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From the Barnard Bee, 8 March 1902, Page 8


Is located 19 miles, by rail, northwest of Minneapolis;16 miles northeast of Lincoln; 22 miles southeast of Beloit. It is in Scott township, Lincoln Co., Kan, and is the best town in Salt creek valley. This valley is one of the real beauty-spots of Kansas, some fifty miles long by two and three wide, and quite thickly settled with farmers and ranchers.
The population of Barnard is about 250, and they are the liveliest two fifty you ever saw. Following is a list of the lines of business represented:
Drug store
3 Blacksmiths
Flour mill
4 General stores
2 Hotels
2 Hardware stores
2 Restaurants
2 Elevators
2 Doctors
Livery Stable
Wagon shop
and the Bee.
No, there's no joint.
We have a fine large school house and two churches, Presbyterian and Baptist. There is a congregation of Methodists, but they have no place of meeting of their own, using that of the Presbyterians. The Masons, Oddfellows, Rebekahs, Woodmen and Knights and Ladies of Security all have local organizations.
There are no bonds of any kind out against Barnard. The town is entirely out of debt -- Just make a note of that.
We have the usual telephone connections. Now, if Barnard is not a good enough place for you, tell us what you want and we will buy it for you.
Bill and Diana Sowers, Lincoln County Coordinators
Tracee Hamilton, Lincoln County Coordinator

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