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1930 Federal Census - Haskell County, Kansas
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Last Name First Name Initial Age Race Birthplace Haskell County Township
Maar Dale   68 W Missouri Lockport
Mackey Ellis V 15     Haskell
Mackey Elmer E 46 W Missouri Haskell
Mackey Nellie S 45     Haskell
Maguire Floyd E 29 W Nebraska Satanta
Main Arval   18     Haskell
Main Bertha   39     Haskell
Main Harvey   13     Haskell
Main Lorn   5     Haskell
Main Marvain   20     Haskell
Main Ralph   7     Haskell
Main S L 57 W Missouri Haskell
Makemson Aline   13     Dudley
Makemson Cleo R 2     Dudley
Makemson Daisy D 39     Dudley
Makemson Dean   14     Dudley
Makemson Edwin   16     Dudley
Makemson Floyd C 38 W Missouri Dudley
Mandac R L 24 W Missouri Lockport
Mandac Vetis   23     Lockport
Mariene Anny   44 W Kansas Lockport
Mariene Dale   12     Lockport
Mariene Donald   14     Lockport
Mariene Edward   18     Lockport
Mariene Ethel   10     Lockport
Mariene Keneth   0     Lockport
Mariene Sudie   43     Lockport
Markham Dorthy   19     Lockport
Markham Rayman   24 W Missouri Lockport
Markham Weslie   1     Lockport
Marrow Roy   25 W Kansas Sublette
Martin Frank   26 W Missouri Dudley
Mattie Ring   24 W Kansas Sublette
Maulding Billy G 7 W Colorado Satanta
Maulding Frank   34 W Missouri Satanta
May Burney   28     Haskell
May Mary   28 W Oklahoma Haskell
Mcbee Harold   20 W Kansas Dudley
Mccarey     58 W Nebraska Haskell
Mccay Elda E 25 W Kansas Satanta
Mccay Robert L 6     Satanta
McClure D E 45 W Missouri Lockport
McClure Talma M 11     Lockport
McCormick Maynard C 21 W Kansas Satanta
Mccory Andrew   27 W Idaho Lockport
McCoy J C 75 W Tennessee Sublette
Mccreight Edith L 37     Satanta
Mccreight Lawrence E 14     Satanta
Mccreight Lucilla M 17     Satanta
Mccreight Milfred H 39 W Iowa Satanta
Mccutchen Gavona J 19     Satanta
Mccutchen Merle E 25 W Kansas Satanta
McDonald Allie F 37     Satanta
McDonald Charles F 50 W Kansas Satanta
Mcdonald Donald D 9     Dudley
McDonald Elbert N 20     Satanta
Mcdonald LeRoy S 44 W West Virginia Dudley
McDonald Lester R 26     Satanta
Mcdonald Olive D 42     Dudley
Mcdonald Philip L 7     Dudley
Mcdonald Sophia J 3     Dudley
Mcdougal Clyde   31 W Kansas Sublette
Mcelhinny Anna L 58 W Pennsylvania Satanta
Mcelhinny Harold E 23     Satanta
Mcganizse A D 50 W Illinois Haskell
Mcganizse Elsie   44     Haskell
Mcgarrah Jack   41 W Illinois Satanta
Mcgehee Betty A 1     Satanta
Mcgehee James E 8     Satanta
Mcgehee James F 29 W Oklahoma Satanta
Mcgehee Muriel G 27     Satanta
Mcgehee Orrell E 5     Satanta
Mcgehee Raymond L 3     Satanta
Mcgehee Ronald W 7     Satanta
Mcgonigal Ada   24     Sublette
Mcgonigal Chas   29 W Illinois Sublette
Mcgonigal Ella   3     Sublette
Mcgonigal Francis   21     Sublette
Mcgonigal Laura   1     Sublette
Mcgonigal Lillie   55 W Illinois Sublette
Mcgonigal Mattie   28     Sublette
Mcgonigal W I 27     Sublette
Mcgowen Edna   19     Sublette
Mcgowen Samuel E 29 W Kansas Sublette
Mcguire George F 8     Satanta
Mcguire George W 37 W Kansas Satanta
Mcguire Harold   14     Satanta
Mcguire Mary L 6     Satanta
Mcguire Shirley J 3     Satanta
Mcguire Susie M 33     Satanta
Mciver Alice M 24     Satanta
Mciver Ella M 3     Satanta
Mciver Leo J 0     Satanta
Mciver Oscar L 30 W Kansas Satanta
Mclain Ella   56     Dudley
Mclain George   57 W Illinois Dudley
McManaman     44 W Kansas Lockport
Mcmanaman Earl D 1     Lockport
Mcmanaman Harald   7     Lockport
Mcmanaman Jimmy   18     Lockport
Mcmanaman Keneth   8     Lockport
Mcmanaman Leal   17     Lockport
Mcmanaman Lucy   42     Lockport
Mcmanaman Raymond   13     Lockport
Mcrill Edgar F 32 W Kansas Satanta
Mcrill Edgar F 1     Satanta
Mcrill Regina M 24     Satanta
Meairs Betty M 4     Haskell
Meairs Electa M 5     Haskell
Meairs Hellen   22     Haskell
Meairs J L 72 W Kansas Haskell
Meairs James L 3     Haskell
Meairs L G 43 W Kansas Haskell
Meairs May   64     Haskell
Meairs Morjary   16     Haskell
Meairs Viola J 1     Haskell
Meyn Anna   15 W Missouri Satanta
Mikels Allen W 1     Lockport
Mikels Jesse   31 W Kansas Lockport
Mikels Lydia   29     Lockport
Mikels Marton   5     Lockport
Mikels Viola   8     Lockport
Mikels Warren   4     Lockport
Miksch Anna   28     Lockport
Miksch Bernadene   0     Lockport
Miksch Francis   9     Lockport
Miksch Jae   39 W Austria Lockport
Miksch Jae   4     Lockport
Miksch Mory   7     Lockport
Miles Charles   35 W Colorado Dudley
Miles Mckay   25     Dudley
Miller Alberta M 21     Satanta
Miller Arthur L 2     Satanta
Miller C E 50 W Iowa Lockport
Miller Charles L 18     Lockport
Miller Daryl   7     Lockport
Miller Duane Keith 6     Sublette
Miller Earl E 15     Lockport
Miller Flassa F 41     Lockport
Miller Harry   10     Lockport
Miller Hovey   38 W Missouri Lockport
Miller James E 7     Lockport
Miller Jay D 23 W Kansas Satanta
Miller John J 69 W Indiana Sublette
Miller Joseph P 22     Lockport
Miller Laura   10     Lockport
Miller Louis   21 W Missouri Haskell
Miller Marie M 26     Satanta
Miller Mary   4     Lockport
Miller Matilda   33     Sublette
Miller Minnie B 60     Sublette
Miller Myrtle   34     Lockport
Miller Olando   9     Sublette
Miller Orlando   36 W Kansas Sublette
Miller Ralph V 20     Lockport
Miller Willis B 31 W Oklahoma Satanta
Miller Wilma   13     Lockport
Mills Harriett L 58 W Illinois Satanta
Miner L V 70 W Ohio Sublette
Miner Larene   19 W Kansas Sublette
Miner Lorena   59     Sublette
Miner Loring V 19 W Kansas Sublette
Mitchell Lillie B 39 W Tennessee Satanta
Moller Peter   43 W Denmark Sublette
Moody Alice   28     Haskell
