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Queries Apr. - June 1997

Ashworth (2), Ballard, Brennan, Canfield, Cameron, Certain, Chapman, Corbin, Countryman, Czasplinski, Decker, Dellinger, Doughtery/Dougherty/Dority, Dresslar, Elliot, Felings, Fisher, Fliehr, Hoffhines, Hook, Houghtaling, Imler, ?Ionia Cemetery, Kent, Kieffer, Kivett, Knight, Krewson, Kurtz, Miller, Misel, Moore, Musser, ?Newspaper, Ogelvie, Porter, Reed, Scott (2), Shinn, Sloan, Smith, Stoltz/Stolz/Stultz/Staltz, Thom (2) (3) (4), Watson, ?Webber Cemetery, Whitehead, Wolfe, Wolkins/Walkins/Wilkins (2) (3) (4)

BALLARD, ELLIOT, OGELVIE, ?Webber Cemetery Delia Furrer Fri Jun 27 22:47:57 1997
Searching the families of BALLARD, OGELVIE, ELLIOT. Would like a listing of the people who are buried in the WEBBER CEMETARY in WEBBER, Jewell County.

MUSSER Helen I. Eberle Tue Jun 24 09:06:12 1997
We are researching the MUSSER family in Jewel Co. William Musser, Benjamin MUSSER, Daniel MUSSER and other MUSSERs. We believe that they came to Kansas from Stephenson Co. Illinois sometime in the mid-1800s. They were bankers and merchants. Ben MUSSER may have estabilished a scholarship fund for Jewel Co students. Any information would be gratefully received.

CHAPMAN, FISHER, HOFFHINES David Frey Tue Jun 24 02:37:44 1997
Am researching two HOFFHINES brothers who were born in Pickaway Co, OH but who migrated to Jewell Co, KS where they died. The older Brother was Stephen HOFFHINES b June 1, 1830, d August 24, 1887 in Jewell Co, KS 2nd m to Almira CHAPMAN d Sept 16, 1885 in Jewell Co KS. The younger brother was John Henry HOFFHINES b Apr 24, 1843, d May 4, 1921 in Jewell Co, KS m Mary P. FISHER d Mar 7 in Jewell Co, KS. Both brothers had several children some of whom had Jewell Co connections. Will be eager to exchange further information.

Hello researchers,
I've been trying to find out about my great-gfa's sister for over a year with no luck. So I'm going to try a different approach. Below are survivors listed in the obit of her 2nd husband.
The obituary is for Andrew Jackson (AJ) CERTAIN dated 1924 in Clyde, KS.
His wife, Mary Ann (McKellar, maiden name), MILLER (1st husband), CERTAIN
They had two children together: Elsie Janet Certain and Clyde Milton Certain.
Then the obit reads he leaves to mourn his widow and four children:
Mrs. Charles KNIGHT - Mankato, KS
Mrs. Fred LUCAS - Santa Monica, CA
Mrs. John H. DELLINGER - Salina, KS
Clyde Milton CERTAIN - Ottawa, KS
Evidently Elsie Janet is one of the above Mrs. but I'm not sure which one!!
Grandchildren: Mrs. and Mrs. R. E. MICK - Osborne,KS
Ila KNIGHT - Mankato
Bennie MOORE - Salina
Jack Gilmore CERTAIN - Ottawa
If anyone recognizes any names above, please let me know. I hope I can find out what happened to Mary Ann McKellar Miller Certain!!
Jane Tavasci

CAMERON, CANFIELD, FLIEHR, WOLFE Kathy Stevens Sun Jun 15 11:48:10 1997
WOLFE Family Henry WOLFE born 3/8/1826 (son of John WOLFE, both of Lycoming Co.,PA) who was married to Anna Mary CAMERON (born 7/27/1835) of Dauphin Co., PA moved to Buffalo Township, Jewell Co., KS approx 1870. Henry was a farmer. Henry & Anna had 6 children: Amelia Bethada., William Henry., Samuel Sylvester., all born in Williamsport Township, Lycoming Co., PA, Torrence Monotte., Lemuel Edgar., & Frederich Ervin. all born in Jewell Co., KS.
Samuel S. WOLFE (born 4/7/1869) who married Ellen Macina FLIEHR of PA had 3 ? children, one of which was Harold F. WOLFE (born 7/2/1907)in Jewell, KS. Harold WOLFE was married to Laura I. CANFIELD of KS. They had two daughters: Mary Ellen WOLFE & Ann Jeanette WOLFE.
If you're a relative or can help please email me

SHINN, WATSON Bonnie Rumford Tue May 27 18:24:09 1997
I am looking for death date and/or burial place for Robert Preston WATSON. He moved to Jewell county in the 1890's from Henry County Illinois and lived there with his brother-in-law, Carroll Amber SHINN and his family for a number of years. He was living there alone in 1920 but does not show up on the Kansas State Census in 1925. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Newspaper Question D Pantier Mon May 26 18:56:26 1997
Where can I obtain copies of articles published in Jewel Co newspapers, such as obituaries in 1878, 1903 and 1905? papers--such as obituaried of 1878, 1903 and 1905?

