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Local newspaper offer a wealth of information and insight into the lives of our ancestors. What follows are gleanings from Lincoln County newspapers for your perusal. Included here are marriages, births, divorces, departures, arrivals, special celebrations, tragic accidents, etc. from 1880-1889 newspapers If you are looking for death notices or obituaries please go to our Lincoln County Obituaries page.
An important note... the places, Colorado and Indiana, sometimes refer to locations (i.e. townships) within Lincoln County, not the states... We have tried to indicate this when those names show up.


Lincoln Beacon --- Jan. 6, 1887
  • J.A. Mills is building a blacksmith shop on College street, to be occupied by Mr. Kerr.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Jan. 13, 1887

  • Miss Susan B. Anthony and Mrs. Anna C. Wait will be the guests of Mrs. Dr. Birchmore, 137 W. Sixth Ave., during the suffrage convention. – Topeka Capital, Jan. 9.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Jan. 27, 1887

  • Mr. Kerr has begun work in his new blacksmith shop on College street.

    Lincoln Republican --- March 10, 1887

  • Diphtheria still prevails in our neighborhood [Rosette]. The eldest daughter of Mr. William McCORMICK has taken a third relapse.
  • Mr. and Mrs. H. OWENS were blessed with twins the other day. Mrs. O. is very low.
  • W.I. YENSER, postmaster of Cedron, is digging a well and has found a petrified fish very fine, and several other specimens.
  • O.S. SUTTON bought a buggy in Lincoln for the sum of $85.
  • The Lincoln mill was first established in 1871 by E. Rees & Son, and was operated by them until the death of the father, when the son, L.J. REES, took charge and has been operating it since, making improvements as he went along. The past summer he put in the full patent roller process and has been running for over a month, giving the best satisfaction of any mill ever started on the Saline river. The mill is still in the same place as in 1871 and L.J. REES is still waiting on his old customers as usual.

    Lincoln Beacon --- March 31, 1887

  • M.A. McIlvaine has sold his interest in the Lincoln Democrat to Ed M. Harris, who has now full editorial control of that paper.

    Lincoln Beacon --- April 7, 1887

  • [From the Rosette correspondent] Mt. Washington cemetery is enclosed with a barbed wire fence and trimmed rock posts.

    Lincoln Beacon --- April 21, 1887

  • We have understood that Mr. Kimble intended starting today to find a home in the Indian territory or some place southeast. At this time (11:15 a.m.) the wagon is still standing in front of the house. A Mr. Woody, recently from Georgia, takes the farm he occupied. We are informed that Mr. Woody’s children are afflicted with the mumps. [From the Pinon correspondent]

    Lincoln Beacon --- June 9, 1887

  • Clell Wolfkiel brought a catfish to Lincoln last Saturday, which he caught with a hook and line, from the Saline at Beverly, and which weighed 31 pounds. With one exception, this was the largest fish ever caught in the Saline. About 1875 S. Bloomheart caught a catfish weighing 47 or 48 pounds, in the same vicinity.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Thursday, June 23, 1887

  • E.A. McFARLAND is in Pennsylvania visiting friends and relatives whom he had not seen for 17 years.
  • Prof. D. F. HOOVER, superintendent of the Concordia public schools with his family, has been paying Lincoln a visit. Mrs. HOOVER is a sister of Albert TOMSON, formerly in the hardware business in Lincoln, is now a resident of Topeka.
  • Elbert ROCKWELL returned to Lincoln a few days ago. He has taken his family away and located in Herrington, [Kansas].
  • Married... Wednesday evening, June 22, 1887, at 6 o'clock at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. D.B. DAY, in Lincoln, Kansas, C.J. BROWN of Beloit, Kansas, with Miss Lydia CROWE of Lincoln. Only a small party consisting of Mrs. A. MARSHALL, Mrs. D.B. DAY, Mrs. A.W. ELGIN, and Mrs. T.A. WALLS, sisters of the bride, and other near relatives were present.
  • [from Beverl locals section]... Milo WRIGHT has gone to Salina. We understand that he is working in the same shop as Will COCHRAN.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Thursday, June 30, 1887

  • Eli SHIRE, brother of M. and A. SHIRE of this place spent a few days in town last week and this. He is from Salisbury, Missouri, and Tuesday went west.
  • Mr. TWEEDLE's family has arrived and will occupy their new house in the McFarland addition soon.
  • [from Pinon locals section]... A fine boy came to stay as one of the family of Aaron W. WOODY on the 17th of June. He was introduced to the household by his great aunt, Mrs. WOODY, of Beloit, consort of Elder J. A. WOODY, who was sojourning with the family.
  • [from Pinon locals section]... A daughter of Rev. J. A. LITZ of South Pueblo, Colorado, is sojourning with her brother-in-law, Mr. Jacob WELTY.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Thursday, July 7, 1887

