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Lincoln Republican, June 20, 1895
There are many people who don’t believe in ghosts, and then again there are many others who firmly believe in the reappearance upon this sublunary sphere of the inhabitants of the spirit world – mysterious figures in winding sheets, with nasty cold clammy hands, who glide around and moan, and wring their hands, and start the cold shivers chasing each other up and down a body’s spinal column, at the rate of 40 knots an hour. Some of the members of the Methodist choir, heretofore skeptics in their theory, are now willing to admit that after all there may be some truth in regard to their existence. Their reason is this The choir met for practice at S.H. Hoover’s residence last Friday evening, and just as they were about the depart for their respective homes they observed two ghostly figures flitting among the trees and behaving altogether in a mysterious manner. The ladies’ faces turned pale and their heart went down into their shoes and remained there for several consecutive minutes. Ed. Dunham hid behind the well kerb, J.D. Brockett climbed a tree, Sim Hoover dodged behind the cellar door, and George Smith and Lon Hall took post under cover of the barn.

"I cannot tell what the truth may be,
I tell the tale as ‘twas told to me."
The last two mentioned gentleman were the first to recover from their alarm, and at once preceded to investigate the strange phenomenon. As they advanced in the direction of the ghostly figures, the g.f.’s glided swiftly away in the dark and silent night. The curtain should fall here, with pianissimo music in a minor key, and a green light, to give it a good effect. But this wasn’t the end. Messrs. Hall and Smith went into the glide business, and for about two blocks some pretty fair gliding was done on both sides. It was run boys run ghosts but the ghosts were not overtaken. During their flight, however, a button came off one of the ghost’s robes, and it fell to the ground. This was secured by the ghost chasers, who returned in triumph to their friends, carrying with them a trophy. It is said to be quite a neat article, elaborately trimmed, and will probably be greatly missed by its owner, who can get it by applying for it, in a material form.

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