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Queries Jan. - Mar. 1997

Ahrens, Alsdorf (2) (3) (4), Barker, Benson, Chapman, Duvall, Cunningham, Custer, Espeland, Fansler, Ferguson, Hickok, Hudelson, Ishmael, Kelso, Maloney, Martineau, McAlister, McClain, McKim, Menhusen, Monasmith, Morton, Mullis, Phinney, Porter, Robinette, Romine, Sadler (2) (3), Scanland (2), Skinner, Smith (2), Smyth, Spicer, Stephens, Webb, White, Wilson (2), Young, Zeigler

PORTER, SMITH Mary Lewis Wed Mar 26 11:09:42 1997
I am looking for information on the ancestors of my grandfather Clyde Wesley PORTER born in Weber (jewel cty) Kansas February 7, 1885, married a Thursey Anna SMITH May 28, 1903 at St. Joe Missouri. this is all the info I have and would really like to trace this back further.

BENSON, DUVALL, FERGUSON, MCKIM, MONASMITH Sherry Wiesen Mon Mar 24 19:20:42 1997
Sherry Wiesen Looking for any information on the surname of MCKIM, BENSON, MONASMITH, DUVALL, FERGUSON located in Mitchell Co., Jewell Co., Cloud Co. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I would also be willing to share what I have thus far.

FANSLER, HUDELSON, MORTON, WEBB Richard Leppla Fri Mar 21 07:58:17 1997
William MORTON and Lydia WEBB living in Jewell Co, about 1879-80, daughter Rose MORTON born in Mankato 1879. Other families believed to be in the area include, William HUDELSON, Fessenden HUDELSON,Austin and Martha FANSLER. Would appreciate any information on these families. Will glady share descendant information.

ALSDORF Jan Menhusen Smock Thur Mar 20 14:19:22 1997
Researching Dr. William H. (Charles) ALSDORF 1836-1899. Pioneer Doctor in Jewell & Norton Counties. Died in Lenora, KS 1899. Are there acquaintances or descendants of Dr. ALSDORF to share information? He was a brother to my gtgrandmother, Mary Jane ALSDORF.

ALSDORF, SADLER Jan Menhusen Smock Thur Mar 20 14:19:22 1997
Researching the following ALSDORF families who migrated to Jewell Co KS ca 1870 & lived there for several decades:
William H. (Chas.) ALSDORF 1836-1899
Abraham ALSDORF 1820-1898
Solomon B. ALSDORF 1841-?
Mary Jane ALSDORF 1831-1902 (Mrs. Marion G. SADLER)
Otto L. ALSDORF 1875-1944
Are there descendants of these families who are interested in sharing genealogy? Mary Jane ALSDORF is my gtgrandmother.

ALSDORF, SADLER Jan Menhusen Smock Wed Mar 19 20:05:53 1997
Researching the extended families of MILTON P. & MARY JANE (ALSDORF) SADLER, who resided in Allen Township, Jewell Co, KS, from 1870-1902.
Children: ELMORE SADLER 1855-1943
EBEN SADLER 1858-1942
VIOLA SADLER 1864-1937
Are there descendants of these families who would like to share information? MARION SADLER was my grandfather.

SMYTH, WILSON Robert Neil Sun Mar 16 15:15:01 1997
Searching for information regarding SMYTH, Thomas b.29 May, 1840 Harwich Twp, Kent Co. Ontario, CAN. moved to Beloit, KS area. He was married to WILSON, Mariah, had sons Thomas,James and John. Thomas SMYTH 1915 in Beloit area. He was a farmer and may have owned a farm in either Mitchell, Osborne, Cloud, Republic, Jewell or Smith Counties, but was near Beloit,KS

MALONEY, McCLAIN, SMITH Barbara Hammer Sat Mar 1 06:41:05 1997
Mary Maloney, born 1876 in Kankakee, Ill was daughter of James MALONEY and Margaret SMITH. They moved to Jewel Kansas in 1879. Three boys were also born in Kankakee, Ill., John, James and Patrick. 5 boys were born in Ionia Township, Jewell County, Thomas James, 1879 (died as infant)Thomas 1881, William 1882, (died as infant), William 1883, Michael 1887. Parents and several sons are buried in the Jewell City Cemetery. Mary MALONEY is listed in the wills of brothers Mike (Michael) who died April 10 10, 1963 and Pat (Patrick) who died March 27, 1964. She is listed as Anna McCLAIN, sister, of Concordia, Kansas in both wills. Mary MALONEY was not married when a brother, James, (born 1873), died 28 July 1911. I do not know when she married nor who she married I would also like to find the death date of her father James MALONEY. Her mother, Margaret SMITH MALONEY died 5 March 1908.