Moody Amanda M 61 W Illinois Satanta
Moody C C 37 W Illinois Lockport
Moody C M 58 W Kansas Lockport
Moody Dorthy   5     Lockport
Moody Edna   29     Lockport
Moody Ferne   11     Lockport
Moody Glenn   31 W Kansas Haskell
Moody James J 42 W Illinois Dudley
Moody Lenard C 16     Lockport
Moody Leota   8     Dudley
Moody Lillian H 36     Dudley
Moody M E 54     Lockport
Moody Margaret P 7     Dudley
Moody Mary   2     Lockport
Moody Otto   12     Dudley
Moody Richard   1     Lockport
Moody Robert   1     Lockport
Moody Rose   33     Dudley
Moody Verl   9     Lockport
Moody Willard E 37 W Kansas Dudley
Moore Arthur L 40 W Kansas Dudley
Moore Bessie E 34     Dudley
Moore Elmer A 38 W Illinois Dudley
Moore Ida   40 W Iowa Dudley
Moore Lydia F 72     Dudley
Moore Lyman C 79 W Ohio Dudley
Moore Ransford T 40     Dudley
Moore Verda B 6     Dudley
Moore Wanda O 11     Dudley
Movrain Ray   25 W Kansas Haskell
Mumy Floyd   24 W Missouri Satanta
Murphy Dee   22     Sublette
Murphy Dorathy   25     Sublette
Murphy Duane   13     Sublette
Murphy Ella   52     Sublette
Murphy Ethel   55     Sublette
Murphy Faye   26     Sublette
Murphy Faye   34     Sublette
Murphy Frank   32 W Colorado Sublette
Murphy Gene   69 W Missouri Sublette
Murphy Henry C 66 W Missouri Sublette
Murphy Katherine   31     Sublette
Murphy L W 38 W Kansas Sublette
Murphy Margaret   12     Sublette
Murphy Ray   25 W Kansas Sublette
Murphy Raymond   34 W California Sublette
Nance Winnie   68 W Ohio Sublette
Neisser Del   9     Lockport
Neisser Dene   4     Lockport
Neisser Gale   7     Lockport
Neisser Linn   2     Lockport
Neisser Maleta   11     Lockport
Neisser Marie   37     Lockport
Neisser Thelma T 13     Lockport
Neisser Tura   0     Lockport
Neisser W M 38 W Kansas Lockport
Nelson Darrell J 10     Dudley
Nelson Earnest M 12     Dudley
Nelson Effie   53     Haskell
Nelson Eva R 1     Lockport
Nelson G W 31 W Missouri Lockport
Nelson George O 49 W Kansas Dudley
Nelson Hellen   15     Haskell
Nelson James G 3     Lockport
Nelson Jewell   18     Haskell
Nelson Josephin   80 W Kentucky Satanta
Nelson Leland D 4     Dudley
Nelson Louise   13     Haskell
Nelson Martha   24     Lockport
Nelson Melvin O 16     Dudley
Nelson Meyer E 0     Dudley
Nelson R T 55 W Tennessee Haskell
Nelson Ray   21     Haskell
Nelson Uel   18     Haskell
Nelson Viola M 37     Dudley
Nelson Walter B 4     Lockport
Newberry Charles M 26 W Tennessee Satanta
Niceswander Edward A 40 W Ohio Satanta
Niceswander Herschel   14     Satanta
Niceswander Martha E 35     Satanta
Nichols Chloe   15     Haskell
Nichols Daisy   39     Haskell
Nichols Donald   1     Sublette
Nichols Edna   9     Haskell
Nichols Eunice   27     Sublette
Nichols Everette   41 W Kansas Haskell
Nichols Harold   7     Sublette
Nichols Helen I 3     Sublette
Nichols Horrald   17     Haskell
Nichols John   33     Haskell
Nichols Lala   7     Haskell
Nichols Leroy   11     Haskell
Nichols Lila Lee 5     Sublette
Nichols Mabel   31     Sublette
Nichols Omar M 29 W Kansas Sublette
Nichols Raymond   33 W Missouri Sublette
Nichols Robert   2     Sublette
Nightengale A D 44 W Russia Lockport
Nightengale Albert   14     Lockport
Nightengale Emil   12     Lockport
Nightengale Ervin   7     Lockport
Nightengale John   10     Lockport
Nightengale Larene   3     Lockport
Nightengale Leona   13     Lockport
Nightengale Lizzie   16     Lockport
Nightengale Lizzie   42     Lockport
Nightengale Mariel   22     Lockport
Nilson D S 38 W Illinois Haskell
Nilson Edna May 38     Haskell
Nilson Fred   41     Haskell
Nilson Jene   7     Haskell
Nilson Robert   9     Haskell
Noland Betty   8     Sublette
Noland Elsie E 35     Sublette
Noland Margaret   9     Sublette
Noland Patricia   6     Sublette
Noland W R 36 W Missouri Sublette
Nroeuh Myrtle   11 W Kansas Lockport
Nutter Mildred   17 W Oklahoma Sublette
Ogborn Donald W 0     Satanta
Ogborn Elmer E 26 W Kansas Satanta
Ogborn Mildred   24     Satanta
Oliver Edythe   17     Dudley
Oliver Esther   15     Dudley
Oliver Hersel   20     Dudley
Oliver Manley   22     Dudley
Oliver Minnie   48     Dudley
Oliver Rufus E 64 W Illinois Dudley
Oliver Sylvester   18     Dudley
Olmstead Berry   3     Sublette
Olmstead Billy   14     Sublette
Olmstead Bob   19     Sublette
Olmstead Chester   22     Sublette
Olmstead Dickie   7     Sublette
Olmstead Floyd   15     Sublette
Olmstead Gay   43     Sublette
Olmstead J M 49 W Arkansas Sublette
Olmstead Jerry   0     Sublette
Olmstead Laveta   5     Sublette
Olmstead Lola   9     Sublette
Olmstead Loy   25     Sublette
Olmstead Pete   9     Sublette
Olmstead Rex   19     Sublette
Olmstead Tom H 12     Sublette
Omaley Josephine   17 W Kansas Sublette
Oneal Gladys   25     Dudley
Oneal Oscar C 31 W Missouri Dudley
Oneal Robert E 2     Dudley
Oneil Bessie M 46     Satanta
Oneil Marjorie G 19     Satanta
Oneil Percy   54 W Illinois Satanta
Orrell Elsie V 29     Satanta
Orrell Malinda E 50 W Illinois Satanta
Osborn Donald   2     Haskell
Osborn Earl   38 W Kansas Haskell
Osborn George   4     Haskell
Osborn Junior   1     Haskell
Osborn Leland   6     Haskell
Osborn Lenora   40     Haskell
Osborn Marjory   10     Haskell
Osborn Marry   29     Haskell
Osborn Maxine   12     Haskell
Osborn R E 41 W Kansas Haskell
Osborn Wayne   6     Haskell
Osborn Winifred   8     Haskell
Otta Bessie   39     Lockport
Otta Carl   43 W Kansas Lockport
Otta Carleen   3     Lockport
Otta Clarence   10     Lockport
Otta Norrine   7     Lockport
Otto Alvesta M 59     Satanta
Otto Charles A 88 W Pennsylvania Satanta
Overton Elmer   13     Sublette
Overton Mabel   38 W Kansas Sublette
Overton Ray E 16   Kansas Dudley