  • Mr. John McCORMICK, formerly of this county, now of Lyon County (Kansas), is visiting his sons and nephews on Spillman Creek. He is delighted with the growth of Lincoln since he left here three years ago. He was met here by his sons, J. H. and B. F. McCORMICK. He visited while here with his niece, Mrs. John HERMAN.
  • Ed SNEED, who was hanged at Independence, Missouri, on the 24th of June, was convicted of the murder of Bob LOOMIS, a former druggist of Lincoln Center, and well known in Saline County in the early years... (taken by the Beacon from the Salina Journal)
  • Ed PERKINS retired from the hotel business and closed the Pioneer House last Friday.
  • F. C. DOWNEY's new house on College Street just north of North Street is nearly completed.
  • C. B. DAUGHTER's new house at the north end of 2nd Street is enclosed and will be finished in a short time.
  • L. F. HOOPS, Sam BRUNT, and Misses Grace HARRIS, Lydia BRUNT, Emma STRAWN, and others spent the 4th (of July) in Salina.

    Lincoln Beacon --- July 14, 1887

  • William McCandless, late of California, is a colored musician who is stopping in the Bacon settlement. He is a son-in-law of Craig Bruster. Mr. McCanless will lead the Colored Cornet Band during his stay in the settlement.

    Sylvan Grove Sentinel --- Thursday, July 28, 1887
    (Note.......... This was the first issue of the paper)

  • C. E. RUSSELL's house, on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and First street is nearly completed.
  • C. CONANT is building a neat residence on the corner of Kentucky avenue and Second street.
  • S.D. KESTLER has commenced the cellar for a new house on the corner of Maryland avenue and Third street
  • H.T. KING's residence on the corner of Maryland avenue and Fourth street will be completed in a few days.
  • Rev. B.F. McMILLAN is having stone hauled on his lot on Maryland avenue and will commence building soon.
  • J. M. McKAIN of Woodston, Rooks County, arrived here on Saturday and will make this place his home and go into business but of what nature we are not informed.
  • J.P. HARMON, agent for the Sylvan Grove town site, is kept busy showing and selling lots, which proves that the people know a good thing when they see it.

    Sylvan Grove Sentinel --- Thursday, August 4, 1887

  • J.W. GATES will build a residence in town as soon as the "kears" arrive.
  • H.G. PILCHER is painting C. CONANT's house on Kentucky avenue.
  • L. H. GRISWOLD left this week for his old home in York State whence he was summoned on account of the serious illness of his father.

    Sylvan Grove Sentinel --- Thursday, August 11, 1887

  • A.S. SUTTON of Vesper has gone to Rice County.
  • W.F. MORGAN has moved into town and occupies the old MERRIMAN house.
  • Last Wednesday was the hottest day known for years. The thermoneter registered 106 degrees in the Sentinel office.
  • Mrs. John SEIRER, accompanied by Mrs. SEIRER, of Wilson, mother of Jno. SEIRER, of this place and Mrs. LEE, were in town last Wednesday and called on the "Sentinel."
  • Married... On Tuesday, August 2, 1887, at Detroit, Michigan, Florence, second daughter of H.G. PILCHER, of this place, to Mr. Jas. A. MEEK, both of Detroit. The bride is the sister of the editor of the "Sentinel" and Mr. MEEK is a gentleman standing high in the stimation of all to whom he is known. The "Sentinel" predicts for them a happy future and sincerely hopes it will be a long one.
  • W. HILLMER, living half a mile west of town, tells us that his corn will make from sixty to sixty- five bushels to the acre.

    Sylvan Grove Sentinel --- Thursday, August 18, 1887

  • Mrs. R. WHOLER, wife of our respected barber arrived home last week and in company with Mrs. OSTERFUND paid the "Sentinel" a visit yesterday.
  • The new town of Fowler, fourteen miles west of Sylvan Grove has been abandoned. This leaves Lucas in undisputed possession of the field.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Oct. 13, 1887

  • Born to our genial German friends, Jacob Weidman and wife, of Indiana township, on Monday, Oct. 8, 1887, a fine daughter.
  • Married: Sunday, Oct. 1, 1887, at the resident of H.A. Talley, in Lincoln, Grant Joslyn with Mrs. Ida Moss, both of Tower Spring, Lincoln county. Rev. A.D. Goodwin, of Salina, officiated.
  • Married: Monday, Oct. 8, 1887, in Salina, J.M. Marquis with Miss Adda Clinton, both of Lincoln. Mr. Marquis is a staunch business man and old resident of Lincoln, with sterling qualities that recommend him to the confidence of all. Mrs. Marquis is an estimable lady, held in the highest esteem by a wide circle of acquaintances.


