From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Orsine Giacomini: Probably few people of Leavenworth know that the first site picked for St. Mary's Academy was the place on which I now live and have lived for years. Bishop Miege bought the place in 1870 and brought Mother Superior Xavier Ross and Sisters Vineentia Kelly, Rosalia Chogran and Josephine Cantwell from Cincinnati to start what was to be the "St. Mary's Female Academy". But they wanted more land and, as that could not be bought at a price within their means James A. McGonigle took the property off their hands and sold them the site where the academy is now located. I bought the place from Mr. McGonigle and have the old deed to Bishop Miege. It was acknowledged before Notary Public D. M. Goddard, the father of the late Dr. C. C. Goddard. The deed bears a $5 government stamp, showing that Civil War taxes still were being assessed against conveyances.


In the early part of 1855 there came to Leavenworth a man who was obscure, yet young and full of ambition. this man was Phillip Rothschild now known to all of Leavenworth people and who has a wide acquaintance in all of this vicinity. Mr. Rothschild has built up a large business and now with his son, Louis, has one of the finest stores in Leavenworth.


Brock Pemberton, producer of the comedy hit, "Strictly Dishonorable," which is being presented in Kansas city this week, was born in Leavenworth. He was named for the late Dr. J. W. Brock one of the prominent physicians of the earlier days of the city. Mr. Pemberton's father was owner of one of the largest shoe stores in Leavenworth in the seventies and father his death, his mother left for Emporia, Kas., where she still resides.

Another man who was gaining prominence previous to his death who was also named for this greatly beloved doctor was Brock Goddard, son of Mrs. C. C. Goddard of Fifth avenue and Middle streets.

Mr. Pemberton left a newspaper job to try his hand at the theatrical game on Broadway and has returned to the middle west with flying colors. He is now visiting his mother in Emporia.

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