Owens Alice   5     Dudley
Owens Edgar   30 W Kansas Dudley
Owens Effie   36     Dudley
Owens Lorene   6     Dudley
Owens Mary   3     Dudley
Owens Veda   1     Dudley
Parker Kenneth W 3     Dudley
Parker Robert L 6     Dudley
Parker Robert M 29 W Arkansas Dudley
Parker Sadie   25     Dudley
Parnell A   57 W Missouri Haskell
Parnell Alden   16     Haskell
Parrot Murl   51 W Ohio Haskell
Parsons Earl   22 W Missouri Sublette
Patrick James S 66 W Indiana Satanta
Patrick Mae C 51     Satanta
Patton Elmer   17 W Kansas Dudley
Patton Harwood   45 W Kansas Sublette
Patton Lucy   42     Sublette
Patton Mildred   15     Sublette
Patton Wayne   20     Sublette
Pearson Will   38 W Missouri Dudley
Pelldy Clayre   5     Haskell
Pelldy Everette   38 W Kansas Haskell
Pelldy Maude   34     Haskell
Pennington Cecyle   9     Sublette
Pennington Elizabeth   76 W Indiana Sublette
Pennington Howard   37 W Oklahoma Sublette
Pennington Leola   34     Sublette
Phillip Ben   16     Lockport
Phillip C R 45 W Kansas Lockport
Phillip David   10     Lockport
Phillip Eck C J 56 W Russia Lockport
Phillip Esther   4     Lockport
Phillip Ivda I 13     Lockport
Phillip Jacob   14     Lockport
Phillip John   13     Lockport
Phillip Lilla M 39     Lockport
Phillip Lyola   44     Lockport
Phillip Mable   18     Lockport
Phillip Marjory R 9     Lockport
Phillip Myrtle   6     Lockport
Phillip Nellie   23     Lockport
Phillip Roma G 0     Lockport
Phillip Wayne M 2     Lockport
Phillip Willie   21     Lockport
Pickens Bertha B 56     Dudley
Pickens Claudie   19     Dudley
Pickens George H 58 W Illinois Dudley
Pickens George M 29     Dudley
Pickens Harold B 17     Dudley
Pickens William C 13     Dudley
Piland C E 28 W Missouri Haskell
Piland Chas   6     Haskell
Piland Frank   46 W Missouri Haskell
Piland Gene   4     Haskell
Piland Hubert   21 W Missouri Sublette
Piland Lara   28     Haskell
Piland T Lawerence 44     Haskell
Piland Velma   22     Sublette
Piland Veola   8     Haskell
Piland Verna Dean 2     Sublette
Piner Darrell R 4     Satanta
Piner Emery R 16     Satanta
Piner Etta M 36     Satanta
Piner Kenneth C 15     Satanta
Piner Pressley M 37 W Kansas Satanta
Piner Pressley M 8     Satanta
Platt Anna   10     Dudley
Platt Anna   35     Dudley
Platt Arron   8     Dudley
Platt Catherine   23     Dudley
Platt Cornelius   44 W Russia Dudley
Platt Jacob   32     Dudley
Platt John F 43     Dudley
Platt Justina   27     Dudley
Platt Margaret   28     Dudley
Platt Peter   72 W Russia Dudley
Platt Peter   6     Dudley
Platt Sarah   3     Dudley
Platt Sarah   34     Dudley
Platt Susanna   66     Dudley
Platt Susie   12     Dudley
Platt Susie   35     Dudley
Plett Abraham F 29 W Canada Dudley
Plett Cornelius   84 W Russia Dudley
Pond George O 26 W Kansas Satanta
Pond Zerita I 25     Satanta
Powell Leslie   42 W Indiana Sublette
Preedy Clarence L 23 W Kansas Dudley
Preedy Don E 3     Dudley
Preedy John W 2     Dudley
Preedy Roy L 0     Dudley
Preedy Ruth   24     Haskell
Preedy Vernon   26 W Kansas Haskell
Preedy Walter E 27 W Kansas Dudley
Preedy Wilma I 27     Dudley
Pritchard Beulah M 2     Satanta
Pritchard Nettie   30 W Kansas Satanta
Proffitt Andrew B 34 W Missouri Lockport
Proffitt Ida M 1     Lockport
Proffitt Ida M 30     Lockport
Proffitt James R 4     Lockport
Proffitt Letha   11     Lockport
Proffitt Norma T 8     Lockport
Purcell Donella B 12     Satanta
Purcell Elda W 65 W Illinois Satanta
Raglin Otis   23 W Missouri Sublette
Rarick John W 40 W Kansas Satanta
Rarick Mary A 12     Satanta
Rarick Nellie M 41     Satanta
Rass Kent   5     Lockport
Rass Lois   15     Lockport
Rass Lyle   11     Lockport
Rass Ruth   36     Lockport
Rass S E 39 W Missouri Lockport
Ratcliff Floyd   32 W Missouri Sublette
Rayne Alfred E 1     Satanta
Rayne Bertha A 20     Satanta
Rayne Charles R 30 W Pennsylvania Satanta
Rayne Ray D 0     Satanta
Redd Guy B 34 W Kansas Haskell
Redd Harvard   2     Haskell
Redd Rosa   33     Haskell
Regnells Lannie B 66 W Illinois Sublette
Reimeldt Atta   40 W Kansas Lockport
Reimeldt Evelyn   41     Lockport
Reimeldt Paulene   70 W Germany Lockport
Reimeldt Richard   2     Lockport
Reimer Abraham A 10     Dudley
Reimer Abraham B 46 W Canada Dudley
Reimer Agatha   45     Dudley
Reimer Agatha B 18     Dudley
Reimer Anna   22     Dudley
Reimer Catherine B 8     Dudley
Reimer Cerlius E 58 W Russia Dudley
Reimer George   6     Dudley
Reimer Helena B 4     Dudley
Reimer Henry B 23     Dudley
Reimer John B 6     Dudley
Reimer Kate   16     Dudley
Reimer Lena   24     Dudley
Reimer Lena   45     Dudley
Reimer Mary   18     Dudley
Reimer Nick   20     Dudley
Reimert Fritz T 42 W Kansas Lockport
Reimert Louisa   26     Lockport
Reimert Tayann   2     Lockport
Reno Charles S 39 W Kansas Satanta
Reno Lulu A 44     Satanta
Rhincos Albert B 36 W Kansas Satanta
Rhincos Dessie M 32     Satanta
Rhincos Elvin C 12     Satanta
Rhoades Arthur   25 W Kansas Satanta
Ridge L C 52 W Iowa Sublette
Ridge Maude   41     Sublette
Ridge Maxine   13     Sublette
Riedl Frank E 35 W Kansas Satanta
Riley Daris   41     Lockport
Riley F B 47 W Ohio Lockport
Rinehart Ida   58     Sublette
Rinehart Sam   28     Sublette
Rinehart W W 67 W Iowa Sublette
Rittenoure Donald M 36 W Kansas Satanta
Rittenoure Leah E 23     Satanta
Roberts Bessie   35     Haskell
Roberts Calvin   6     Dudley
Roberts Cecil   13 W Kansas Dudley
Roberts Geo P 39 W Missouri Haskell
Roberts Verle   11     Dudley
Robinson Bannie   6     Sublette
Robinson E   78 W Illinois Haskell
Robinson Earl   35 W Iowa Sublette
Robinson Hugh   12     Sublette
Robinson Ray   11     Sublette
Robinson Ruby   34     Sublette
Robinson Virginia   9     Sublette