MISEL, STOLTZ/STOLZ/STULTZ/STALTZ Nancy Misel Tue May 6 20:35:03 1997
Rev Andrew Moses MISEL, Methodist minister, born Noble County, Ohio 1861. Accepted appointment to Northwest Kansas Conference 1911. Served 1911- 1912 at Formosa (Jewell Co), 1913-1914 at Munden (Republic Co), 1915 Otego (Jewell Co), 1916 Scottsville (Mitchell Co), 1917 Republic (Republic Co). According to Methodist archives, retired 1918 with address of Ottawa (Franklin Co). Methodist archives indicate he died in Kansas in 1947 but this conflicts with family "memories". Looking for any information on Andrew's life in Kansas including verification of place of death and last resting place. Also information on wife Anna J b ca 1860, daughters Mary L b Apr 1891 Washington Co, Ohio and Ruth b Jul 1893 either Washington Co or Geauga Co, Ohio. Ruth believed to have married a STOLTZ (STOLZ, STULTZ, STALTZ, possibly in Ohio, possibly Kansas.

ASHWORTH, Ionia Cemetery Question bob ashworth Tue May 6 14:20:41 1997
JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS: I AM LOOKING FOR A SOURCE OF RECORDS FOR THE IONIA CEMETERY, IONIA TOWNSHIP, JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS. I need to identify and get more complete info on Ashworths that are buried there, some in 1891. Thanks for any help.

COUNTRYMAN, DRESSLAR wiiliam anson countryman Sun May 4 21:06:08 1997
looking for any family info. Emit Bascum COUNTRYMAN. son of John Andrew COUNTRYMAN. and Olive COUNTRYMAN (DRESSLAR). born 19 dec 1903 in Iona, Kansas ( but on a farm in mankato ). im told all of my countryman family is from these parts.

WHITEHEAD William D. Collins Fri May 2 14:57:10 1997
Would appreciate contact with anyone knowing descendants or ancestors of THOMAS HIRAM WHITEHEAD or his son, ALBERT WHITEHEAD, who would have settled in Jewell County near Mankato in the 1850's.

DECKER, REED Randy Morris Sun Apr 27 20:46:02 1997
I am looking for any information on the familys of my great-grandfather and great-grandmothers familys. Both families were living near Burr Oak in Jewell County from before 1910, until the early 1930s. Their names were Alva A. REED and Idina Rosina DECKER. Any info would be helpful.

ASHWORTH, HOOK bob ashworth Fri Apr 25 14:44:04 1997
JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS: I am researching John Wesley ASHWORTH, died September 1895 , possibly in or near Mankato, Burr Oaks, or Iona, Jewell County, Kansas. Maybe buried in Jewell City Cemetery, I don't know. JWA's oldest son, Harry Gould Ashworth, was married in Mankato, in 1897. Harry married Edna Belle HOOK. Please e-mail Thank you for any help you can contribute.

IMLER pat imler Wed Apr 23 09:53:20 1997
would like to contact anyone related to the IMLER family with information as to where my great-grandfather elijah imler is buried. he died in 1897. believe he is buried in balch cemetary near mankato, kansas, but not sure. anyone with information on this or any of the other IMLERs, please contact.

PORTER, SMITH Mary Lewis Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:47:08 -0500

I am searching for information on the names listed below, in KS, MO, and IN, hoping someone can help.
PORTER, Clyde W. Born 2-7-1885 at Webber, Jewel Cty. Kansas, had brothers named Elmer, Joe and John
SMITH, Anne (Thursey was possibly either first or middle name) Born 1-30-1886 at Gentry, Gentry Cty., Missouri, and a family member named Wilbur C. SMITH, relationship to Anna Unknown they were married Ma 28, 1903 at St. Joseph, Buchannan Cty. , Missour

CORBIN, HOUGHTALING Terry Nolcox Sun, 20 Apr 1997 21:47:32 -0500
Terry Houghtaling Nolcox
R R 2 Box 97
Princeton, IN 47670-9609

BRENNAN, DOUGHTERY/DOUGHERTY/DORITY, FELINGS Barbara Haney Martinez Sat Apr 19 11:58:14 1997
In Jewell County, Kansas Info of interest: birth and marriage info I am seeking information on the DOUGHTERY family, with a particular interest in Henrietta. The family name appears to change from Daugherty, DOUGHERTY, and DORITY in various Census years (1880. Henrietta's last name also appears as FELINGS. The family is listed as living in School District No 143 in 1880 and in School District No 137 (section 7) in 1881, 1882, and 1883, and District No 8 in 1884. Any information would be appreciated, especially regarding Henrietta. Her parents are listed in the Census as Margaret BRENNAN and William DOUGHERTY.