    Lincoln Beacon --- Jan. 5, 1888
  • CAMERON-HART - At the residence of the bride in Lincoln Center, in the evening of Jan. 2, 1888, Mrs. Mary J. Hart with William Cameron. Rev. Wm. Swinburn officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Feb. 2, 1888

  • Born - Jan. 25, 1888, to M.H. Van Fleet and wife, a son.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Feb. 9, 1888

  • Married - Feb. 2, 1888, in Lincoln, Kansas, Rev. G.F. Hall officating, Wm. S. Green with Miss Ella Fleming, both of Lincoln. It is most likely that the contracting parties were not so much surprised as were many of their friends. The popular verdict is that Will has acquitted himself as a man of good judgment and excellent taste might be expected to do. As for himself he has won while in Lincoln the golden opinions of those who appreciate industry, thrift and other sterling qualities in a young man.
  • Married - On Sunday evening, Jan. 29, at Lincoln, Kan., Mr. John A. Mahaffey and Mis Lila Richards, Elder Geo. F. Hall officiating.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- March 1, 1888

  • The county commissioners met and called the special election for the poor farm. The election to vote on the poor farm proposition is filed for April 17th. Let us vote wisely and well.

    Lincoln County Beacon --- March 8, 1888

  • A swan, seven feet 2 inches from tip to tip, was killed out by the Spillman Tuesday. It was a beautiful bird and will adorn someone s show window, soon.
  • Lincoln county has 88 school houses and in every one of them a school is being taught this winter.
  • Mr. VON FANGE and family came in last Friday from Wanesborough, Ind., to take possession on his farm, which he bought through Christ KRUSE s agency, last fall.
  • Cedron: We are happy to report to Wm. MAHONEY, of Pottersburg, who was so badly frozen during the terrible blizzard, when on his return from Lucas, is rapidly recovering energy through the kind and skillful care of his neighbors, Mrs. L.S. SMITH and Mr. Henry LEAF. He will save his feet.

    Lincoln Beacon --- March 15, 1888

  • On Sunday, March 11, 1888, at the home of the bride's parents in Pottersburg, Kan., Enos H. Mathews and Miss Maggie D. Miller, Rev. J.E. Brown officiating.
  • In Lincoln, Kan., Sunday, March 11, 1888, Frank Shoemaker with Miss Augusta Ellis, Rev. W.H. Sweet officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon --- April 5, 1888

  • John Anderson and Miss Dora Shepherd were married March 18, 1888, in Lincoln, Kansas, at the house of the officiating minister, Rev. Wm. Swinburn.

    Lincoln Beacon --- April 19, 1888

  • At the home of Lon A. Minx, in Lincoln, Kansas, Tuesday evening, April 17, 1888, at 9 o'clock, G.M. Lutes, of Topeka, with Miss Gussie Minx., of Lincoln. Rev. C.W. Caseley officiating. Only the relatives and immediate personal friends of the contracting parties were present.

    Lincoln Beacon --- April 26, 1888

  • At the home of the bride's parents, at Denmark, Lincoln county, Kansas, April 16, 1888, at 1 p.m., Simon Bogh with Miss Minnie Rasmussen. Miss Rasmussen was raised in Lincoln county since her early childhood, and Mr. Bogh has been a resident of the county for a number of years. Several hundred of the people in the Denmark settlement and a large party from Lincoln were present at the wedding and partook of the festivities of the occasion.

    Lincoln Beacon --- June 21, 1888

  • Sunday evening, June 17, 1888, at the residence of bride's parents, Lincoln center, Kansas, Mr. D.D. McDonald and Miss Belle King, Elder George F. Hall officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon --- June 28, 1888

  • At the residence of Mr. Yohe, June 24, 1888, George F. Steiner with Miss Annie C. Dixon, both of Lincoln county, Judge J.A. Smith officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon --- July 19, 1888

  • At my residence, in Scott township, Lincoln county, Kansas, on the Fourth day of July 1888, Charles L. Tatum with Miss Rozella F. Dunlap. - J.H. Good, J.P.

