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Got Its Name

From the Barnard Bee, 26 April 1928

Through the courtesy of L.F. Martin, local agent at the Santa Fe Depot, we have received the information that Barnard was named after J.F. Barnard, former General Manager of the Kansas City, St. Jo and Council Bluff Railway. The information was secured from a map of the railroad and Barnard townsite, dated Sept. 26, 1887. In one corner of the faded blue print the above information was written in white ink and there is no doubt whatever but that Barnard secured its name from that above source. At the time the blue print was made, the Manchester-Barnard branch at least was a part of the Chicago Kansas and Western Railroad. We are indeed grateful to Mr. Martin to this information, and have passed it onto our readers with the idea that it will prove interesting to them.
Bill and Diana Sowers, Lincoln County Coordinators
Tracee Hamilton, Lincoln County Coordinator

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