Leavenworth County, Kansas Obituaries

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Obituary with surnames ELI, PALLISTER, PICKERING submitted by Lv1909. Date of death Wednesday, February 3, 1909
reprinted from the Leavenworth Times, Thursday, February 4, 1909.


Pneumonia Causes the Demise of an Old Citizen of Leavenworth

George A. Eli, 61 years old, died at his home 410 Cheyenne Street. He was born in Providence, R.I. in 1848 and has since lived in the city. He has been a carpenter during his life here.

Mr. Eli is survived by his widow, a daughter, Mrs. William E. Pickering, two brothers and two sisters, Mrs. Robert Pallister, a sister, lives here.

Obituary with surnames BERNSTEIN, ROBINSON, ROSENTHAL, SALINGER submitted by Lv1909. Date of death Wednesday, February 3, 1909
reprinted from the Leavenworth Times, Thursday, February 4, 1909.


Simon Bernstein, 59 years old, died yesterday morning at 7 o'clock of pneumonia at his home, 323 Osage Street.

Mr. Bernstein was born in Russian-Poland in 1850, and at the age of 10 years left Poland and went to London where he worked until he earned enough money to pay his passage to America. He landed in New York when he was 14 years old, and two years later came to Atchison where he entered the clothing business. He lived in Atchison for thirty years. He later came to Leavenworth and started a pawn shop at 404 Shawnee street. He has been ailing for the last six or seven months.

Mr. Bernstein married Miss Rachael Salinger of Leavenworth after he came to Leavenworth. Mrs. Bernstein died a short while ago.

Mr. Bernstein is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Robert Robinson, a sister, Mrs. Rachael Rosenthal, and a brother, E. Bernstein.

The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence.

Obituary with surnames ROHLING, SCHOTT, WULFEHUHLER submitted by Judy McGuire. Date of death Saturday, October 2, 1909
Published in the Leavenworth Times, date unknown

Mrs. F. W. Wulfekuhler

Dies From Paralysis

Wife of Proprietor of Rohlfing & Company’s Wholesale Grocery

Funeral to Be Held Tuesday

Mrs. Sophia Rohlfing Wulfekuhler, who has been subject to paralytic attacks for two years, succumbed at 2:15 o’clock yesterday to a fatal stroke of two day’s duration. Mrs. Wulfekuhler was the wife of Frederick W. Wulfekuhler, proprietor of Rohlfing & Company’s wholesale grocery at Third and Cherokee streets. Besides her husband, four children are living. They are:

Fred Wulfekuhler, Adolph Wulfekuhler, Miss Alma Wulfekuhler and Mrs. A.L. Schott.

Sixty-six years was the length of Mrs. Wulfekuhler’s life and forty-seven years the period of her residence in Leavenworth.

The funeral is to be held from the Wulfekuhler residence at Grand avenue and Sherman at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial is to be in cemetery.

Obituary with surnames CUMMINGS, MCCAULLY, SUTCLIFFE submitted by Patricia Blackstock. Date of death Sunday, August 14, 1910


Miss Lulu McCaully died at the home of her parents, 222 Seneca street, Sunday evening at 5:35 o'clock. Death was caused by a complication of diseases. She was born in Leavenworth in 1893. She leaves her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCaully, three brothers, John, William and Henry, and two sisters, Mrs. J. Cummings of St. Joseph, Mo., and Mrs. W. B. Sutcliffe of Leavenworth.

The funeral will probably be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence. Burial is to be at Mount Muncie Cemetery.

Obituary with surnames MOORE submitted by Leavenworth County Coordinator. Date of death Tuesday, May 30, 1911
reprinted with permission from the Tonganoxie Mirror, Thursday, 01-Jun-1911.

Death relieved Ben Moore of all his suffering about four o'clock Tuesday morning. He had been sick for some time. Funeral services were held at the home Thursday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. Ballard. Interment was in Hubbel Hill Cemetery.

