Sacred Heart Cemetery

Sacred Heart
Last Name First Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Age Source Remarks Contact
Davis Regina Louise Knapp 22-Dec-1964 06-Dec-2004 39 Obituary    
Didde Mary L Aaron 25-Mar-1922 20-Aug-2005 83 Obituary    
Knapp Lucile Agnes Kleinfehn 13-Mar-1927 03-Aug-2001 74 Obituary    
Kramer Clara May Grace 13-Jan-1929 18-Oct-2000 71 Obituary    
Landell Dal, Jr.   15-May-1940 14-Aug-2001 61 Obituary    
McWilliams Majorie L.     19-Apr-2001 76 Obituary    
Nees Leon A   19-May-1919 29-Sep-2001 82 Obituary    
Palmer Ruth Yvonne Bichelmeyer 31-Jan-1956 16-Jan-2005 48 Obituary    
Studdard George William   14-Jun-1934 07-Oct-2007 73 Obituary    
Wager Mary Lenahan 13-Jan-1908 18-Sep-2000   Obituary    

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