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World War I
in Lincoln County -- A-E

From the Lincoln Sentinel, July 5, 1917, with name and address given on registration card.

The registration cards are available on microfilm; click here for more information.

Abbott, Clayton Robert Lincoln
Achterberg, Albert Carl Lincoln
Achterberg, Ben Lincoln
Adamson, Donald Barnard
Adamson, Jesse Willis Lincoln
Agin, Emery Wade Beverly
Agin, George Faran Beverly
Agin, Robert Rozelle Lincoln
Ahring, Frank Henry William Lincoln
Allen, Edward Beverly
Allison, James Newton Barnard
Altman, (can't read) (can't read)
Andersen, Andrew Chris Lincoln
Andersen, Erik Knud Vesper
Anderson, Alfred Vesper
Anderson, Chester Cleveland Beverly
Anderson, Fredrick Denmark
Anderson, George Vesper
Anderson, Gert Peter Vesper
Anderson, Glen Harry Lincoln
Anderson, Harry Joseph Vesper
Anderson, Louis Emil Vesper
Anderson, Oscar William Vesper
Anderson, Peter Sylvan Grove
Anderson, Peter Vesper
Anderson, Roscoe Beverly
Armbrust, Andy Klotz Wilson
Armbrust, Howard Lee Wilson
Arnold, Robert Sylvan Grove
Ashen, Claud Ellsworth Wilson
Askey, George F. Lincoln
Askey, Lloyd Elias Ash Grove
Aufdemberge, August Henry Lincoln
Aufdemberge, Ernest Walter Lincoln
Aufdemberge, William Gottlieb Lincoln
Babbett, James Beverly
Bachman, Arthur Emanuel Sylvan Grove
Bacon, Arthur Harrison Hiram Sylvan Grove
Bacus, Joseph Kay Sylvan Grove
Bacus, Luther Lawrence Vesper
Baird, Walter Morris Vesper
Baker, Lee George Sylvan Grove
Baker, Louis Clarence Lincoln
Banta, Fred Richard Barnard
Barger, Ralph Eugene Vesper
Barringer, Raymond Acher Lincoln
Barta, Frank Charlie Sylvan Grove
Bauhgn, Earl Hunter
Baxendale, Gilbert Emerson Lincoln
Becker, John Calvin Sylvan Grove
Becker, Otto Martin Sylvan Grove
Becker, Walter Henry William  Sylvan Grove
Bell, Lewis Warren Beverly
Belsky, Joseph Ellsworth
Belveal, Noah David Vesper
Benien, Albert Lincoln
Benien, Henry Jr. Lincoln
Bennett, Herbert Owen Beverly
Bentrup, Henry Jr.  Sylvan Grove
Bentrup, Herman Sylvan Grove
Bentrup, William Sylvan Grove
Berger, Harry Eugene Hunter
Bergman, Harry Alvin Beverly
Bergman, Otto Herman Beverly
Berry, Ray Stanley Beverly
Berry, Ray W. Beverly
Berry, Roy Carrol Beverly
Berryman, George Spencer Lincoln
Berthlein, Charlie Fred Lincoln
Beverly, Royal Ernest Sylvan Grove
Beverly, Willard Stanley Sylvan Grove
Biggs, Doyle Arthur  Barnard
Biggs, John Philip Barnard
Billings, Gus Barnard
Bird, Alvin Couse Lincoln
Bird, Harley Lee Lincoln
Bird, Henry Clinton Lincoln
Bird, Russell Aaron Lincoln
Bishoff, Augustus Richard  Vesper
Bishop, Cleon Acil Milo
Bishop, Roy Stewart Beverly
Bishop, William Blanchard Beverly
Black, William Wallace Barnard
Blanding, Roy Lorenzo Barnard
Blazer, Fred Earl Vesper
Block, Herbert Maxmillian Beverly
Bloomfield, Verdon Ulysses Lincoln
Blount, Leonard Clay Lincoln
Bloyd, Laurence Irvin Lincoln
Blythe, Bert Stephen William Sylvan Grove
Blythe, Herbert Sylvan Grove
Boettcher, Arthur E.  Sylvan Grove
Bogh, Edward James Lincoln
Bolley, Paul Martin Vesper
Bolte, August George Martin Lincoln
Bolte, Carl Lincoln
Bolte, Fredrick Henry Lincoln
Borgstadter, Herman George Lincoln
Bortz, Murray Clair Lincoln
Bosch, Louis Carl Lincoln
Boston, Andrew Jackson Lincoln
Bradshaw, Edward Joseph Lincoln
Brazier, Bertie Lincoln
Breazier, Earl Bud Lincoln
Brejcha, Fred Frank Vesper
Brewer, H.T.  Barnard
Brewer, Thomas William Barnard
Briand, Charles Beverly
Briand, Maurice Beverly