Obituary with surnames DEITZ, ORTMAN submitted by Jack Deeds. Date of death Monday, June 19, 1911
JAMES N. DEITZ - Noteworthy among the enterprising citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, who through their own efforts accumulated a competency was James N. Deitz, who is now deceased. He had of late years retired from active pursuits at his pleasant home, which is near the state line, at the corner of Twenty-seventh and Wyoming streets. He was born, October 8, 1833, in Clark county, Indiana, where his parents, who were of Pennsylvania Dutch descent, were pioneer settlers, and died June 19, 1911, aged seventy-seven years, at Southside Hospital Kansas City, Missouri.

Leaving home at the age of twenty years James N. Deitz began life on his own account, spending a year on the Gulf coast. Returning home, he lived a brief time in Indiana, and then went to Rock Island County, Illinois, to assume possession of forty acres of land near Port Byron, it being the tract for which his father had drawn a warrant for his services in the War of 1812, and which he presented to his son James. Mr. Deitz afterwards bought another tract of forty acres of prairie land, and sixteen acres of standing timber. This entire property he sold at an advantage, and moved to Leavenworth, Kansas, where he purchased an interest in the Clark & Reese addition of eighty acres, which was soon sub-divided, and sold off in lots in due time. After living in Leavenworth about ten years, Mr. Deitz carried on freighting between Leavenworth, Denver and Fort Union for three years, later spending a year at Fort Zaro. Returning to Kansas, he took up a claim of one hundred and sixty acres in Saline county, and erected the first good house in Salina. He soon sold one half interest in that property to a Mr. Nutter, of Council Bluffs, and later disposed of the remaining half.

Coming then to Kansas City, Mr. Deitz purchased three five acre lots in Armstrong float, and invested, likewise, in much adjoining land, the greater part of which he subsequently sub-divided and sold. He still retained, however, his home property of one acre, which is well located and quite valuable. Mr. Deitz possessed good mechanical ability and inventive genius, and in 1873 took out a patent on a windmill for power and grinding purposes. He built many of the windmills and shipped them to various places, even to countries as far distant as Australia. One of them is now in use on the Female Institution in Topeka, Kansas.

Mr. Deitz was twice married, and has four sons and one daughter living, three by his first marriage, namely: Edward, of Washington, D. C., a department clerk; Albert; Arthur; and his daughter Frances. And by his second union one son, James, night superintendent in the Kansas City, Missouri, post office.

Obituary with surnames BERRY, BROWN, FENNING, FRANA, KOHR, MURPHY, ROACH, ROCHE, WALLACE submitted by Frank E. Rueckert. Date of death Saturday, April 19, 1913
[Comment: The family name is misspelled throughout the article. It should be "ROCHE".]

Catherine Roach Dies.

Had been resident here over fiftyyears.

Mrs. Catherine Roach, 85 years old, a resident of Leavenworth for over fifty years, died at her home, No. 510 Ottawa street, at 11 o'clock Saturday night.

The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 8:15 o'clock from the Cathedral. Burial will be in Mt. Calvary cemetery.

The pall bearers will be as follows: James P. Wallace, John M. Murphy, C. M. Fenning, J.J. Brown, Edward Berry, and Arnold Frana.

Mrs. Roach was the widow of the late John J. Roach, who died in 1874. She and Mr. Roach were married in Ireland. A short time following their marriage they came to this country and established their home in Cincinnati, O. In 1858 they came to Leavenworth. Mrs. Roach is survived by five children. They are: John J., P. F., and Miss Josephine of Leavenworth, and Miss Mary Roach and Mrs. S. M. Kohr of Kansas City, Mo.

Obituary with surnames NORRIS submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Friday, March 26, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Friday, 26-Mar-1915




Lingering Illness Made Change of Climate Necessary, But He Returned Home Later - Was Highly Esteemed

Funeral services for Chester L. Norris, who died at his home, 115 Kingman Street, at 8:25 o'clock last night folling a lingering illness, are scheduled to be conducted at the residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. M.M. Culpepper of the First Methodist Episcopal church, will have charge. Burial will take place in Mount Muncie cemetery.

