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History of Albion

The following history was taken from "The Harper County Story" by Gwendoline & Paul Sanders Copyright 1968, Library of Congress call number 68-54660, The Mennonite Press, Newton, KS


From Andrea's History, 1883

Albion is a small town on the K.C.L. and S.K. Railway just west of the east line of the county. It was laid out March 4, 1881, on land formerly owned by J. W. Shields, but purchased by a town company of which T. Shields was, and still is, President. The townsite is in the form of a rectangle 1,6452 X 720 feet. The first building on the town land was put up by F. E. Beach, the second by Elder Bros. And a third by Portman and Maddy. The post office at this point was formerly known as Gourock, and was kept by Mrs. Seavy. Upon the laying out of the town, the post office was moved to it but the name was not changed to Albion until the fall of 1882. Soon after the arrival of the Elder Bros., Robert Elder was named postmaster. The town has no churches or secret societies. Its population is about 100.

From Argonia Argosy, Dec. 12, 1963

Albion list the following businesses in 1881: A depot, stockyards, post office (located in the southeast corner of Elder's store), two good stores, a livery barn, lumberyard, flour mill, aloon, two blacksmith shops and a drug store, operated by Billy Dewall. School was held in the depot until a schoolhouse could be built. Tom Kaley ran what is agreed by each contributor of Albion history to be a typical, early day 'Lum 'n Abner' type store - craker barrel, gingersnap barrel, and pickle barrel.

Home sites of Alfonso Minnick, Bob Elder, formerly of Michigan, and Mrs. Coryell were noted and Tom Raine was said to have lived in Albion. Jacob W. Fisher's home was built on a knoll just north of the railroad track, and some of the Jesseph family proved up land immediately to the south.

A graduation exercise was held at which Mr. Elder presented a diploma to one graduate, a Bremmer girl. Mr. Schull, an accomplished musician, held music classes in the Albion school.

Mr. John Schon, who remember securing mail at the store post office, says that he tore down the house formerly occupied by Mrs. Coryell just two years ago, and that, wile one may still find rock deposits which were no doubt foundations to homes, and he used Mr. Elder's well until two years ago.

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