(A former settler contributes to the Lincoln Sentinel some of Lincoln Center's earliest history.)

Lincoln Sentinel, Dec. 22, 1904

Early History

The first well dug on Lincoln townsite was by Jim Travis and George J. Miller in the summer of 1872, and is probably the one back of McCanles store. Capt. Henderson was the proprietor of the first store, and the first article he sold was a plug of tobacco to Dr. Vernon. H.H. Holcomb and E. B. Bishop were the first hardware men in the new metropolis. The first newspaper published was by Capt. Wait, and the first republican newspaper was by George Anderson. Bob Loomis who run the first drug store, sold out to R.F. Bryant. By an old settler, George J. Miller, now of Lenora, Dewey County, Okla.

Lincoln Sentinel, July 4, 1929

First Train in Lincoln

On Aug. 30, 1886, the first Union Pacific train pulled into Lincoln. This is from official records of the Union Pacific, for which we are indebted to R.W. Greene. Mr. Greene obtained this information to settle a friendly argument over the time when Lincoln received its first train. As a result of this information Mr. Greene is smoking good cigars for which Grant Crawford was obliged to pay. As there was no way to settle the argument between Mr. Greene and Mr. Crawford, Mr. Greene wrote to the headquarters of the Union Pacific at Salina and received this reply: "I am pleased to inform you that first U.P. train came into Lincoln Center Aug. 30, 1886." -- G.E. Oberlander

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