Mount Olivet Cemetery, Leavenworth county, Kansas

Leavenworth County Kansas Cemeteries, Mount Olivet Cemetery
Last Name First Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Age Source Remarks Contact
Bott Anna M Fink 04-Dec-1908 21-May-1976 67 Obituary    
Bott Ferd J   12-Jul-1874 5-Jul-1960 85 Obituary    
Bott James Joseph     29-Sep-1942   Obituary    
Bott Joseph James     14-Jan-1941   Obituary    
Bromell John A   15-Mar-1925 30-Apr-2005 80 Obituary    
Erbacher Sister Mary John   12-Aug-1897 03-Apr-1954 56 Obituary    
Fink Albert P., Jr     22-Jun-1963 >1 Obituary    
Fink Aloysius P.   29-Jun-1898 11-Apr-1961 62 Obituary    
Fink Anthony L   21-Jul-1943 13-Aug-1943 >1 Obituary    
Fink Edna L Tarry Feb-1902 03-Feb-1975 73 Obituary    
Fink Elizabeth Flora 27-Aug-1905 14-Apr-1991 85 Obituary    
Fink Ellen C Payeur 08-Jul-1894 15-Mar-1977 82 Obituary    
Fink George     05-Jun-1972 71 Obituary    
Fink Henry R   03-Nov-1904 26-Aug-1998 93 Obituary    
Fink Joseph John   20-Oct-1919 18-Aug-1975 55 Obituary    
Fink Leo L.   10-Nov-1893 23-Mar-1969 75 Obituary    
Fink Mary Frances Wiesinger 08-Jul-1874 26-Aug-1966 82 Obituary    
Fink Matilda Gates 21-Jan-1904 08-May-1947 43 Obituary    
Fink Peter, Jr.   27-Dec-1894 19-Apr-1984 89 Obituary    
Fink Peter, Sr.   20-Jun-1862 19-Sep-1939 77 Obituary    
Fink Richard     14-Mar-1940   Obituary    
Heim Martha M Bromell 31-Dec-1919 19-Nov-2004 84 Obituary    

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