Rogge Elnora   17 W Kansas Sublette
Roland Howard   15     Haskell
Roland Irene   16     Haskell
Roland Jae S 38 W Kansas Haskell
Roland Maxrine   7     Haskell
Roland Millford   11     Haskell
Roland Sarrah A 35     Haskell
Rooney Brunell F 18     Satanta
Rooney Harry P 45 W Kansas Satanta
Rooney John W 23 W Kansas Dudley
Rooney Leslie W 30     Satanta
Rooney Marguerite A 32     Satanta
Rooney Reba E 18     Dudley
Rowden Archie L 39 W Missouri Dudley
Rowden Bertha   41     Dudley
Rowden Chester H 6     Dudley
Rowden Chris F 9     Dudley
Rowden Clifford D 2     Dudley
Rowden Donald A 3     Dudley
Rowden Nova L 12     Dudley
Rowden Raymond M 10     Dudley
Rowland Clarence V 31 W Kansas Satanta
Rowland Earnest W 9     Satanta
Rowland Gertrude N 51     Satanta
Rowland Hallie E 19     Satanta
Rowland Orville E 20 W Kansas Satanta
Rowland Orville H 53 W Iowa Satanta
Rowland Velma H 28     Satanta
Rutledge A C 30 W Illinois Haskell
Rutledge Bertha   27     Haskell
Rutledge J F 76 W Maryland Sublette
Rutledge Lucy B 62     Sublette
Rutledge Vern   6     Haskell
Salem Charley   65 W Syrian Arab Republic Haskell
Salem Maggy   54     Haskell
Salem W B 23 W Oklahoma Haskell
Sanchez Estafana   12     Satanta
Sanchez Francisco   37 Mex Mexico Satanta
Sanchez Joseph   1     Satanta
Sanchez Leroy   5     Satanta
Sanchez Ronda   9     Satanta
Sanchez Virginia   29     Satanta
Saner Ray A 25 W Oklahoma Satanta
Satterfield Laura   34 W Indiana Haskell
Schabelall Beatrice   24     Lockport
Schabelall Fred L 40 W Indiana Lockport
Schabelall Louis   4     Lockport
Schabelall Molly   1     Lockport
Schermesser Gladia   5     Dudley
Schermesser Irene   27     Dudley
Schermesser Welbon   7     Dudley
Schermesser Wilbur   31 W Missouri Dudley
Schmich C D 22 W Kansas Lockport
Schmich Paul C 0     Lockport
Schmich Tena   20     Lockport
Schmidt Albert N 29 W Kansas Lockport
Schmidt Alfred   23     Lockport
Schmidt Caroline   13     Lockport
Schmidt Clifford   18     Lockport
Schmidt Darrel   6     Lockport
Schmidt Donald   7     Lockport
Schmidt Dwayne   4     Lockport
Schmidt Edward   20     Lockport
Schmidt Enoch   44 W Kansas Lockport
Schmidt Lasavian   6     Lockport
Schmidt Lena   46 W Kansas Lockport
Schmidt Louis   16     Lockport
Schmidt Mable   24     Lockport
Schmidt Margret   28     Lockport
Schmidt Marjary   8     Lockport
Schmidt Otus   11     Lockport
Schmidt Rhoda   39     Lockport
Schmidt Sam   23     Lockport
Schmidt Walla I 16     Lockport
Schneider Ubrick   35 W Missouri Haskell
Schnellbache Ada A 3     Sublette
Schnellbache Albert   21     Sublette
Schnellbache Dotto   6     Sublette
Schnellbache Earl E 19     Sublette
Schnellbache Effie C 42     Sublette
Schnellbache Emil   38 W Kansas Dudley
Schnellbache George G 14     Sublette
Schnellbache Howard H 17     Sublette
Schnellbache John   57 W Illinois Sublette
Schnellbache John J 9     Sublette
Schnellbache Roy R 12     Sublette
Schnellbacher Larua   37     Dudley
Schnellbacher William   42 W Illinois Dudley
Schnellbacher William   88     Dudley
Schonlau Carl A 29 W Kansas Satanta
Schonlau Charles   58 W Iowa Satanta
Schonlau Charles R 2     Satanta
Schonlau Geneva L 4     Satanta
Schonlau Geraldine C 11     Satanta
Schonlau Lola L 5     Satanta
Schonlau Nellie   45 W Kansas Satanta
Schonlau Richard G 14     Satanta
Schonlau Vera M 23     Satanta
Schultz Walter   26 W Oklahoma Dudley
Scott Charles E 39 W Kansas Satanta
Scott Charles N 14     Satanta
Scott Deetta   33     Dudley
Scott Dora V 11     Dudley
Scott Harietta B 8     Dudley
Scott Harry L 34 W Kansas Dudley
Scott Jane E 1   Kansas Satanta
Scott Lauren E 11     Satanta
Scott Mable M 39     Satanta
Scott Melvin   3     Dudley
Scott Robert W 21 W Kansas Satanta
Sedeno Antonia   32 Mex Mexico Satanta
Sedeno Eduarda   4     Satanta
Sedeno Henry   8     Satanta
Sedeno Jesus   13     Satanta
Sedeno Mateo   2     Satanta
Seemann William   16 W Kansas Sublette
Seman Bill   27 W Oklahoma Sublette
Seman Eula   27     Sublette
Seman Louis E 0     Sublette
Sharp Maynard   24 W Oklahoma Sublette
Shaw Ada   11     Sublette
Shaw Clifford   5     Sublette
Shaw Doris   17     Sublette
Shaw Helen   7     Sublette
Shaw Henry   48 W Kansas Sublette
Shaw Melvin L 28 W Kansas Dudley
Shaw Ruth   13     Sublette
Shaw Stella   19     Dudley
Shaw Stella   44     Sublette
Shaw Vergil   24     Sublette
Shay Beryl   26     Lockport
Shay G M 46 W Kansas Lockport
Shay Harold   30 W Kansas Lockport
Shearer Duane   2     Lockport
Shearer Naima   6     Lockport
Shearer Perle   27     Lockport
Shearer Rachel W 34 W Illinois Lockport
Shearer Ranald   4     Lockport
Sherwood A B 37 W Kansas Sublette
Sherwood Alice   42 W Kansas Sublette
Sherwood Anne   37     Sublette
Sherwood Courtney   10     Sublette
Sherwood Ervin   44 W Kansas Sublette
Sherwood Eugene   8     Sublette
Sherwood Lorraine   4     Sublette
Sherwood Louise   12     Sublette
Sherwood Rena   38     Sublette
Shores Bessie   33 W Kansas Sublette
Short Chas K 62 W West Virginia Haskell
Short Rose   57     Haskell
Short Walter   23 W Arkansas Haskell
Shotton Aubrey   7     Haskell
Shotton John   33 W Kansas Haskell
Shotton John T 2     Haskell
Shotton Mary B 6     Haskell
Shotton Mildred   0     Haskell
Shotton Ronald   9     Haskell
Shotton Tome   34     Haskell
Shotton Virginia   4     Haskell
Shryack Florence   34     Sublette
Shryack R A 36 W Kansas Sublette
Shultz Emma J 36     Sublette
Shultz George A 36 W Missouri Sublette
Shultz Hersel   10     Sublette
Shultz Vernal O 16     Sublette
Shultz Vester M 14     Sublette
Shultz Vgron E 12     Sublette
Shuman Donald J 0     Lockport
Shuman Thelma   22     Lockport
