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Poll Book
From 1871

Beverly Tribune, 2 November 1911

Found Old Poll Book

While making a general overhauling in the township clerk’s office this week, the board found an old poll book, dated Nov. 7, 1871. It was for Colorado township and at that time there were 18 registered voters as follows: Richard B. Clark, W.E. Thompson, J.O. Clark, W.T. Wild, Joseph E. Bolton, Chalmers Smith, V. Ball, James J. Adams, Jerome Townsend, Jas. H. Tracy, E.E. Johnson, Washington Smith, John Bell, William Berry, J.P. Colvin, Marcellus Smith, James J. Peate, and George Ingham. It will be 40 years on Nov. 7 since that election and there are some of those same voters voting in Colorado township today. Wm. E. Thompson was township trustee at that time. There was also a blank report found known as a “Grasshopper Report” for the spring of 1877.
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