO Chapter was organized in Eureka on February 11. Dave Mahar and Lynn Braden drove a big caterpiller DW10 home from the factory in Peoria, ILL., a distance of 556 miles, in 23 hours. It seems some of the folks in Eureka bet them they couldn't make the trip in less than 24 hours.

The Chamber of Commerce had a membership of 185. Bob Zenishek had assumed ownership of Rhudy's on March 1. The school board submitted a $130,000 bond issue to the patrons of District 4, which carried 487 to 451, for school improvements, including a new field house and improvements at McGinnis field and remodeling Mulberry.

R.L. Dodd assumed his duties as principal of the high school in March. The high school PTA was organized on March 6. Wm. Wishart had purchased Roy Vaughn's interest in the Eureka Auction Sale, effective April 1. On May 3, the first mammoth Dollar Day event was planned with a six-page special edition, "The Dollar Day News," distributed throughout Greenwood County - all sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

In May, the city planned to aerial spray Eureka for canker worm control. Dr. Roy Cheney, who practiced dentistry in Eureka for 17 years, died in May. Chas. Aufdengarten assumed his duties as county agent on May 15. Members of the Eureka Lions Club attended the state convention at Hays in a special bus. W.C. Kampschroeder was nominated and elected unanimously for District Governor of 17K.

Bill Lindsey and Bruce Dunlap joined the Herald staff in June. Lindsey as a printer and Dunlap in charge of advertising for the summer. Lindsey left for the service in October. Lewis Stephens had resigned as welfare director and Mrs. Evelyn Sexton was appointed acting director. Two Eurekans were seriously injured by an explosion at the Bush Motor Co. Archie Mendenhall and Orville Morris were the victims of multiple injuries when the heat from an acetylene torch ignited fumes in the tank of the truck they were working on. Percy Shuc was named a member of Utopia College faculty. A draft board office was opened in Eureka.

The Greenwood County Shrine Club was organized in October with R.C.Reno as president. O.K.Cornett had purchased the Vapor dry cleaning establishment and building from Ray Karns in December. Fire on December 19, starting in the basement sterotype room, caused considerable damage to the Herald office. The fire burned through the basement ceiling and into the composing room above before it was brought under control. Equipment was damaged by water and smoke. In order to publish the 14-page Christmas edition as planned, the entire Herald force worked day and night with only seven hours off from Tuesday morning until Thursday night, to clean the equipment and get it in running order. A number of ads and some copy were destroyed in the blaze. The press room housing about 6,000 pounds of newsprint, was spared any water or fire damage.

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