Hubbell Hill Cemetery

History of Hubbel Hill Cemetery


Last Name First Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Age Source Remarks Contact
Angell Fred G. (Pete)   09-Feb-1919 13-Dec-2001 82 Obituary    
Blinn John   11-May-1972 in Wethersfield, CT 10-Jul-1875 in Tonganoxie 83     Barbara Jo Reniker
Blinn Katherine Bickford 1840 1885 in Tonganoxie, KS       Barbara Jo Reniker
Blinn Laura   15-Sep-1831 in Delaware Co., OH 02-Oct-1921 in Tonganoxie, KS 90     Barbara Jo Reniker
Blinn Mary B Dessery   08-Mar-1927 in Tonganoxie       Barbara Jo Reniker
Blinn Victor   28-Jan-1840 in Delaware Co, OH 13-May-1891 in Tonganoxie 51     Barbara Jo Reniker
Bretz Otto L.   02-Aug-1910 26-Mar-2001 90 Obituary    
Campbell Idah Pearl Breyman 07-Feb-1904 30-Apr-2001 97 Obituary    
Champion Harold K.   09-Jan-1910 05-Sep-1996 86 Obituary    
Chrisman Will Henry   28-Oct-1979 04-Jul-2001 21 Obituary    
Clark Danny W.   12-May-1962 11-Oct-2001 39 Obituary    
Cook Agness Aileen Freeman 09-Oct-1916 18-Oct-2002 86 Obituary    
Daily Garrett Thomas   09-May-2001 30-Jan-2002 8 mo Obituary    
Drake Valia Jane Brysky 18-Sep-1960 29-Jun-2001 40 Obituary    
Duncanson Courtney   04-Jul-1916 22-Sep-2005 89 Obituary    
Elston Etta K. Angell 15-Nov-1912 02-Sep-2001 88 Obituary    
Fiddler Grace M Pape 04-Apr-1922 29-Mar-2005 82 Obituary    
Forshee George   11-Aug-1920 31-Aug-1996 76 Obituary    
French Donald E.   02-Apr-1923 13-Sep-2000 77 Obituary    
Hammons Dianna Rae Shadwell 18-Nov-1937 14-Sep-2000 62 Obituary    
Hammons Elizabeth R. Wiley 05-Nov-1911 01-Jul-2001 89 Obituary    
Hodges Maselle Darleen Murray 15-Nov-1909 26-Mar-2002 92 Obituary    
Hollingsworth Addie Louise Neill 21-Jan-1918 11-Jan-2001 82 Obituary    
Kampfer Monte Lee   10-Feb-1942 03-Jun-2001 59 Obituary    
Larimore Charles E.   27-Jul-1932 06-Feb-2001 68 Obituary    
Lawson Leonard W.   08-May-1943 22-Jul-2001 58 Obituary    
Mark Fala Ellen Bowers 21-May-1928 15-May-2001 72 Obituary    
McAlexander Carrie Edith Walker 20-Jan-1926 30-Dec-2001 75 Obituary    
McMechan Clarence Wesley   04-Nov-1917 27-Dec-2001 84 Obituary    
McMechan Vera Gay Kramer 02-Mar-1919 28-Dec-2001 84 Obituary    
McRill Frank Allen   11-Jan-1935 19-May-2001 66 Obituary    
Mills Louis E.   12-May-1923 19-Mar-2001 77 Obituary    
Moore Ben     30-May-1911       Barbara Jo Reniker
Muncil Ellen Blinn 11-Nov-1824 in Delaware Co., OH 08-Jul-1902 in Osawatomie, KS 77     Barbara Jo Reniker
Niebaum Gladys Niebaum 31-Jul-1908 20-Oct-2002 94 Obituary    
Oakson Horace B.   1814 1888 in Tonganoxie, KS   Obituary    
Rader Dorothy Mae Miller 16-Feb-1916 15-Apr-2001 86 Obituary    
Ratliff J.L. (Linc)   1866 17-May-1930   Obituary    
Schneider Katharina Kobes 25-Sep-1910 27-Sep-2000 90 Obituary    
Simpson Brandie Lee   18-Jun-1980 16-Aug-2001 21 Obituary    
Smith Laura T.   17-Jul-1937 06-Dec-2000 63 Obituary    
Verhage Richard John   11-Jun-1906 16-Jun-2001 95 Obituary    
Vining Nadine Love 28-Mar-1923 28-Mar-2001 78 Obituary    
Wensel Mylinda Jane West 20-Dec-1917 08-Jul-2001 83 Obituary    
Whitaker Warren G.   27-Sep-1923 29-Oct-2000 77 Obituary    
Wiley Doris Pauline Moore 31-Jul-1913 12-Feb-2002 88 Obituary    
Wiley Eva Graham 24-May-1905 11-May-2001 96 Obituary    
Wiley Othal O.   24-Feb-1901 03-May-2001 100 Obituary    
Wolfe Donald Ray   12-Feb-1930 19-Oct-2002 72 Obituary    
Wooden Thekla Laming 20-Oct-1907 18-Mar-1992   Obituary    
Zafer Dorothy Spahr 18-May-1911 03-Apr-2001 89 Obituary    

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