Mr. Norris was born in this city the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Norris 21 years ago. He had made Leavenworth his home all his life with the exception of a few months spent in Albuquerque, N.M., where he went in quest of renewed health. He was well known and highly esteemed, and his death is sincerely regretted by his large circle of friends and host of acquaintances.

Almost from the time he was able to work, Mr. Norris has been employed in this city. His ambition was to be a pharmacist, and, therefore, he devoted his energies to the various drug stores of this city, first as errand boy, later as a clerk. Ultimately he entered the employ of J.A. Searcy, for whom he became a highly efficient clerk until ill health necessitated his retirement.

At first it was not thought Mr. Norris' condition was serious, but he became gradually worse until finally he was advised by his physician to seek a climate change. He went to New Mexico and for a time seemed to get better, but ultimately his condition showed no marked improvement, with the result that he decided to return to his home town. Since his return he had grown gradually weaker, and his death was not unexpected.

Besides his parents, Mr. Norris is survived by two brothers, Sidney and William Norris of this city. The pallbear for the funeral will be: Edward Mason, Edwin Gordon, Edward Knight, Howard Wilcox, Wesley Haas and Charles Mulvenon.

reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Monday, 29-Mar-1915.

The funeral of Chester Norris was held yesterday afternoon from the residence. Burial took place in Mount Muncie cemetery.

Card Of Thanks

We desire to thank our many friends and neighbors and the Fraternal Aid for the kindness and sympathy extended to us in our bereavement, the dean of our son and brother, Chester. Also for the beautiful flowers. - Mr. and Mrs. L. Norris and Sons

Obituary with surnames LOGAN submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Sunday, March 28, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Monday, 29-Mar-1915.


John Seitz Killed Negro As He Was Leaving House Early Yesterday Morning.

Coroner James C. Davis announced this morning an inquest had been demanded by John Seitz, who at 2 o'clock Sunday morning shot and instantly killed Dan Logan, a negro, who, it is claimed, had attempted to rob the Seitz home, 743 Miami St. On account of Floyd Harper, county attorney, being absent from the city, the coroner has not announced when the inquest will be held.

Shortly before 2 o'clock Sunday morning Mrs. Seitz telephoned the police and said a burglar was attempting to force an entrance into the house. Two policemen were sent to investigate. A few minutes later, Mr. Seitz telephoned the station and informed Lieutenant Taylor he had killed a negro who had attempted to escape from the second story of his home.

According to Seitz, he was awakened by someone moving around in one of the rooms. Asking his wife to notify the police, he armed himself with a flashlight and a revolver and started to investigate. A man was observed in a rear room. Seitz ordered him to surrender. Instead, the man slammed the door and crawled out the window to the roof. Seitz shot and the burglas rolled off the roof. He was recognized as Dan Logon, son of Emmet Logan, Second and Walnut streets.

reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, 31-Mar-1915.

The funeral of Dan Logan, who was shot last Sunday morning, was held this afternoon from the residence of his brother, Fred, at 822 Miami street. Burial was in the Kickapoo cemetery.

Obituary with surnames FONTANA, GROVER, NEWSOME, REED, STEVENS submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Sunday, March 28, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, 29-Mar-1915.


Pioneer Resident of Leavenworth and Well Known.

Had Been Ill Many Months

Widow of Founder of Newsome Boiler Works - Funeral scheduled for Tomorrow Afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Mrs. Mary Newsome, 73 years old, widow of Joseph Newsome, founder of the Pioneer boiler works, died late yesterday afternoon at the family residence, No. 325 Third avenue. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be in the family lot at Mt. Muncie cemetery. The Rev. R.K. Pooley of the Episcopal church will have charge of the services at the residence and cemetery.

Mrs. Newsome was born in Manchester, England. At an early age she, with her parents, immigrated to this country and settled in St. Louis. Mrs. Newsome was married to Joseph Newsome at that place and a short time following their marriage they came to Leavenworth and established their home. Mrs. Newsome had lived here 51 years. Mr. Newsome died thirteen years ago.

Mrs. Newsome had been ailing but a few months. A few days before Christmas she was taken ill, but at that time it was thought she would soon recover. Previous to her illness she had always been active, and for one of her advanced years enjoyed excellent health. A few weeks ago she suffered a relapse, and from that time until death summoned her she was bedfast.