Shuman Zaven   23 W Illinois Lockport
Siddens John E 38 W Missouri Satanta
Simmons Belma J 6     Lockport
Simmons Billyan   4     Sublette
Simmons Daras   1     Lockport
Simmons E Q 28 W Kansas Lockport
Simmons Fred   32 W Kansas Sublette
Simmons Jacqueline   7     Sublette
Simmons Jerrldine   5     Lockport
Simmons Juntor   8     Lockport
Simmons Marie   27     Lockport
Simmons Marion   25     Sublette
Simms Irene   15     Sublette
Simms J B 39 W Tennessee Sublette
Simms J B 10     Sublette
Simms Laura   37     Sublette
Simms Myra   17     Sublette
Simms O L 41 W Texas Sublette
Simms Pearl   40     Sublette
Simpson Ed   51 W Illinois Haskell
Slatten Boyd   22 W Oklahoma Sublette
Slocum Geo E 50 W Kansas Haskell
Slocum Paul   11     Haskell
Slocum Pearl   41     Haskell
Smalley Arthur C 50 W Kansas Satanta
Smalley Burton A 10     Satanta
Smalley Eugene M 18     Satanta
Smalley Lonnie E 21     Satanta
Smalley Orie O 24     Satanta
Smalley Pearl   45     Satanta
Smith Alice   26     Lockport
Smith B R 33 W Oklahoma Haskell
Smith Barney   24     Haskell
Smith Ben   33 W Ohio Lockport
Smith Darline   5     Lockport
Smith Donald   8     Lockport
Smith Elisabeth   27     Dudley
Smith Gene E 33 W Missouri Sublette
Smith Howard E 25     Dudley
Smith James W 53 W Missouri Dudley
Smith Lilie B 67 W Indiana Dudley
Smith Lizzie   49     Dudley
Smith Mae   23     Haskell
Smith Mae   28 W Kansas Sublette
Smith Marion   31 W Oklahoma Haskell
Smith Merle G 17 W Kansas Satanta
Smith Nettie   32 W Missouri Sublette
Smith Rosa   27     Haskell
Smith Susie   56     Haskell
Smith W A 57 W Russia Haskell
Smith Wallace A 24 W Kansas Satanta
Snavely Clora E 43     Sublette
Snavely Farrel   17     Sublette
Snavely George C 47 W Indiana Sublette
Snavely Harry   20     Sublette
Snavely J H 67 W Indiana Sublette
Snavely Louise   8     Haskell
Snavely Marie   4     Haskell
Snavely Nita   11     Haskell
Snavely Ruby   22     Haskell
Snavely Ruth   39     Haskell
Snavely S D 50 W Indiana Haskell
Snow Thelma   19 W Kansas Satanta
Soctt L G 38 W Kansas Lockport
Soctt Ruby   32     Lockport
Soctt Russell   6     Lockport
Soctt Wanda M 11     Lockport
Solario Juan   40 Mex Mexico Satanta
Spanler Ada   22     Lockport
Spanler Bafie L 1     Lockport
Spanler Edward   20     Lockport
Spanler Elma   19     Lockport
Spanler John   53 W Illinois Lockport
Spanler Louise   43     Lockport
Specht Helen   42     Haskell
Specht Peter   76 W Germany Haskell
Speck Linn   32 W Kansas Lockport
Spence Lorine   24     Sublette
Spence W D 27 W Kansas Sublette
Spence Wiletta   2     Sublette
Spicknall Lowell   23 W Missouri Sublette
Spong Hilvid   23 W Kansas Satanta
Sprout Jennie   41     Lockport
Sprout Marion   19     Lockport
Sprout Zed   42 W Missouri Lockport
Staab Anna A 25     Satanta
Staab Roy R 27 W Kansas Satanta
Stanard Grace   21 W Kansas Sublette
Stanard Hazel   19 W Kansas Sublette
Stanard Kenneth   15     Sublette
Stanard Lena Ruth 10     Sublette
Stanifster Bertha   52     Haskell
Stanifster J C 51 W Indiana Haskell
Stanley Anna M 44     Satanta
Stanley Lewis F 10     Satanta
Stanley Lewis O 43 W Kansas Satanta
Stanton Ernest   27 W Kansas Lockport
Stapleton Clifford   7     Haskell
Stapleton Dorthy   9     Haskell
Stapleton Harold   15     Haskell
Stapleton Mary   43 W England Sublette
Stapleton Myrtle   36     Haskell
Stapleton Orville   35 W Kansas Sublette
Stapleton Pansy   23     Sublette
Stapleton R B 37 W Missouri Haskell
Stapleton Ralph B 15     Sublette
Stapleton Willard   4     Sublette
Steffen Christena   81 W Germany Satanta
Stegall Ewing   23 W Texas Sublette
Steineke A J 19 W Kansas Haskell
Stevens Charles E 67 W Illinois Satanta
Stevens Dwight C 33 W Illinois Satanta
Stevens Estella   65     Satanta
Stevens Esther G 7     Satanta
Stevens Mable P 27     Satanta
Stiles Chas   33 W Kansas Haskell
Stiles Lauzell   29     Haskell
Stiles Marian   8     Haskell
Stiles Maxine   7     Haskell
Stiles Neta   0     Haskell
Stiles Ruth   5     Haskell
Stoop Alma L 12     Satanta
Stoop Florence E 59     Satanta
Stoop Judson C 57 W Iowa Satanta
Stoops Frank   33 W Oklahoma Haskell
Stoops Gertrude   29     Haskell
Stoops Winona   5     Haskell
Stoots Anna   12     Lockport
Stoots Dara   3     Lockport
Stoots Dean   18     Lockport
Stoots Elsie   5     Lockport
Stoots Emma   16     Lockport
Stoots Frank   8     Lockport
Stoots Iva   14     Lockport
Stoots Lula B 41     Lockport
Stoots Neva   0     Lockport
Stoots Opal   10     Lockport
Stoots P V 47 W Illinois Lockport
Stoots Ruth   20     Lockport
Strachan George P 64 W Scotland Lockport
Strachan Margret   59     Lockport
Strecker Hazel   26 W Oklahoma Satanta
Strecker Joy E 3 W Oklahoma Satanta
Stuckey Hennie B 26     Lockport
Stuckey Norma   1     Lockport
Stuckey S H 28 W Kansas Lockport
Stuckey Wanda B 2     Lockport
Stude Frank   5     Lockport
Stude Grael   55     Lockport
Stude Hayward   10     Lockport
Stude Jane   11     Lockport
Stude John   37 W Kansas Lockport
Stude John V 9     Lockport
Stude Lawrence   15     Lockport
Stude Vernon   6     Lockport
Sturdevant C A 29 W Kansas Lockport
Sturdevant Marcill   4     Lockport
Sturdevant Violet   28     Lockport
Swain Everett   20 W Colorado Dudley
Swarts Enos   24 W Kansas Satanta
Swartz Ralph   24 W Kansas Satanta
Tanner A P 38 W Missouri Haskell
Tanner Marvella   13     Haskell
Tanner Rillie   38     Haskell
Tanner Sherman   68 W Ohio Sublette
Tanvmann M L 72 W Gt Brittan Sublette
Taton Bennie   17     Dudley
Taton Billie   3     Dudley
Taton Cora   31     Dudley
Taton Daisy   2     Dudley
Taton Dolly   4     Dudley
Taton Donald   1     Dudley
Taton Elizabeth   4     Dudley
