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The following rosters come from the book:

AUGUST 6, 1917 TO NOVEMBER 11, 1919.
(Topeka, Kan. : Kansas Adjutant General's Office, 1925)

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Organized in 1917, the Kansas State Guard (also called the "Home Guard") consisted of about 150 companies statewide. "In addition to training the youth to enter the federal service, performing guard duty, and assisting the various drives to finance our combat troops, they maintained the patriotism of the communities at high ebb and inspired all civilians to revere the name of America, which was an invaluable aid to the state." (from page 3 of the History and Roster of the Kansas State Guard).
The 10th Battalion was headquarted in Lincoln, Kansas, and had five companies:
Company A, Sylvan Grove
Company B, Lincoln
Company C, Beverly
Company D, Barnard
Company E, Ash Grove


Major: John J. McCurdy

Captain and Adjutant: Henry S. Busick [should be Buzick]

Captain and Supply Officer:
Elias Rees.

Captain and Surgeon:
Asa Townsend

COMPANY "A," 10TH BATTALION, Sylvan Grove.

Skaggs, R. M.

First Lieutenant::
Bert E. Kreps

Second Lieutenant:
Anderson, Paul S.

First Sergeant:
Breihan, W. H.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
Defiler, William J.

Hurlbut, Oral -- Lawson, S. M. -- Simpson, Preston S. -- Wilson, James R.

Bowen, W. E. -- Linder, William. -- Meinhartz, John F.

Mersch, Clarence -- Wunderlich, Albert

Pugh, Frank -- Quickert, A. D.

Alley, Rueben Reno. -- Becker, Ernest -- Behrhorst, Edwin -- Bender, Ray -- Blythe, Herbert -- Bachow, Fred C. -- Books, Aubrey -- Books, Marvin -- Calene, Raymond M -- Decker, Millard -- Decker, Robert -- Dierker, Otto F -- Fyler, R. H. -- Gatewood, F. A. -- Gier, Lewis -- Henry, Alford -- Hilpert, Fred -- Hurlbut, Oral -- Jirka, Frank -- Kasiska, L. W. -- Knox, Claude -- Kretzmann, Gustav W. -- Landgraf, Amos -- Meade, B. H. -- Mersch, Mathias F. -- Mueller, Henry A. -- Mueller, Martin -- Mueller, William -- Niemeyer, Otto -- Novak, Edward -- Nystrom, John L. -- Oswald, A. W. -- Pickett, J. V. -- Pugh, E. E. -- Raffety, Edmond C. -- Riekenberg, Gustav -- Riekenberg, Lorenz -- Saenger, Henry -- Schellhamer, Lawrence -- Seirer, Albert -- Seirer, Harry -- Sowders, Granville -- Stolz, E. B. -- Thrun, Albert -- Urban, Frank A. -- Urban, George -- Vanek, Joe -- Vonada, LeRoy -- Ware, Lawton -- Wilson, A. R. -- Wolting, William H.


Frey, Sheldon, resigned.

Edwards, Claude, died.

Barnett, Less, resigned -- Bell, M. D., resigned -- Bender, Will, discharged -- Calene, Edwin, resigned -- Calene, Glen, discharged -- Cross, E. S. W., resigned -- Decker, John, discharged -- DeVinney, Dr., transferred -- Fyler, Earl, discharged -- Gatewood, Ralph, resigned -- Lambert, John, discharged -- Lambert, William, discharged -- Lawson, Virgil, discharged -- Lewellen, Claude, transferred -- Linder, Art, discharged -- Lovin, Roy, discharged -- Novak, Joe, discharged -- Seirer, John, discharged -- Schneider, W. E., resigned.


Company A drilled regularly once a week and in the fall of 1918 it drilled twice a week and took part in two contests at the county fairs. Four companies took part in these contests, Company A winning first place in one, and second place in the other.

