Transcribed from the Burr Oak High School Yearbook - 1915
Submitted by Belva Vestal

Goldie Hutchison GOLDIE HUTCHISON—
   Class President.

Disposition: Inexpressible.
Loves: Don't know yet.
Hates: Dirt.
Specialties: Debating.
Favorite Expression: "O, Me"
   Class Secretary; Annual

Disposition: Decidedly sunny.
Loves: Everything and Every-
Hates Discord.
Specialties: Class Poet.
Favorite Expression: "O, Joy"
Irma Renner
Lela Belt LELA BELT—
   Annual Staff.

Disposition: Can't tell.
Loves: Banquests and Boys (?)
Hates: To be second.
Specialties: Getting there first.
Favorite Expression: "I'll
   sound the gong for you,
Disposition: Splendid.
Loves: Conciliation.
Hates: Nothing.
Specialties: Composition.
Favorite Expression: "With
Goldie Smith
Flora Moorman FLORA MOORMAN—
Disposition: Land Sakes.
Loves: Embroidery.
Hates: To be different.
Specialties: Domestic Science.
Favorite Expression: "O, I
   don't know."
Disposition: Puritan.
Loves: To love and be loved.
Hates: To hurt folks' feelings.
Specialties: Filling her place.
Favorite Expression: "I warn
   them to stop."
Mary Van Winkle

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