Taton Francis   30 W Oklahoma Dudley
Taton Frank V 56 W Oklahoma Dudley
Taton George E 23 W Kansas Dudley
Taton Helen   18     Dudley
Taton Howard   12     Dudley
Taton Laura   24     Dudley
Taton Margie   2     Dudley
Taton Orie   5     Dudley
Taton Walter A 25 W Oklahoma Dudley
Taylor Cleo C 21 W Kansas Satanta
Taylor Edith A 21     Satanta
Taylor George   50 W Illinois Sublette
Taylor Georgia   48     Haskell
Taylor Jae E 12     Haskell
Taylor O G 52 W Kansas Haskell
Thomas Bonnie L 2     Satanta
Thomas Cecil O 29 W Kansas Satanta
Thomas Clarence A 4     Satanta
Thomas Dwight E 7     Satanta
Thomas Eva I 27     Satanta
Thomas Richard C 9     Satanta
Thomas Thelma M 0     Satanta
Thomas Velma A 0     Satanta
Thompson Elsie   4     Sublette
Thompson F   45 W Kansas Sublette
Thompson Faye I 17     Satanta
Thompson George   15     Sublette
Thompson Howard   11     Sublette
Thompson June   14     Sublette
Thompson Marvin E 23 W Iowa Satanta
Thompson Robert L 0     Satanta
Threlkeld Dorothy E 24     Satanta
Threlkeld Earl D 28 W Iowa Satanta
Threlkeld John D 2     Satanta
Thurston Mildred E 13     Satanta
Thurston Nan V 37     Satanta
Thurston Orae W 39 W Kentucky Satanta
Thurston Wayne K 11     Satanta
Tisby Alice   7     Haskell
Tisby Carry A 43     Haskell
Tisby Esther   12     Haskell
Tisby Iva   14     Haskell
Tisby Opal   16     Haskell
Tisby Thomas   40 W Tennessee Haskell
Tisby Thomas   5     Haskell
Toland Allene   23     Haskell
Toland Athol   22 W Kansas Haskell
Toland Doras   1     Haskell
Topley Garnette   34     Haskell
Topley T A 58 W Mississippi Haskell
Topley Willard   7     Haskell
Torline Lawrence   25 W Kansas Sublette
Torline Mary   26     Sublette
Torney Marie   13 W Washington Haskell
Torney Pearl   11     Haskell
Towns Elizebeth   45 W Kansas Haskell
Towns Frank   24     Haskell
Towns Lloyd   4     Haskell
Trafton Mabel M 19     Satanta
Trafton Mary M 7     Satanta
Trafton Merle J 17     Satanta
Trafton Mildred M 10     Satanta
Trafton Myrtle M 16     Satanta
Trafton Sarah A 39     Satanta
Trafton William D 44 W Kansas Satanta
Trafton William D 5     Satanta
Trahern Andy   59 W West Virginia Haskell
Trahern Betty M 0     Lockport
Trahern Cara B 7     Haskell
Trahern Cecil   9     Lockport
Trahern Dale   1     Sublette
Trahern Dona Lee 0     Sublette
Trahern Dorothy   19     Sublette
Trahern E S 52 W West Virginia Haskell
Trahern Elizabeth   14     Haskell
Trahern Elma   15     Lockport
Trahern Ettie M 31     Lockport
Trahern Eva M 10     Lockport
Trahern F A 26 W West Virginia Sublette
Trahern Fay   14     Haskell
Trahern Fern   13     Lockport
Trahern Francis   19     Haskell
Trahern George   11     Lockport
Trahern George W 75 W West Virginia Sublette
Trahern Glenis M 2     Haskell
Trahern Glenn   20     Haskell
Trahern Howard A 9     Haskell
Trahern L P 44 W Kansas Lockport
Trahern Ledford T 26     Haskell
Trahern Margret   6     Lockport
Trahern Mary   74     Sublette
Trahern Merle M 1     Lockport
Trahern Mildred L 7     Haskell
Trahern Millie P 42     Haskell
Trahern Nannie   4     Lockport
Trahern Orla   16     Lockport
Trahern Orval A 8     Lockport
Trahern Perl E 42     Haskell
Trahern Raymond   22 W Kansas Haskell
Trahern S A 37 W Kansas Lockport
Trahern Sophia   37     Lockport
Trahern Stanely   0     Haskell
Trahern Vern   12     Lockport
Trahern William   28     Haskell
Trahern William   5     Lockport
Tunder Altha   28     Satanta
Tunder John   57 W Germany Satanta
Tunder John   6     Satanta
Tunder Pauline   8     Satanta
Tunder Roger   1     Satanta
Tunis Bertha J 47     Dudley
Tunis Faye O 25     Dudley
Tunis Marie   21 W Kansas Satanta
Tunis Melvin F 4     Dudley
Tunis Orville M 27 W Kansas Dudley
Tunis Owen S 49 W Iowa Dudley
Tunis Virgil L 6     Dudley
Turner Addie   51     Satanta
Turner James A 46 W Texas Satanta
Turner Luther   45 W Illinois Sublette
Tyler Calvin   4     Sublette
Tyler Francis   3     Sublette
Tyler G A 49 W Kansas Sublette
Tyler George E 23     Sublette
Tyler Harold   25     Sublette
Tyler Hazel   17     Sublette
Tyler Ida   36     Sublette
Tyler Mary   11     Sublette
Tyler Mildred   15     Sublette
Tyler Sylvan L 21     Sublette
Tyler Thelma   14     Sublette
Tyler Truman   37 W Kansas Sublette
Tyler Villa D 46     Sublette
Unger Etta M 49     Dudley
Unger Olive B 11     Dudley
Unger Roy W 51 W West Virginia Dudley
Ungles Howard T 4     Satanta
Ungles Nora E 39     Satanta
Ungles Thomas G 41 W Kansas Satanta
Unink Clyde   17     Lockport
Unink Dewey   20     Lockport
Unink Lena H 49     Lockport
Unink S P 53 W Kansas Lockport
Unrick Helena   17     Lockport
Unrick Meloin   6     Lockport
Unrick Perl   9     Lockport
Unrick R P 43 W Kansas Lockport
Unrick Viola   12     Lockport
Unrick Zelda   14     Lockport
Unruh Arail   9     Lockport
Unruh Clair   5     Lockport
Unruh Ed B 33 W Kansas Lockport
Unruh Eldo   28     Lockport
Unruh Evea   7     Lockport
Unruh Floyd   4     Lockport
Unruh Irene   4     Lockport
Unruh L L 31 W Kansas Lockport
Unruh Larene   4     Lockport
Unruh Lawrence   6     Lockport
Unruh Leslie   3     Lockport
Unruh Lilly   1     Lockport
Unruh Mable   6     Lockport
Unruh Marvin   8     Lockport
Unruh Minni   28     Lockport
Unruh Odes   31 W Kansas Lockport
Unruh Opel   2     Lockport
Unruh Orland   1     Lockport
Unruh Paul   0     Lockport
Unruh Sadie   32     Lockport
Unruh Vergil   8     Lockport
Vail Essie   54     Lockport
Vail W H 64 W Missouri Lockport
Vance Donald Lee 4     Sublette
Vance Edwin   6     Sublette
Vance Esther   20 W Kansas Sublette
Vance Frank   45 W Kansas Sublette
Vance Jack C 0     Sublette
Vance Jewell   33     Sublette
