Transcribed from the Burr Oak High School Yearbook - 1915
Submitted by Belva Vestal

Lena Bovard LENA BOVARD—
Disposition: Find out.
Loves: History.
Hates: Bad Weather.
Specialties: Reciting.
Favorite Expression: "Great
   Annual Staff; Basket Ball.

Disposition: Smouldering.
Loves: She knows.
Hates: Dancing.
Specialties: Motorcycle Riding.
Favorite Expression: "Well."
Ruth Clemons
Clarra Bentley CLARRA BENTLEY—
Disposition: Harmless.
Loves: To be funny.
Hates: Tests—all kinds.
Specialties: "Freckles."
Favorite Expression: "O dear,
   I wish I had my lesson."
   Basket Ball.

Disposition: Gracious!
Loves: Excitement.
Hates: Bugs.
Specialties: Critic.
Favorite Expression: "Goodness."
Eva Terrill
Beulah Hildreth BEULAH HILDRETH—
Disposition: Lively.
Loves: To argue.
Hates: Things she can't
Specialties: ?
Favorite Expression: "My
   Class Treasurer; Basket Ball.

Disposition: Another guess.
Loves: Art.
Hates: To be alone.
Specialties: Sliding down stairs.
Favorite Expression: "O, we
   can't have any fun with-
   out some boys."
Marie Epperson

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