From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Happy Birthday

Leavenworth Times, Sunday, June 12, 1949

Leavenworth celebrated its 95th birthday today according to no less an authority than our local historian, Harry Seckler.

Just 95 years ago a group of enterprising and optimistic men decided to buy land and plot ground for a future city. The outlook must have seemed forlorn and forbidding to anybut the most enthusiastic.

Far away from populous centers of civilization, with scant means of communication and transportation, the prest site of Leavenworth must have taxed the courage of those who came to look it over.

Almost no ordinary comforts of everyday life existed, Indians, outlaws and wild animals were present to combat every move of advancement.

It is hard for us today with our telephones, electric appliances, movies and big powerful cars to understand just what prompted our hardy pioneers to risk everything, including life itself to settle a new and unknown land.

Fortunately, a little of that pioneer and venturesome spirit always exists in the hearts of some. They go seeking freedom, possible wealth and security, but they are willing to work and fight for it--not look for it to be handed them on a silver platter by a paternalistic government.

Great fortune usually comes only to those who are willing to take great risk. The easier path is to avoid such risk and take what is left over.

Luckily, there are always some who lead the way, just as they did on that first birthday in Leavenworth, 95 years ago..

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