KENT, KIEFFER, KREWSON, SLOAN Steve Kent Fri, 18 Apr 1997 23:49:19 -0400 (EDT)
Looking for anything on the following Jewell County Surnames:
Steve Kent
2909 S. Brownell Ave
Joplin Missouri

KURTZ, MILLER Denise Miller Wed Apr 16 20:57:48 1997
Looking for the burial place of John L. MILLER and Mary KURTZ Miller. John died September 1, 1900, in Jewell Co. and Mary died in 1892. The only notes that I have are that the cemetery is located southwest of Jewell. John and Mary came to Jewell Co. with their son Frank and Alice FEHR MILLER and family from Illinois around 1890. Robert Frank MILLER was born in Jewell Co. in 1891. Any information on the MILLER family while in Jewell Co. would be appreciated.

KIVETT Donna Martin Tue Apr 8 19:57:44 1997
Subject: KIVETT, Jewell Co, KS I'm looking for a James KIVETT, father of Aldus Kivett. Aldus was b. 1890 (probably KS), d. 1988 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. I think James migrated to KS (before 1890), possibly from IN, and he may have died in Jewell Co. and been buried there. Son Aldus left KS and died in OK, but he was buried in Haviland, Kiowa Co, KS.
Who was the wife of James KIVETT, did James migrate to KS alone or with siblings and/or his parents? When and where was he born, when and where did he die?
I am looking for any and all KIVETTs in KS, 1850s to date, particularly in Butler, Barton, Kiowa, Sedgwick and Jewell Counties.

CZASPLINSKI, THOM, WOLKINS Katherine Mullenax Sun Apr 6 21:27:25 1997
Seeking more information on Minnie Frances THOM, b. 25 Sept. 1893, at Burr Oark, Jewell Co., Kansas, to Albert Hunter and Mary Louise (WOLKINS) THOM. The family moved to Sumner Co., as early as 1905. Minnie married Harvey CZASPLINSKI, and they remained there, where they raised their child. I believe they had 4 sons, and 1 daughter, but am not sure, as other family members, remember details of this family, differently. The older two children were Robert and George. Minnie was still alive in July 1959, but in frail health. I would like to know when she and Harvy passed away, and any information on the children.

SCOTT, THOM, WOLKINS/WALKINS/WILKINS Katherine Mullenax Fri Apr 4 06:42:57 1997
Seeking help with information on Christopher C. WOLKINS. The 1900 census spelled the name WALKINS, and 1910 spelled it WILKINS. Christopher was living in Burr Oak, Jewell County in 1900 and in Athens, Jewell County in 1910, with his wife Cora. He was born in IN, about 1870. His mother died when he was small, and other family members -- probably his mothers siblings raised him and his brothers and sister. Sisters Frances (WOLKINS) SCOTT and Mary Louise (WOLKINS) THOM, also lived in Jewell Co., KS, at the same time. Would like to know who , and where he grew up, and more about his and Cora's family. Did they have children, where they lived, his occupation, and when and where he died? Any information would be appreciated.

SCOTT, WOLKINS Katherine Mullenax Fri Apr 4 06:26:31 1997
Seeking information on the SCOTT family who lived in Burr Oak, Jewell Co., KS. Frances SCOTT, a widow was living there in 1900, with her children Fleetie, Charles & James. Fleetie, was born in KS, Charles in CO and James in OR. By 1910 only James remained with his mother. Frances' maiden name was WOLKINS, and had been married once before, with children. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

THOM Katherine Mullenax Thu Apr 3 14:09:10 1997
Seeking information on the THOM family who lived in Burr Oak, Jewell Co., KS, in 1900. Albert H. and Mary Louise THOM, lived there with their children: Albert Emory, Robert, Otis, Clarence Leroy (Roy), Minnie, and George Earl. By 1910 the only member of the family still in the county was Roy. Would like to know when and where the family moved. Need more information on Roy -- did he marry and have a family. He served and died in WW I and is buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery. I have no other information at this time. Thanks for any help.

THOM, WOLKINS Katherine Mullenax Wed Apr 2 22:08:09 1997
Albert and Mary Louise (WOLKINS) THOM, lived in Burr Oaks, Jewell Co., KS. from about 1883 to about 1910. Their children were Emory, Robert "Ipp", Otis, Roy, Minnie and George Earl. Need more information about this family.


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