Mrs. Newsome was the mother of thirteen children, of whom eight survive. Nineteen grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and three sisters also survive. The children are: Mrs. T.C. Grover of New Albany, Ind.; Miss Ella Newsome and Charles, Joseph, Grant, Benjamin, James and Grover Newsome. The sisters are: Mrs. S.H. Stevens and Mrs. Emma Fontana of Washington, Mo., and Mrs. A. Reed of St. Louis. Mrs. Stevens was at the bedside during the last days of Mrs. Newsom's illness.

Obituary with surnames MEYER submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Monday, March 29, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Monday, 29-Mar-1915.


Had Been Resident of Leavenworth Since 1856 - Was Well Known Blacksmith.

William Meyer died at his home, No. 614 Miami street, this afternoon at 12:25 o'clock, following a brief illness of pneumonia. He was 79 years old. The funeral will be held from the residence Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will take place in Mount Muncie cemetery. Friends are requested to eliminate flowers.

Mr. Meyer was born in Baden, Germany, coming to this country in 1847. He first settled in the east, but in 1856 came west and eventually to Leavenworth. He was married in Iowa. Until a few weeks ago he had followed his trade as a blacksmith, and, even in his advanced age, was considered one of the best of the craft in this city. He was a member of the A.O.U.W., which will have charge of the funeral. One daughter survives.

reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, 31-Mar-1915.

The funeral of William Meyer will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence, 614 Miami street. The Rev. R.K. Pooley will have charge of the services. Burial will be in Mount Muncie cemetery.

Obituary with surnames OHLRICH, REHM submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Tuesday, March 30, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Monday, 29-Mar-1915.

Mrs. Rosalia Rehm is Dead

Among Oldest Women of This City, Where She Came in the Early Days.

Mrs. Rosalia Rehm, a pioneer resident of Leavenworth, died late Saturday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Ohlrich, Randolph and Central avenue. Mrs. Rehm was 85 years old. She had been ill three weeks. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the home of Mrs. Ohlrich. Burial will be in Mt. Muncie Cemetery. The Rev. A.F. Warskow of the Salem Evangelical church will have charge of the services.

Mrs. Rehm was born September 7, 1830, in Baden, Germany. She came to this county in 1855 and first made her home in Pittsburgh, Pa. After residing in that city for a few years she came to Leavenworth and was married here to Charles Rhem, now dead. Mr. Rehm established a grocery store at Fourth and Olive streets which is now being operated by his son, Charles Rehm, Jr.

Following Mr. Rehm's death 16 years ago, Mrs. Rehm made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ohlrich. Mrs. Rehm is survived by four children. They are: Mrs. Ohlrich, Charles Rehm, Mrs. August Jahn and Mrs. Rosie Kasten of Kansas City, Mo.

reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, 31-Mar-1915.

The funeral of Mrs. Rosalia rehm was held yesterday afternoon from the residence, Randolph and Central streets, at 2 o'clock. The Rev. A.F. Warskow of the Salem Evangelical church, had charge of the services. Burial was in Mt. Muncie cemetery.

Obituary with surnames CZOPIK submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Tuesday, March 30, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, 31-Mar-1915.

The funeral of Mrs. Annie Czopik, 24 years old, who died yesterday morning at her home, No. 12 Rose street, will be held Thursday morning at 9 o'clock from the Polish Catholic church. Burial will be in Mt. Calvary cemetery.

Mrs. Anna Czopik died yesterday afternoon at her home at 12 Rose street. She was 24 years old. Although born in Poland Mrs. Czopik came to this country when but a child. She lived in this city but a short time. The funeral was held this morning at 9 o'clock from the Polish Catholic church. Burial was in Mount Calvary cemetery.

Obituary with surnames KISTER submitted by Lv1915. Date of death Wednesday, March 31, 1915
reprinted from the Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, 31-Mar-1915.

The funeral of Louis E. Kister was held from the residence, near Boling, this afternoon. The body was shipped to Lathrop, Mo., for burial.

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