Greenwood Cemetery

A brief history of Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery, Leavenworth Co. Kansas Cemeteries
Last Name First Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Age Source Remarks Contact
Bauer Jacob     25-May-1878   William Bauer block 1, south half of 149 William Bauer
Fowler Arta Mae Hendrick 16-Aug-1931 09-Aug-1996 68 Obituary    
Hein Edward D.   08-Aug-1935 27-Apr-2001 65 Obituary    
Linaweaver Elizabeth F Burner 17-Jul-1871 24-Jul-1949 78 Obituary    
Linaweaver W.J.   03-Jul-1861 17-May-1947 85 Obituary    
Messinger Eva (Katherine) Schober 1842 in Germany 24-Aug-1898   Elaine Rebori   Elaine Rebori
Messinger John Gottlieb   1841 in Germany 06-Jul-1905   Elaine Rebori   Elaine Rebori
Messinger Mary Sophia Rose 09-Sep-1872 14-Jun-1908   Elaine Rebori   Elaine Rebori
Messinger William   07-May-1869 02-Feb-1922   Elaine Rebori   Elaine Rebori
Moore Charles A   26-Mar-1923 27-May-2001 78 Obituary    
Mussett Alfred K.   15-Jul-1909 26-Sep-2001 92 Obituary    
Northern Frederick E   26-Feb-1912 09-Apr-2001 89 Obituary    
Shockley Laura Matilda Ambrose 11-Feb-1851 20-Oct-1899       Mary A Sutphin
Washington Lucretia   1829 15-Jan-19009   Obituary    
Wright Lewis J   27-May-1918 08-Feb-2001 82 Obituary    
Zule Robert L.(Bob)   16-Feb-1926 15-Apr-1990 64 Obituary    


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From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Settlers buried at Greenwood Cemetery
by L. Candy Ruff
Leavenworth Times, Sunday, July 19, 1987

I have finished the work
that thou gaveth me to do.


George Fisher wanted to let those who passed his grave in Greenwood Cemetery know his work was done by the time he died in 1896. He got the message across with the epitaph on his tombstone. Fisher and his brother, Adam, are said to be among the first permanent residents of Leavenworth and it is only fitting he should be buried in one of the first cemeteries in the first city of Kansas.

The grave stands at the southeast corner of the 124-year-old cemetery located at County Road 5 and Limit. The oldest cemetery still in existence in Kansas. Greenwood Cemetery was established in 1863, but a search of the tombstones and records completed by Johanna Baum in 1948 indicates one Henry A. Gooter or Cooter was buried there in 1852 and Jeanice Cox was buried Sept. 23, 1858. Mrs. Baum said the first recorded burial was July 5, 1861, but other information points to John Hamils, buried Nov. 6, 1863, as the first one. A tombstone with the name Steinler is marked Sept. 11, 1830. It is unknown whether it is a birth or death date.

The abstract of Greenwood Cemetery indicates Adam Fisher, Lewellen Eckelberry and Alexander A. Higinbotham were first deeded the property Oct. 1, 1858 by the federal government with President James Buchanan signing the document. Over the next several years the land passed from these three men to George Fisher and his wife Mary A. Davis June 19, 1863 and she "did set apart and consecrate for the purpose of a cemetery a porton of the land" on Dec. 4, 1863.

The Greenwood Cemetery Co. filed incorporation papers Nov. 19, 1867 with the secretary of state for the purpose of operating a cemetery. By Aug. 10, 1871, the cemetery company had taken control of all the lots in the cemetery "less that portion consecrated by Mary A. Davis."

Those close to the cemetery history say this is where the seed was sown for the future downfall and abandonment in that land title remained with individuals instead of being transferred to the cemetery company.

Mrs. Davis sold the land "in her own right" to Andrews Barnes and George Fisher and lots were sold by the cemetery company until 1892.

Article donated by Debra Graden, President
Leavenworth County Genealogical Society, 1998

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