    Barnard Times --- Thursday, August 9, 1888

  • Rev. David WALLACE is the happy father of a baby boy.
  • Charley EVANS started for his former home in Indiana a few days ago.
  • C.M. MILLER of Simpson, is visiting with the family of his brother, George, at this place.
  • L. CUSHING of Simpson, has been visiting with the family of his brother, J.W. HUFFMAN, this week.
  • Jack IDDINGS and family rejoice in the addition of a son to their circle. He arrived Tuesday morning.
  • Married... BAKER-MARTIN--On Monday evening, the 23 ult [of July] at the residence of the bride's grandparents. In Mitchell County by Rev. G.P:. MILLER of Barnard, Mr. A.A. BAKER and Miss M.D. MARTIN. Few occasions of this kind have contained so much of genuine pleasure for those concerned. The bridegroom is a you man of sterling qualities and is favorable known to everyone in this section of country. The bride, a most estimable young lady, has many relatives and friends in both Lincoln and Mitchell Counties. The happy couple have the congratulations of the entire community and the "Times" unites with their many friends in wishing them a long and happy marriage.

    Barnard Times --- Thursday, August 16, 1888

  • J.W. MASON has gone to Missouri on a prospecting tour.
  • J.T. CROWL and family attended the old settlers' re-union at Coursen't Grove last Friday.
  • John LEWIS and James IDDINGS went to Junction City last Monday after a load of apples.
  • Miss Sallie A. BALLARD was bridesmaid at the TRUSSELL-DAVIDSON wedding at Saltville last Sunday.
  • Lee MORSE and family accompanied by Charley EARLEY, started last Sunday for Washington Territory where they will make their future home.
  • Mrs. Phil SNEIDER of Ada will spend some time with her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. VOLKED of Rocky Point.
  • (from Rocky Point Locals section) A Presbyterian Church was organized at Battle Creek last Sunday. It will be known as the Concord Church and has a membership of 27.
  • Last Sabbath was a day of jubilee at Battle Creek. The grove near Mr. TROUTY's was beautiful and the day was cool and comfortable. Rev's FLEMING and DUNLAP were present. The sermon's by Bro FLEMING (text: John iii-16; Psalm xcii-12) about the love of God and the Palm tree will be long remembered. A Presbyterian Church of 27 members was organized. W.H. COURSE, Asa MYERS, J.K. PITTMAN, and Newton LOT were elected elders. This will be known as the Concord Church.
  • J.W. HALL has sold his farm eight miles northwest of town.
  • J.W. JONES had a new chimney built on his home last Friday.
  • Dr. I.A. BALLARD has improved his residence by the addition of a porch.
  • A traveling fakir made his appearance on our streets one day last week and with the antiquated soap game "soaped" several unsophisticated individuals.
  • Married on Sunday everning, August 12, at the residence of Mr. Terrence MOFFITT, the bride's uncle, by Rev. HOWITT of Randall, Jewell County, Mr. Samuel C. TRUSSELL and Miss Sarah C. DAVIDSON, both of Randall.

    Barnard Times --- Thursday, August 23, 1888

  • (Dry Creek locals section) Ike BOUNT of Lincoln has been engaged to teach the winter term of school at Dry Creek.
  • (Dry Creek locals section) Mrs. LAMAR says it's a very difficult matter to make their cattle understand why they can't get water when the pump is broken.
  • (Simpson locals section) School will commence here the first of September with the same teachers as last year, viz: Clayton VAUGHAN and Miss Hattie ROMELY. They are well liked and will be heartily welcomed by their pupils. Miss Jane COLLINS will teach the South Simpson School.
  • John SODAN is building a large barn on his farm northwest of town.
  • Miss D. M. HALL has a very sore arm--the result of a plum hunt.
  • Jos and Alex WOODY threshed 1679 bushels of wheat a few days ago.
  • Joe DOYLE has returned from a trip to Nebraska accompanied by his brother, John. Joe says he likes that country very much.
  • N. LIMPUS and son J.E. have returned from the southern part of the county where they have been at work this summer.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Oct, 18, 1888

  • At the residence of G.A. Truman, Wednesday morning, Oct. 10, 1888, the Rev. D.E. Millard, of Portland, united in wedlock Miss Nellie Truman, of this village, and Harry R. Banks, of Lincoln, Kansas.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Nov. 22, 1888

  • Goff - Nov. 21, 1888, to J.B. and S.A. Goff, a daughter.
  • Wise - Nov. 8, 1888, to William Wise and wife, of Indiana township, a daughter.
  • Strange - To Geo. Strange and wife, of Marion township, a son was born, Saturday, Nov. 17, 1888. We understand that George has named the boy Gen. William Henry Benjamin E. Pluribus Unum Harrison Strange.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Dec. 6, 1888

