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Surname List

If you let us know the surnames for the families you have been researching in Harper County, we would be happy to add them to this list. Others who are researching the same surnames will be able to contact you directly.

Email: harpsoc@hotmail.com

Include the surname, time period, and your name in the message.


Surnames Time Period Researcher
Aldridge c1880 - c1895 Beverly Aldridge
Arnold 1880-1920 E.E.Buck Arnold
Asper 1895 to now Glenda (Asper) Clower
Aust 1885 to ? Laurie Perrilles
Babcock Talma Klaassen
Bader   Robert Weller
Baker   John E. Bartos
Barber   Karen Dusenbury Peterson
Bates 1887 Kenneth M. Bates
Beck c1906 Beverly Koelling Stukesbary
Bickford   David Bickford
Bird   James Clark
Blackburn 1880 until ? Barbara Watson
Bond 1909 - now Jared Scheel
Bonham   Sally Barnard Daggett
Bowen 1878 - now Patricia Bowen McDevitt
Bracker 1880 - 1953 Mary E. Bateman
Broce   Mary E. Bateman
Broce   Virginia Hayter Patterson
Brooke 1885 - 1930 Brent Brooke
Brooker 1900's Michelle Kristek
Brown 1887 Lester Brown
Brownfield 1902-1958 Frank Francone
Browning 1889-1900 Gary Troxe
Bunch 1884-1928 Wayne Daily
Burchfiel 1878 - NOW Dollie Mathes
Burke   Marcia Higginson
Burnet 1880-1900 Judy Michaels
Burt   Ron Estes
Butz   Cindy Keogel
Campbell   Sherri Hughes Lichtenberger
Canaan   Jo Ann Canaan Zahn
Challis 1865-1880 Todd Hunt
Challis   Courtney Storck
Charlton   James Clark
Collins abt 1890-1965 Lin Cole
Colopy 1880-1950 Dave Wells
Cockrell 1828-1903 Jeannie Cockrell LeCrone
Comstock   Marcia Higginson
Couch 1883-1921 Ann Walenta
Crowell 1880 - now Diana L. Gill
Cushman 1880-1910 Jodine Bergen
Cyphers   Ron Estes
Davis 1880's - 1940's Fred Davis
DeVore 1860's - 1890's Martin L. de Vore
Diehl   Ron Estes
Downing 1880's - ? Jessica Wilkinson

Ron Estes

Duncan 1890-1930 John E. Bartos
Dusenbury   Karen Dusenbury Peterson
Duvall   Ron Estes
Easterly 1880 - 1910 Darlene (Huffman) Bergren
Eastman   Kay Moreland Hargett
Embrey 1881 - 1911 Laura Robben
England 1870's - 1906/07 Brenda Green
Friquain 1873 - now Evelyn (Haskins) Oden
Fischer ? - 1972 E Keyser
Ford ? - 1900 Gail Lies
Foster   Jeannie Shires