SCANLAND, YOUNG, ZEIGLER Barry Johnson Thu Feb 27 19:49:56 1997
YOUNG/SCANLAND surname from Mitchell or Jewell County, KA. 2/27/97 Barry A. Johnson Need to find information and ancestry for William A. YOUNG and wife Minnie Bell SCANLAND YOUNG from farm near Beloit. 8 children are Willis Scanland YOUNG/ George Ashley YOUNG/Genevieve YOUNG/Ted YOUNG/Cecil YOUNG/Lolita YOUNG/Leora YOUNG/1 dead infant. Moved to area in 1873?. William 1862-1936 had sister Emma Young ZEIGLER. Minnie 1872-1952 had father Granville SCANLAND and siblings Dick,Jack,Leona. Help me find ancestors. SCANLANDs from Mt. Sterling, ILL. Most buried in Elmwood Cementary in Beloit, KA.

SCANLAND Barry Johnson Fri Feb 28 21:43:12 1997
YOUNG,William A. and wife SCANLAND,Minnie Bell from Mitchell and Jewell Counties. SCANLAND,Granville/Jack/Dick/Leona/Minnie YOUNG,William,Willis,George,Ted,Cecil,Leora,Geneverie,Lolita. Need parent names.Farmers outside Beloit.

Arris (Arishel) WILSON and Mary Jane MULLIS came from Parke Co, IND to Clyde, Cloud Co. KS, then to Allen Twp, Jewell Co. by July 1870, and were buried at Randall Cemetery. Children: John, George, Susan ESPELAND, Mary Ann McALISTER, Sampson, Malinda CUNNINGHAM, Joseph, Lucy CUSTER, Florie, Ella KELSO, Bertha ISHMAEL and Daniel. Would like to correspond with others on this line. 703 Jackson, North Platte, NE 69101

BARKER, MARTINEAU, WHITE Nancy Green Fri, 21 Mar 1997 23:57:10 -0700
BARKER, Nada (19 April 1896)who was adopted by Charles BARKER before 1900. She had a Grandmother Good, a brother who died in WWI and a sister possibly named Grace who married someone named WHITE. Her father may have lived until he was about 100 years old died probably in the 1920's. or 30's. I don't know her name before she was born but it could have been MARTINEAU.
My name is Nancy T Green
792 S Bermont Ave
Lafayette, Co 80026

ALSDORF, HICKOK, MENHUSEN, ROMINE, SADLER Jan Menhusen Smock Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:48:19 -0500 (EST)
Jan Menhusen Smock
9614 Shannon Lane
Manassas, VA 20110

CHAPMAN, ROBINETTE Robert L. Chapman Thu, 20 Feb 1997 11:57:00 -0800
I am looking for anything i can find on my grandfather&grandmother lyman agustus CHAPMAN and nancy viola ROBINETTE , married on oct 24.1889 in monkato. any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. thanks Robert L. Chapman

Hi... I doubt that you know me, but my family tree goes back to what I call the early days of Jewel County. By that I mean 1900s up to present day. My mother, Beulah Evelyn STEPHENS was born in Agra and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. STEPHENS lived for years south and east of Mankato. My mother married Eugene A. PHINNEY at Mankato in 1927, (he was the assistant Jewel County Engineer), and after his death in 1954, she remarried Harold AHRENS and lived north and west of Mankato until he died in about 1976 or so.
I have been searching for some trace of exactly where John Stephens lived but have never had much luck. Don't know even how to begin, I guess, as I doubt that he owned the property.
Also have been searching for a lady in Mankato who knows where some of our early day relatives are buried. I believe her last name was Alexander, and her husband took care of some of those old day cemeteries. Before she retired, she worked for the Kansas Dept. of Transportation. Do you possibly know her and how I could get hold of her? I certainly would appreciate any info you could give me.
F. Glenn Phinney
8310 Connell
Overland Park, KS 66212
FAX 913-648-0455

Hi! I have a connection to Jewell Co., Ks. between 1876 and 1880 - my Grt-Grt Grandmother, Catherine SPICER & children came from Fulton Co., Ill to Jewell County. They endured several years of lost crops and I guess lost most all they had there; left there to go back to either Illinois or Ohio, but got to White Cloud, Kansas and the water was too high to cross. They ended up staying there until Spring and by then decided to just stay. I have a bit of into on her and her family - obits etc. V

SKINNER Kenny Smith Mon Jan 6 17:50:15 1997
I'm looking for information on Joseph SKINNER who I have as having died in White Rock,Kansas.Not sure of which county (posibly Jewell,Smith,Republic) counties.Joseph died on Dec.19,1875 his wife Lydia Skinner died in 1878 and is probably buried in the same area.Thanks!


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