Vance Maxine   8     Sublette
Vanderhoff G E 53 W Ohio Lockport
Vanderhoff Lydia   53     Lockport
Vanevey Elsie   48     Satanta
Vanevey Esther M 13     Satanta
Vanevey Joseph E 55 W Missouri Satanta
Vanevey Kelsey E 20     Satanta
Vanevey Kenneth E 20     Satanta
Vanmatre Andra   10     Sublette
Vanmatre Hazel   28     Sublette
Vanmatre Leta   6     Sublette
Vanmatre Lloyd   34 W Indiana Sublette
Vanmatre Verna May 0     Sublette
Vanmetre Ella   63     Sublette
Vanmetre Wm M 65 W Indiana Sublette
Vaunt Paul   20 W Oklahoma Lockport
Vice Cecil R 27     Lockport
Vice Earl   29 W Kansas Lockport
Vice Lean   2     Lockport
Vice Ofeal   26     Lockport
Vinson Stanley   20 W Oklahoma Dudley
Vreeland L H 26 W Kansas Dudley
Vreeland Nada A 18     Dudley
Wade Charley   53 W Ohio Sublette
Wade Ethel   17     Sublette
Wade Harold   22 W Illinois Sublette
Wade Lucy   53     Sublette
Wade Theresa   15     Sublette
Wagoner Alice   40     Sublette
Wagoner Christie   45 W Missouri Sublette
Wagoner Erma   16     Sublette
Waldron Barnard   23     Lockport
Waldron Leo   20     Lockport
Waldron Martin   19     Lockport
Waldron Michael   77 W Ireland Lockport
Walker Emma   44 W Kansas Dudley
Walker Geneve   6     Haskell
Walker Marita   29     Haskell
Walker W A 33 W Alaska Haskell
Wallace Alma   3     Haskell
Wallace Betty K 2     Haskell
Wallace Doras   5     Haskell
Wallace Errett   13     Sublette
Wallace Evelyn   8     Haskell
Wallace Freida   8     Sublette
Wallace G W 44 W Iowa Haskell
Wallace George S 82 W Illinois Sublette
Wallace George S 3     Sublette
Wallace George W 33 W Illinois Sublette
Wallace Gladys   29     Haskell
Wallace Helen   25     Sublette
Wallace J A 66 W Kentucky Sublette
Wallace J C 32 W Missouri Haskell
Wallace John A 11     Satanta
Wallace M C 69     Sublette
Wallace Mae   52     Sublette
Wallace Mamie   54     Haskell
Wallace Noel N 4     Satanta
Wallace Otta   36 W Missouri Haskell
Wallace Ova   41     Sublette
Wallace Ralph A 50 W Illinois Satanta
Wallace Randolph   45 W Missouri Sublette
Wallace Rosemary   13     Satanta
Wallace Ruby L 38     Satanta
Wallace Walter   13     Sublette
Wallace Winnie   33     Haskell
Wallace Wm   53 W Iowa Sublette
Walter Ed   45 W Kansas Haskell
Walter Harold   23 W Kansas Lockport
Walter Lucy E 38     Haskell
Walter Machel C 20     Lockport
Walter Nim S 9     Haskell
Walter Perl E 10     Haskell
Walters Alice V 2     Haskell
Walters Donald   1     Sublette
Walters Dorothy   1     Sublette
Walters Earnest J 2     Haskell
Walters Earnest K 30 W Tennessee Haskell
Walters Elbert   0     Sublette
Walters Eugene   4     Sublette
Walters Hazel   5     Sublette
Walters Hellen   3     Haskell
Walters Horace   39 W Tennessee Sublette
Walters Jack   3     Sublette
Walters Jewel   21     Haskell
Walters Louis   0     Haskell
Walters Macil   32     Haskell
Walters Marjorie   10     Sublette
Walters Mary   2     Sublette
Walters Mary   38     Sublette
Walters Maude   23 W Missouri Sublette
Walters Mildred   14     Sublette
Walters Robert   1     Sublette
Walters Virgil   28 W Tennessee Haskell
Ward Alda   2     Dudley
Ward Amenda   74 W Ohio Lockport
Ward Cecil   5     Dudley
Ward Charles H 49 W Missouri Dudley
Ward Elvin E 11     Dudley
Ward Emma   49     Dudley
Ward Florence E 18     Dudley
Ward George   58     Dudley
Ward Harold   3     Dudley
Ward John   23     Dudley
Ward John   24 W Kansas Sublette
Ward Lester L 17     Dudley
Ward Marcella   23     Sublette
Ward Ray   28 W Kansas Dudley
Ward Tevila M 8     Dudley
Ward Tom J 56 W Texas Dudley
Ward Viola R 18     Dudley
Warner Albert   68 W Illinois Dudley
Warner Charles T 3 W Kansas Satanta
Warner Chester F 34 W Kansas Satanta
Warner Edwin   56     Dudley
Warner Elbert T 7     Satanta
Warner John   72     Dudley
Warner Zylpha P 29     Satanta
Warren Dorothy M 20     Satanta
Warren James W 39 W Missouri Satanta
Warren James W 39     Satanta
Warren Virginia M 1     Satanta
Washburn Gertrude   38     Sublette
Washburn Leo   46 W Ohio Sublette
Washburn Richard   8     Sublette
Washburn Terry   14     Sublette
Watkins Ed M 35 W Oklahoma Sublette
Watkins Ida   58     Sublette
Watkins Ida Jo 1     Sublette
Watkins Mabel   26     Sublette
Watson D H 25 W Wyoming Lockport
Watson John A 38 W Kansas Sublette
Watson Lela   36     Sublette
Watson Leona   16     Sublette
Watson Lloyd   14     Sublette
Watson Marvan   9     Sublette
Watson Maxine   5     Sublette
Watson Mildred   3     Sublette
Watson Virgil   15     Sublette
Wedel Bertha   27     Lockport
Wedel Dewayn S 2     Lockport
Wedel Eugene   6     Lockport
Wedel John   13     Lockport
Wedel Lacy   8     Lockport
Wedel Larene   10     Lockport
Wedel Laura   0     Lockport
Wedel Nettie   80     Lockport
Wedel S C 38 W Kansas Lockport
Wedel Susie   33     Lockport
Wedel Vernon   28 W Kansas Lockport
Weeks Anna   24     Lockport
Weeks Ben   26 W Missouri Lockport
Weeks Bryon   35     Lockport
Weeks Damon   8     Lockport
Weeks Dee   35 W Missouri Lockport
Weeks Edwin   6     Lockport
Weeks Eldon   10     Lockport
Weeks Gordon   11     Lockport
Weeks Lena   55 W Missouri Lockport
Weeks Louise M 3     Lockport
Weeks Vera   29     Lockport
Weeks Vera May 1     Lockport
Weeks Vivian   3     Lockport
Weeks Wayne   1     Lockport
Weidner Alta   32     Lockport
Weidner Paul   42 W Germany Lockport
Weidner Paul   4     Lockport
Weidner Thelma   5     Lockport
Westherby John   25 W Arkansas Dudley
Wheatly Eugene   36     Dudley
Wheatly James S 42 W Kansas Dudley
Whitaker Earl   8     Lockport
Whitaker L M 33 W Iowa Lockport
Whitaker Marry A 34     Lockport
Whitaker Wiona   10     Lockport
White Roy   17 W Kansas Sublette