Talma Klaassen

Garringer ? - 1897 George Lewis
Gates 1890's Deanna Searles
Gates   Karen Dusenbury Peterson
George 1870-1920 Jim Wilson
Gillenwater   Jeannie Shires
Green 1885-1920 John E. Bartos
Grisby 1860 - now Nancy Grigsby
Gwinn 1895 Barry Zbornik
Halbower   John E. Bartos
Hand 1886 Jaymen
Hanna   Scott Hanna
Harper 1880's Deanna Searles
Harrison 1895-1920's Henry Penrod
Hart   David Hart
Harwood 1880-1923 Jodine Bergen
Hatfield ? - 1897 George Lewis
Hayter   Virginia Hayter Patterson
Heidelk 1909 - now Jared Scheel
Henline 1880 Pam Haithcock
Hiatt 1860 Barry Williams
Hilton 1910 - 1980 Eunice Johnson
Hobson 1828-1900 Jeannie Cockrell LeCrone
Howell   Jeannie Shires
Huffman 1880 - 1952 Darlene (Huffman) Bergren
Hughes   Sherri Hughes Lichtenberger
Hutchinson 1854 - now Sue Henry
Jacks abt 1880-1910 Lin Cole
James 1894 Linda Hannan Radcliff
James 1878 - now Patricia Bowen McDevitt
Jesseph 1876 - now A Jones
Johnson c 1906 Beverly Koelling Stukesbary
Jones   Jim and Marian Bradley
Jones ? - 1967 E Keyser
Kaupabt 1866 - c 1935 Gail Lies
Keogel   Patrick Bott
Kennedy   John E. Bartos
Klassen   Timothy James Klaassen
Koelling c 1906 Beverly Koelling Stukesbary
Kollmorgen 1909 - now Jared Scheel
Kraus ? - 1961 E Keyser
Law 1900 - ? Holly Espinosa
Lee 1887 - 1922 Frank Francone
Lewis 881 - now Darla R. Lewis
Long bef 1887 - now Darleen DeHaven
Marcell 1910 - 1980 Eunice Johnson
Marcy 1874 - present Dick Cazier
Martin 1886 - now Darla R. Lewis
Martin   Patti Sohn
Marts 1885 - 1918 Ann Walenta
Matteson 1880-1900 Jodine Bergen
Mayo 1890 - now Carl E. Misak
McIntosh   Marcia Higginson
McIntyre   Harriette Jensen
McKenzie aft 1960 Fred Magers
Melvin 1903 - now Diana L. Gill
Meredith ? - 1937 Laura Robben
Miller   Virginia Hayter Patterson
Mills   Kay Moreland Hargett
Misak 1888 - now Carl E. Misak
Montgomery ? - 1890 Chuck Montgomery
Moore early 1900's - now Jim Reynolds
Moreland   Kay Moreland Hargett
Mortimer 1800's - now Jared Scheel
Moyer 1920's - 1940's Linda (Umpleby) VanOrden
Munger 1878 - ? Brenda Green
Musgrave ? E Keyser
Nance c 1880 - c 1900 Pamela S.Brown
Newton   Talma Klaassen
Nichols 1900 - ? Holly Espinosa
Noah 1900 - now Jared Scheel
Oesch 1885 -  ? Laurie Perrilles
Olson   J Olson
Palmer 1920 - 1940 Mae Watson
Patterson   Virginia Hayter Patterson
Pennock 1900-1910 Vicki Bevelhymer Ames
Penrod 1895-1920's Henry Penrod
Perkins   Harriette Jensen
Perry   Marcia Higginson
Perry c1885-1929 Luella Ostonal
Philips/Phillips   John E. Bartos
Potts 1900 - 1930 Barbara Beers
Price 1884 - 1921 Ann Walenta
Pulliam   John E. Bartos
Reed 1930 -1950 Shirley Reed
Reynolds early 1900's  - now Jim Reynolds
Rigg/Riggs c1885-1929 Luella Ostonal
Rishell 1920's - 1940's Linda (Umpleby) VanOrden
Ryan   Jim Ryan
Sanders 1835 - ? Davis
Scheel 1909 - now Jared Scheel

Shirly R

Seifert   Patti Sohn
Shannon 1870-1950 George Lampe
Smithhisler   Jim and Marian Bradley
Sohn   Patti Sohn
Squires   Elsie Ammon
Stith 1870 - 1950 George Lampe
Stork c 1900 - present George Bredehoft
Stufflebeam abt 1924 Darleen DeHaven
Taral   Patti Sohn
Thompson   Talma Klaassen
Thompson 1895 > Barry Zbornik
Thompson   Robert Weller
Titus 1878 - present Robert Titus
Travis 1870 -1948 Jerry D. Dyer
Turner 1884-1950 John Ryan
Umpleby 1920's - 1940's Linda (Umpleby) VanOrden
VanVranken 1903 - 1908 Michelle Kristek
Wallace c 1877-c1900 Karen Stern
Wedman 1880-1929 Patsy Wedman
Wethington 1878-2006 Philip Wethington
Wisler   Courtney Storck
Williams 1910's Ralph O Williams Jr
Wiley   Ron Estes
Wise 1878 - now Patricia Bowen McDevitt
White 1880-1930 Jodine Bergen
Wood 1878 - now Patricia Bowen McDevitt
Woodard 1880 Pam Haithcock
Wright 1890-1930 John E. Bartos
Wyrick 1880 - 1978 Mary E. Bateman
Yocamabt 1880's Theresa Coker
Younce   John E. Bartos


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