From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Centennial Anniversaries In Leavenworth County


The Present Year Marks a Number of Centennaries in Local History, Including the One Hundredth Birthdays of Prominent Pioneers.


by George J. Remsburg.

The post office at Fort Leavenworth, or what was then known as Cantonment Leavenworth, was established May 29, 1928 (sic 1828), with Phillip P. Rand as postmaster. This is the oldest post office in Kansas, if not the oldest west of the Missouri river. Previous to the establishment of this office, the soldiers at the new frontier post got their mail at Liberty, Mo. In the summer of 1828 a military road was opened from the post to Barry, Mo., and the mail was carried from the latter place, at first on horseback, and later by stage. Fort Leavenworth soon became a distributing point for mail to the outposts on the western frontier.

Captain Lewis B. Dougherty, the first white child born at Cantonment Leavenworth, made his appearance December 7, 1828. He was a son of Major John Dougherty, Indian agent stationed at the Post. Capt. Dougherty's last visit to his birthplace was in 1902, when he acted as an honorary pall-bearer at the re-interment of Gen. Henry Leavenworth's remains in the National Cemetery there. Capt. Dougherty died at Liberty, Mo., August 16, 1925, at the age of 97 years.

J. C. Lysle, early manufacturer and miller, and prominent citizen of Leavenworth, was born five days ahead of Capt. Dougherty, but their birthplaces were widely separated. Mr. Lysle was born December 2, 1828, in Chester county, Pa. He came west in 1866 and located in Leavenworth, where he organized the firm of Dilworth & Lysle, hub and spoke manufacturers. Later he engaged in the milling business.

Another prominent pioneer Leavenworth man who was born in 1828, and in the same state and county as Mr. Lysle, was John Wilson. He was born in Chester county, Pa., October 8, 1828. He settled in Leavenworth in 1856, and built what is said to have been the first brick business block here, opening a hardware store in the same. Later he became associated with the Great Western Manufacturing company, and was prominently identified with the best interests of the city, civic and other ways.

March 8, just past, was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. T. J. Weed, pioneer Leavenworth physician. Dr. Weed was born in Auburn, N. Y., June 8, 1928. He located in Leavenworth in 1857 and began practicing his profession. During the Civil War he served in the Union army with distinction, and upon his return engaged in the insurance business in Leavenworth, and held county office.

Washington D. Kelly, Leavenworth pioneer and real estate dealer, who settled here in 1855, was born March 23, 1828, in Philadelphia.

John Heigle, pioneer Leavenworth merchant, was born in Baden, Germany, June 21, 1828. He was engaged in the general merchandise business here in the '50s, and in the grocery business in 1873.

Dr. D. Burrell, who began practicing dentistry in Leavenworth nearly half a centruy ago, and continued in practice until his death not so many years ago, was born June 28, 1828, in Westmoreland county, Pa.

J. B. Lamber, and early proprietor of the Planters' House in Leavenworth, and freighter across the plains out of here, was born in New York city, July 24, 1828. He located here in 1857.

J. J. Potter, early Leavenworth carriage manufacturer, was born in New York in 1828. He came here in 1866.

Frederick Wellhouse, distinguished Kansas horticulturist, and prominent pioneer of Leavenworth county, was born November 16, 1828, in Wayne county, O. He settled in Leavenworth county in 1859.

Other well known early settlers of this county, who were born in 1828, were the following: William Stillings, of High Prairie, on May 17; William Holakamp, Kickapoo blacksmith, May 23; Albert Schoefer, Millwood blacksmith, January 28; John M. Singer, wagon maker and fruit grower, of Fairmount, December 23; Joshua Turner, of Easton, November 11; Ethbert Caulk, pioneer of Kickapoo and Easton township, Sept. 6; John M. Enochs, of Tonganoxie, month and day not known to the writer; John W. Hughes and A. G. Cogswell, of Fairmount, month and day not available; Ferdinand Jaedicke, pioneer of Leavenworth, and later of near Kickapoo, born in Prussia, Dec. 25, 1828; father of William Jaedicke, of Leavenworth.

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