Deerfield and Lakin

sections of the
1912 Polk's Kansas State Gazetteer
and Business Directory


(Chicago, R.S. Polk & Co., [published 1911])

LAKIN.........Population, 337. (U.S. census 1910). Incorporated city on the A. T. & S. Fe Ry., and on the Arkansas river, in Kearney county, of which it is the county seat, 440 miles from Kansas City. Has Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper. Tel., Postal and W. U. Exp., W. F. & Co. Miss I. L. Cason, Postmaster.

--Advocate and Investigator, J. H. Waterman Publisher
--Bailey, W. C., tinner and pumps
--Campbell & Loucks, real estate
--Campbell & Piper Mercantile Co, dry goods and clothing
--Chapman, C. O., real est and abstractor
--Collins, Michael J., grocer and furn.
--Colonial Hotel, H. H. Tipton, propr
--Darr, H. S., hay and seeds
--Eyman & Eyman, restr and confrs.
--Filmer, Mabel, restaurant
--Garden City Light & Telephone Co.
--Goeden, S. V. Mrs., optician
--Hart, Thorp & Co, lumber
--Hillyard, J. L., real estate
--Johnston, George F., physician
--Judd, James M., stationery, shoes and men's furngs.
--Kearny County Bank (Capital $10,000), M. A. Weber Pres., D. H. Browne Cashier
--Lakin House, James Gibson propr.
--Lakin Land and Immigration Co.
--Lakin State Bank (Capital $10,000), Nathan Fulmer Pres, J. M. Judd Cashier
--Lane, Frank M., drayage
--Logan, Wm, seeds
--Long, Joseph S., livery
--Mosher, Melvin A., live stock
--Mulany & Houser, general store
--Nash Bros., hardware
--O'Loughlin Bros., hardware
--O'Loughlin, John, live stock
--Richards, George C. W. Dr., drugs
--Roberts, E., livery
--Sherfy, J. F., meats and live stock
--Snow, Edmund, undertkr and hdw
--Stocking, H. G., contractor
--Tate, George H., general store
--Thorpe, E. R., lawyer and real estate
--Watkins, I. H., restaurant
--Waterman, C. H., feed mills
--Waterman, J. H., publr Advocate and Investigator
--Weber, M. A., general store
--Wheeler, Wm B., jeweler and harness

DEERFIELD......... Population, 152 (U.S. Census 1910). On the A. T. & S. Fe Ry. and on the Arkansas river, in Lakin township, Kearney county, 8 miles n.e. of Lakin, the county seat. Settled 1885. Has Baptist, German Lutheran and Methodist churches, a weekly newspaper and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. J. R. Hale, postmaster

--Bacon, M. E.., drugs
--Buell, G. A., hotel
--Buell, R. H., livery
--Carter, John F., publr Deerfield Echo
--Deerfield Echo, John F. Carter publr.
--Deefield Mercantile Co., genl store
--Deefield State Bank (Capital $10,000), A. G. Campbell Pres, C. A. Miller Cashier
--Eyeman, J. T., hotel
--Hale, J. R., Stationer and Auto Supplies
--Isely, C. C. & Co., lumber
--Marks, Fred, harness and shoes
--Middleton, I. L., grocer and furniture
--Miller, C. A., real estate
--Sower, F. M. & Co, genl store
--Wells, J. W., restaurant

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