The unit was ready to take part in a big Liberty loan meeting, but did not get to do so on account of the state ban during the influenza and all meetings were called off.

Company A had an auxiliary of ladies known as the "blue cross" which was drilled by the officers of the state guard. This society also assisted the Red Cross and gave the branch at Sylvan Grove $157.


Kertson, G. W.

First Lieutenant:
Healy, M. J.

First Sergeant:
Webb, Eugene M.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
Mulloy, James N.

Green, R. W. -- Marshall, D. B. -- Marshall, George -- Rankin, Robert -- Roper, C. E.

Abbot, E. E. -- Allison, J. A. -- Dodds, J. W. -- Lyons, George -- Tipton, G. D.

Driscol, M. J. O.

Privates: -- Anderson, W. N. -- Askey, Farris. -- Baker, Oscar -- Barringer, Ramond A. -- Berry, Charles -- Brunt, Ralph W. -- Bunch, Harry -- Bunch, Lee -- Burt, John H. -- Coil, W. J. -- Conner, George B. -- Cooper, J. C. -- Cowse, C. W. -- Dalton, John Clark -- Davidson, Lesly -- Dill, F. W. -- Dyer, V. G. -- Frobenius, E. R. -- Graves, Henry D. -- Grimes, J. A. -- Hale, Anton S. -- Healy, Edward R. -- Healy, James B. -- Healy, J. F. -- Hendrickson, L. E. -- Herman, J. W. -- Hitchcock, G. O. -- Hoffman, W. A. -- Holingsworth, L. T. -- Hooper, Harlin P. -- Jennings, J. F. -- Johnson, A. C. -- Johnson, Frank. -- Jones, Edward T. -- Joslin, Grant. -- Joslin, John. -- Kohler, P. A. -- Lebien, Frank C. -- Lewick, Walter A. -- Long, S. E. -- Maher, John. -- Maher, Lee -- Maher, Thomas -- Marshall, J. B. -- Mason, Samuel -- Meile, William -- Micheack, Charles -- Morton, E. -- Moss, Alonzo D. -- Moss, Miles. -- Moss, W. J. -- Munch, Chris -- McKnight, C. O. -- McRenolds, J. F. -- Olson, Fred H. -- Ostland, M. L. -- Parker, James -- Plegge, August -- Ramsy, Columbus -- Rassmussen, E. -- Rhudy, Don -- Rouse, Charles A. -- Ryan, E. J. -- Ryan, George W. -- Ryan, Leo F. -- Shaffer, Albert -- Shaffstall, Leo -- Sheets, William R. -- Sherman, W. T. -- Shillinger, J. A. -- Spear, B. B. -- Stewart, Ray E. -- Stites, C. W. -- Stover, J. S. -- Strange, O. M. -- Troupe, George -- Voiles, W. E. -- Walter, Nolan -- Webb, Lee -- West, Howard -- Wicker, E. H. -- Wilson, J. W. -- Wolford, S. C. -- Wright, Jacob S. -- Zink, Henry L.


First Lieutenants:
Cole, A. P., resigned -- Wilcox, Alton G., discharged.

Second Lieutenants:
Halfpenny, John P., resigned -- Seng, A. W., resigned.

Sergeants: Roy, Vernon W., discharged -- Hazen, T. A., transferred.

Grubb, L. W., transferred.

Thomas, Rev., transferred.

