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In Leap Year 1896, Miss Nellie Parker of the Lincoln Beacon wrote a three-part article detailing the available bachelors in Lincoln. Though she intended to cover the "townsite" of Lincoln only, many of the men listed are from other towns and townships across the country. They are presented here in the three parts, in the order written. Her concluding remarks are below.

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 20, 1896

The "New Woman"

Some Leap Year Pointers for Her Guidance by Miss Nellie Parker

In selecting a husband this year, why should the new woman go abroad when the following bona fide bachelors may be found within the precincts of Lincoln. We say, unhesitatingly, that their equals cannot be found within a similar area west of the Mississippi. Read, and ponder but do not ponder too long, or while you are pondering some other new woman may walk off with the very one, you know. For convenience we have the list alphabetically arranged. Now adjust your spectacles, dear sister, and see! Here we have a little roundup of 30 bachelors on the town site.
Lincoln Beacon, March 12, 1896


In conclusion, let us say that we have written up 80 eligibles, and to find the names of many of these we had to secure the services of several kind-hearted business men, who cheerfully "gave away" the list as presented. If the reader will bear in mind that the writer has written this article, or these articles, on the lightning jump - about six hours being devoted to the work - he will kindly excuse omissions, and commissions, as well. We can't forbear a parting shot before we go - we're going soon. We just want to say - to the girls - that with 80 such in our midst we challenge competition and do not fear a rival anywhere. With a salt bed underneath, the raging Saline on the south, and Italian skies overhead we would indeed be wanting the earth if we asked for anything more than Lincoln.

Includes these surnames: Anderson, Arthur, Aufdemberge, Barley, Berry, Berquist, Brann, Brockett, Brumbaugh, Burt, Crowe, Cheney, Davis, Dunham, Elord, Hall, Harris, Hedrick, Helton, Hibbs, Hutchison, Lerch, Linker, Menoher, Miller, Mitchell, Moss, Munch

Includes these surnames: Hall, Hanson, Kelly, Kilmer, McReynolds, Pontius, Roenigk, Ryan, Schellinger, Shire, Stewart, Strawn, Stover, Stubbs, Thompson, Webber, Wood

Includes these surnames: Allison, Anderson, Arthur, Brunt, Crawford, Frink, Hull, Joslin, McElheney, McMichael, Smith, Thomas, Trump, Watts, Wilcox, Wilson, Wingett, Yenser

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