From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Dec 22, 1910

Mix one pint of granulated sugar with ½ pinto of warm water, and stir 2 minutes. Put 2½ ounces of Pinex (fifty cents worth) in a pint bottle and add the Sugar Syrup. This keeps perfectly and has a pleasant taste -- children like it. Braces up the appetite and is slightly laxative, which helps end a cough.


Jan. 1, 1913 (Wed.)

Smallest Baby Is Born

Aurora, Ill. Jan. 1 -- What is believed to be the tiniest baby in the country was born at Aurora Hospital last night. It weighed at birth seventeen ounces. Mrs. Eva Rote of Aurora is the mother. The infant is full grown and apparently strong. It is so small that the mother's wedding ring can be placed on one of its legs..

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