Whittaker Anna   38     Sublette
Whittaker Blanche   16     Sublette
Whittaker L G 40 W Kansas Sublette
Whittaker Stanley   7     Sublette
Whittaker Vera   11     Sublette
Whittaker Zelma   14     Sublette
Whittington Fred   22     Sublette
Whittington Jimmy   2     Sublette
Whittington Katherine   17 W Kansas Sublette
Whittington Naomi   12     Sublette
Whittington Raymond   15     Sublette
Wilkerson Floyd   34 W Kansas Satanta
Willard William H 62 W Ohio Dudley
Willett Clifford R 19     Dudley
Willett Herbert E 15     Dudley
Willett Loris A 17     Dudley
Willett Loris O 48 W Illinois Dudley
Willett Lydia A 45     Dudley
Willett Viola   5     Dudley
William Cecil E 2     Sublette
William Eva   18     Sublette
William Oscar   24 W Missouri Sublette
Williams Cora   40     Sublette
Williams Everett L 38 W Kansas Sublette
Williams Francis   13     Sublette
Williams Frank   28 W Louisiana Sublette
Williams Helen   25 W Missouri Satanta
Williams Henry F 53 W Missouri Satanta
Williams James E 6     Sublette
Williams Joseph   35 W Missouri Sublette
Williams Joseph   11     Sublette
Williams Mabel   33     Sublette
Williams Orpha A 9     Sublette
Williams Selma   18     Sublette
Williamson Amos G 55 W Iowa Satanta
Williamson Cora L 46     Satanta
Williamson Francis P 16     Satanta
Wilmont Eldora   3     Lockport
Wilmont Eva   14     Lockport
Wilmont Flora   18     Sublette
Wilmont Homer   31 W Iowa Sublette
Wilmont Jess   9     Lockport
Wilmont Laura   12     Lockport
Wilmont Myrtie   49     Lockport
Wilmont P V 60 W Iowa Lockport
Wilson Charles A 39 W Kentucky Satanta
Wilson Charles L 0     Satanta
Wilson Christina   32     Haskell
Wilson Della M 33     Satanta
Wilson Effie   51     Lockport
Wilson Fred R 33 W Kansas Haskell
Wilson Harvy   24 W Tennessee Lockport
Wilson Helen   11     Haskell
Wilson Jess   58 W Tennessee Lockport
Wilson John   3     Haskell
Wilson Margret   9     Haskell
Wilson Mildred   9     Lockport
Wilson Vanda   19     Lockport
Wilson Wallace   13     Haskell
Wilson Wilhelmenia   6     Haskell
Winders Lafe   73 W Pennsylvania Satanta
Winkworth L A 70 W New York Lockport
Winsted Carolyn J 4     Satanta
Winsted Earnest W 3     Satanta
Winsted Eunice M 34     Satanta
Winsted Felix H 6     Satanta
Winsted Floyd   24 W Oklahoma Dudley
Winsted Irene L 10     Satanta
Winsted Jessie B 33 W Arkansas Satanta
Winsted John W 1     Satanta
Winsted Laura E 30     Satanta
Winsted Ray H 10     Satanta
Winsted Shirley J 1     Dudley
Winsted Talmadge   8     Satanta
Winsted Vira   23     Dudley
Winsted Walter K 30 W Arkansas Satanta
Winter Elton   6     Sublette
Winter Fred   66 W Germany Satanta
Winter Martin   36 W Kansas Sublette
Winter Ricke   69     Satanta
Winter Romola   9     Sublette
Winter Russell   8     Sublette
Wisser Edna   11     Lockport
Wisser Edward   7     Lockport
Wisser Grael   2     Lockport
Wisser Herbert   9     Lockport
Wisser John F 39 W Kansas Lockport
Wisser Minnie M 37     Lockport
Wisser Ruth   4     Lockport
Witt Harry C 74 W Indiana Lockport
Wolfley Bernice   14     Sublette
Wolfley Elma   44     Sublette
Wolfley Virgil   42 W Kansas Sublette
Wolfley Virgil   2     Sublette
Woodrow Alto M 33     Lockport
Woodrow Alven   16     Lockport
Woodrow Flawerence   18     Lockport
Woodrow Grace   20     Lockport
Woodrow J E 23     Lockport
Woodrow Melvin E 2     Lockport
Woodrow Oland   11     Lockport
Woodrow Ora B 51 W Kansas Lockport
Woodrow Walter E 30 W Oklahoma Lockport
Woodside Mamie   24     Sublette
Woodside Ralph   29 W Kansas Sublette
Woodson Manuel   21 W Kansas Lockport
Word Faye   32     Lockport
Word Floyd   10     Lockport
Word Glen   8     Lockport
Word June   12     Lockport
Word Lenard   0     Lockport
Word T C 35 W Kansas Lockport
Workman Eldora   1     Dudley
Workman Lenora   19 W Kansas Dudley
Worthy Helen   19 W Kansas Dudley
Worthy Marie   0 W Kansas Dudley
Worthy Wesley   34 W Illinois Dudley
Wright Bennie   14     Haskell
Wright E T 51 W Missouri Haskell
Wright Edmund   15     Dudley
Wright Ethel   12     Haskell
Wright Eva   16 W Kansas Sublette
Wright Harry E 18     Haskell
Wright Hatter   50     Haskell
Wright Janes   8     Haskell
Wright John B 42 W Nebraska Dudley
Wright Laura A 48     Dudley
Wright Lynn   5     Haskell
Wright Madge   10     Haskell
Wright Maud E 12     Dudley
Wright Merle   18     Haskell
Wright Oliver   16     Haskell
Wright Phinola   16     Dudley
Wright R E 47 W Illinois Haskell
Wright Robert L 4     Dudley
Wright Susie M 43     Haskell
Yarbrough Edith O 48 W Illinois Satanta
Yarbrough Kenneth B 9     Satanta
Yarbrough Le Roy 12     Satanta
Yarbrough Murray   17     Satanta
Yardley Barniece   15     Haskell
Yardley Clara E 60     Sublette
Yardley Criss   9     Haskell
Yardley Delbert   11     Haskell
Yardley Garild   5     Haskell
Yardley Kenneth   13     Haskell
Yardley Lattie P 38     Haskell
Yardley Lenard   4     Haskell
Yardley Letha   2     Haskell
Yardley Oscar   65 W Illinois Sublette
Yardley Ray   41 W Illinois Haskell
Yardley Viola   19     Haskell
Yardley Virgil   7     Haskell
York E T 36 W Kansas Haskell
Yost Berika   14     Lockport
Yost Carie   36     Lockport
Yost Earody   7     Lockport
Yost Elmer   16     Lockport
Yost Jacob   1     Lockport
Yost Jacob M 40 W Kansas Lockport
Yost Kadie   12     Lockport
Yost Martin   3     Lockport
Yost Pearl   6     Lockport
Yost Roland   13     Lockport
Yount Elda   29     Haskell
Yount T G 30 W Kansas Haskell
Yuncker Edward L 20     Dudley
Yuncker Emma L 46     Dudley
Yuncker Myron   13     Dudley
Yuncker Willie   46 W Kansas Dudley
Yunt Basil   30 W Oklahoma Sublette
Yunt Evelyn   22     Sublette
Yunt Mazie   1     Sublette