The Early Schools of Darlington Township

Harvey County, Kansas


Dewey School

Dewey School was a one-room school located on what is now the southwest corner of 36th Street & South Kansas (Old Hwy 81), south of Newton.  The front door opened to the east.  The stage was on the west side, with a coal bin behind the stage.  The foyer area was used as the lunchroom.  The usual recess game in the 1940's was baseball.

Three teachers are known to have taught here:  Mrs. Glen Patton, Mrs. Unruh, and Mrs. Dorothy M. Schmidt.



Dewey School 1947-1948

L-R:  Will Smith, Bob Hughes, Joan Swanson, Loretta Adams, Norma Stahly, Agnes Adler, Dick McGlockin, Aaron Smith


Doty School

The Doty School was located 1 mile west of Old 81 Highway and 1 mile north of the Sedgwick county line.

Teachers included Virginia Hollister, Cora Umbarger, Alice Koerner, & Miss Reisser.