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Lincoln County
Elected Officials:

From the Lincoln County News, April 10, 1873

Colorado Township
Justices of the peace: Andrew Bell, D.W. Boaton
Constables: E.E. Johnson, J.W. Bell.
Trustee: William E. Thompson
Treasurer: James H. Tracy
Clerk: W.B. McBride
Road overseers: E.E. Johnson, George Ingham

Elkhorn Township
Justices of the peace: John Medcraft, Thomas Schofield
Constables: R.H. Wilmarth, C. Patterson
Trustee: Uriah Prather
Treasurer: T. Jones
Clerk: J. Kirk
Road overseers: Samuel Berry, D. Schaffer

Grant Township
Justices of the peace: J.M. Putney, W.E. Jackson
Constables: George Hakes, William Baird
Trustee: H.C. Frebo [Errebo?]
Clerk: S.P. Stone
Road overseers: Wilson Schofield, A.C. Allen

Indiana Township
Justices of the peace: Ira W. Russell, Patrick Doran
Constables: J.W. Newell, J.D. Young
Trustee: Joseph Cheney
Clerk: William Henderson
Treasurer: George Green
Road overseers: D.S. Mason, William Hendrickson, John Russell

Salt Creek Township
Justices of the peace: J.A. Woody, James Donivan
Constables: J.L. Harbin, Jacob Harshbarger
Trustee: T.J. McCurry
Clerk: J.P. Serrel
Treasurer: J.P. Wild
Road overseers: M.H. Lance, L.B. Hagerty, J.G. Pierce

Valley Township
Justices of the peace: Ezra Wheeler, Charles M. Heaton
Constables: J.H. Brown, J.C. Wheeler
Trustee: Augustus Glazier
Clerk: J.C. Walls
Treasurer: Frank Schofield
Road overseers: John Heiser, John Riley

From the Lincoln County News, Sept. 8, 1873

Lincoln Center Town Company
W.L. Gillmore, president
D.W. Henderson, secretary
Directors: W.L. Gillmore, J.S. Strange, W. Smith, Thomas Boyle, S.M. Boblett, James Askey, D.W. Henderson

County Officers
Hon. George Green, representative
A.S. Potter, county clerk
V. Ball, county treasurer
W.M. Hedrick, probate judge
T.A. Walls, register of deeds
M.C Springer, clerk of district court
L.W. Metcalf, sheriff
David Pontius, coroner
F.M. Beaty, county attorney
W.T. Prescott, county surveyor
J.H. Wright, supt. of public instruction
Commissioners: John S. Strange, Orlando Weed, J.B. Walls

Republican Co. Central Committee
W.D. Booton, chairman
W.H. Henderson, secretary
W.E. Marsh
Thomas Watson
M.C. Springer
E.B. Bishop

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