Brichacek, Frank Charlie Sylvan Grove
Brichacek, James A.  Sylvan Grove
Briscoe, Harry Otis South Fork, Mo.
Briscoe, Horace Anvel Lincoln
Brown, Arthur Harrison Lucas
Brown, Charlie William Lucas
Brown, Floyd Acton Ash Grove
Brown, Fred W. Ash Grove
Brown, Harry George Hunter
Brown, Jesse C. Ash Grove
Brown, Lee L. Ash Grove
Bruce, Robert Clifford Lucas
Brumbaugh, Harry William Vesper
Brumbaugh, Nicholas Edward Vesper
Brumbaugh, Nine Vesper
Bryan, John Harley Lincoln
Buchanan, Charles Henry Lincoln
Buchanan, John Bright Lincoln
Buchanan, Otis Everett Lincoln
Buckworth, Earl Elmer Milo
Bulis, James Warren  Barnard
Burger, Leslie Winton Vesper
Burmbaugh, William Bruce Vesper
Burmeister, John Charley August Ellsworth
Bush, Van Edwin Vesper
Buttenhoff, William Julius Gustav Lincoln
Buzick, William Alonson Sylvan Grove
Cairns, John Wesley Hunter
Cairns, Will Hunter
Calene, Glenn Clifton Sylvan Grove
Calene, John Lucian Sylvan Grove
Canfield, Roy Licnoln
Carr, Charley Thomas Beverly
Carter, Delbert Leslie Lincoln
Case, Clyde Irvin Hunter
Case, Pearl Canna Hunter
Cassel, Chester Arthur Beverly
Cassel, Harry Vance Milo
Cassel, Ulysses Grant Beverly
Cassell, Chester Ardel Milo
Castillo, Paul Beverly
Cheney, Anthony Wayne Vesper
Cheney, Earl Ellwood Vesper
Christiansen, Adolph Julius Vesper
Christiansen, Hans Fred Vesper
Christiansen, Harry Floyd Vesper
Clark, Arnold Bartlett Lincoln
Clark, Charles Lincoln
Clark, Earl Ozroe Shady Bend
Clark, Jerry Sylvester  Beverly
Clavez, Joseph Beverly
Cleaver, James Weldon Lincoln
Clements, Wallace Fred Vesper
Clinesmith, Jacob Henry Lincoln
Cogswell, Daniel Burgess Lincoln
Coil, George Elmer Lincoln
Collins, Henry Samuel Lincoln
Conley, Isaac Tescott
Conn, Edward Wilber Barnard
Connor, Stanley H.  Lincoln
Cook, Edwin Charles Barnard
Cook, George Winford Barnard
Cook, John Lincoln
Cox, John Ray Beverly
Cozard, George Tilman Barnard
Cramb, William Milo
Crawford, Fred Herman Lincoln
Crawford, George Robert Lincoln
Crawford, William Lester Lincoln
Creek, Berl Lincoln
Crider, John Myrl Wilson
Cromwell, Daniel Vesper
Cromwell, Fred Vesper
Crooks, Christian Thomas Shady Bend
Crooks, Frank Lewelling Shady Bend
Cross, Paul Leon Sylvan Grove
Cross, Robert Leroy Sylvan Grove
Crowl, Fred Louis Milo
Curtis, James Lincoln
Dahl, Christian Marius Vesper
Dalton, John Clark  Lincoln
Damgaard, Ever Vesper
Damker, Walter Lincoln
Davis, Charles Albert Lincoln
Davis, Warren Venton Hunter
Deaver, Manuel Monrow Lincoln
Decker, Joseph William Sylvan Grove
Dehler, William Jacob Sylvan Grove
Dewhirst, Roby Franklin Beverly
Dill, William Fred Lincoln
Dillet, Earl Harrel Hunter
Dodge, Daniel Logan Lincoln
Dohe, Henry William Sylvan Grove
Dohe, William Henry Lincoln
Donbarger, Arthur Sylvan Grove
Donley, William Lincoln
Donovan, Ben Merl Barnard
Doty, George Glenn Barnard
Dresselhaus, Arthur Walter Lincoln
Duenas, Jesus Vesper
Duewell, Carl Fredrick William  Lincoln
Dumler, Francis Patrick Sylvan Grove
Dunbarger, Albert Vesper
Dunn, Claude Lincoln
Eckart, Bert Lincoln
Eckhart, Clinton Charles  Beverly
Eckhart, Fred Olen Lincoln
Eckhart, Ollie Lincoln
Eckhart, Otto Nute Lincoln
Edgell, Elmer Ellsworth Barnard
Eggers, Emanuel Sylvan Grove
Eggers, John Sylvan Grove
Ellis, Francis Emmet Ash Grove
Ellis, Robert Milner Vesper
Ellis, William Boyd Lucas
Ely, Herbert Hallie Ash Grove
Errebo, George Vesper
Errebo, Hans John Vesper
Eslinger, Andy Erven Lincoln
Eslinger, Willie Harrison Lincoln

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