  • C.M.C. Little, of Lincoln, and Miss Estella Kilmer, of Beverly, were married in Lincoln upon Nov. 25, 1888, by Judge Dunham.
  • Peter Jensen and Miss Maggie Rasmussen, both of Denmark, Lincoln county, Kansas, were married at that place upon Thursday, Nov. 29, 1888, Rev. Christianson, the Lutheran pastor, officiating.
  • John Z. Nelson and Phenie A. Saunders, were married upon Nov. 28, 1888, at the home of the bride's parents, at Margaret, Lincoln county, Kansas, Rev. B.F. McMillan officiating.
  • Robt. Johnson, of Lincoln, and Miss Edith Mitchell, of Madison township, were married at the home of the bride's parents, six miles south of Beverly, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1888, Rev. C.W. Caseley officiating.
  • Hoops. To L.F. Hoops and wife, of Lincoln, a son was born on Thanksgiving day.
  • Smith. To J.Albert and Mrs. Gertrude Smith, Nov. 3, 1888, a daughter.


    Lincoln Beacon --- Jan. 3, 1889
  • Born: Dec. 25, 1888, to John and Dora Anderson, a fine daughter.
  • Married: at the residence of the bride's parents in Lincoln, Kansas, Dec. 28, 1888, Henry B. Miller, of Ottawa, Kan., to Miss Addie E. Readshaw, of Lincoln, Kan., Prof Thomas Bartlett officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Feb. 21, 1889

  • Married: Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1889, at 3:30 p.m. at the home of the bride's parents in Lincoln, Kansas, Emerson Hammer with Miss Belle Green, both of Lincoln, Rev. Wm. Campbell officiating. A small party of relatives and intimate friends only were present and accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Hammer to the depot, where they took the 10 o'clock train on their way to Washington Territory, which may be their future home if Mr. Hammer finds there a suitable position.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Feb. 28, 1889

  • Married: At the home of the bride, on the 14th day of February, 1889, near Lucas, Russell County, Kansas, Harvey H. Davis, of Lincoln, Kansas, with Miss S. Smith, of Lucas; Rev. B.F. Mimillan officiating.
  • At the home of the bride near Pottersburg, Lincoln county, Kansas, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1889, by Henry C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, Cornelius H. Owens with Ellen Hunter, daughter of Wm. Miller, both of Denmark, Kansas.

  • A daughter of Sheriff Boyle, and family, arrived in Lincoln last Sunday night from Missouri. They came overland and were two weeks on the road. They left Lincoln some three months ago and are glad to get back again. It is time for the tide of emigration to turn. Most of those who had left the past year and can get back will come. We have seen just such stampedes from Kansas three times since we had lived in Lincoln County, and yet the population has increased in that time from 1,200 to 12,000. When the balance is struck after each period of depression and discontent, the difference always has been, and will be now, in Lincoln County's favor.

    Lincoln Beacon --- May 2, 1889

  • Martin Damker of Grant township, Lincoln county, and Miss Anna Nelson of Minneapolis were married in Minneapolis, Kansas, April 28, 1889, Rev. C.A. Eyler officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon --- June 13, 1889

  • To Lon. A. and Julia A. Minx, at Salem, Oregon, a son, May 26, 1889. Another Prohibition-Web-Foot has arisen to help make Kansas solid for prohibition in his daddy's old age.
  • Edward Witte and Miss Alvina Myers, of Sylvan Grove, were married June 1, 1889, at Sylvan Grove, Rev. John M. Hahn, of Ellsworth, officiating.

    Lincoln Beacon -- Oct. 31, 1889

  • By Rev. B.F. McMillan, at Vesper chapel, Lincoln county, Kansas, on Oct. 24, 1889, mr. Otho W. Seibert and Miss Henrietta L. Cheney, both of Vesper, Lincoln county, Kansas.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Nov. 14, 1889

  • Nov. 5, 1889, to E. Christianson and wife, of Pottersburg, twin boys. Two more boys that will be trained up in the doctrine of equal rights for all without regard to sex.

    Lincoln Beacon --- Nov. 28, 1889

  • Born: to Frank Johnson and wife, of Lincoln, a daughter Nov. 13, 1889.
  • Born: November 23, 1889, to Lewis and Mary Moss, a fine daughter.
  • Married: At the residence of the bride's parents, on Sunday, Nov. 17, 1889, by Rev. T.J. McCurry, Miss Martha Wild and Mr. J. Smith. Our best wishes go with the happy young couple. -- Barnard Times

    Lincoln Beacon --- Dec. 12, 1889

  • Married: At the home of John Kyle, brother of the bridegroom, at Lincoln, Kansas, Dec. 5, 1889, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, Warren W. Kyle, of Rice county, Kansas, and Annie M. Ward, of Lincoln, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Kyle have gone to their home in Rice county.

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