Adamson, Jessie F., discharged -- Anderson, G. H., discharged -- Aufdemberge, Walter, discharged -- Barnett, L. R., transferred -- Bloomfield, Verdun, discharged -- Bloyd, Virgil C., discharged -- Boston, Jack, discharged -- Bradshaw, Edward J., transferred -- Carter, D. L., discharged -- Casserly, William, discharged -- Dodd, Harold, discharged -- Dodd, Daniel L., discharged -- Galloup, L. H., discharged -- Gilkinson, Robert B., discharged -- Goure, Warren G., discharged -- Haley, Francis L., discharged -- Hall, Frank, transferred -- Heating, Richard, discharged -- Hellman, R. J.
transferred -- Hunter, Adlai S., discharged -- Jellison, C. A., discharged -- Kaplicky, L. A., discharged -- Lutt, Leo H., transferred. Lyne, Harlin L., discharged -- Lynn, Clarence M., transferred -- Maher, J. N., transferred -- Michaels, Alva M., transferred -- Murray, Thomas L., discharged -- McKnight, Claud E., discharged -- Peacock, Glen, transferred -- Ralston, Doris M., discharged -- Ratzsch, Edward H., discharged -- Rhudy, Dee, discharged -- Shaver, Carl W., transferred -- Sheffer, William E., discharged -- Smith, Evert W., discharged -- Tenny, D. E., discharged -- Turner, Frank J., transferred -- Underwood, J. B., transferred -- Wingerd, Roy, discharged -- Zink, Earl V., discharged.


Participated in all Liberty loan and Red Cross drives and attended all military and Patriotic meetings.


Albert F. Cassell.

First Lieutenant:
Harry E. Skinner.

Second Lieutenant:
Carl Judge.

Anderson, Crum -- Anderson, Roscoe -- Bell, Jesse E -- Bell, S. R. Bergmen, G. L -- Bergmen [should be Bergman], Harry -- Bishop, J. E -- Bloomheart, S. W -- Campbell, R. D -- Cassell, Oscar -- Cassell, James B -- Cassell, McKinley -- Chamberlain, M -- Clark, V. B -- Cullum, C. W -- Delmer, William A. Donbarger, Fred -- Darrell, A. B -- Eckhart, Clint -- Goens, Verne W -- Gorton, Walter -- Greene, B. J -- Griffin, B -- Hall, J. H -- Harper, Louis -- Harper, Wilburn -- Henchman, Madison -- Ingham, A. K -- Judd, Lloyd -- Kernahan, A. F -- Kernahan, E. E -- Long, Harry C -- Loy, J. H -- Marty, Henry H -- Melling, George -- Miller, William M -- Morrical, Elbert -- McCormick, Henry -- McFarland, R. V -- Northern, J. M -- Pagan, J. J -- Painter, B. H. Plynsky, Harry -- Porter, Louis A -- Ramel, Arthur R -- Ruggles, Earl A -- Schmidt, J. A -- Schroeder, Robert L -- Scott, Ralph E -- Shirley, James -- Sparke, Taylor R -- Sparks, W. W -- Starks, Floyd M -- Stevenson, C. J -- Stover, M. L -- Street, J. C -- Thews, F. W -- Thomas, W. H -- Usher, G. L -- VanMeter, W. E -- Warren, Calvin -- Webb, E. J -- Webb, M -- Webb, T. F -- Weis, Fred -- Wertz, Milton.

Company C failed to furnish any report of its activities.


McCurry, T. E.

First Lieutenant:
Blanding, Ray

Second Lieutenant:
Jones, H. M.

First Sergeant:
Holland, George W.

Cornellison, Joseph F -- Harrell, C. L -- Hunter, W. E -- Mesick, Charles E -- Tucker, Nova W.

Dowlin, Robert L -- Hare, Arthur G -- Harold, Ernest C -- Myers, Oral L -- Swayze, Fred C.

Hunter, W. R. Cooks:
Fitzgerald, J. J -- Simmons, E. B.

Biggs, T. A -- Biggs, Roscoe -- Borgen, George E -- Bowen, E. A -- Brewer, H. T -- Conn, E. W -- Cornellison, Frank -- Crowl, Fred L -- Donivan, B. M -- Gaddis, Lauren O -- Gibbs, E. J -- Griffith, John T -- Guillon, W. R -- Harbin, Charles B -- Harbin, Ed -- Harbin, William -- Heserot, Elmer G -- Hills, Royal -- Hipple, W. E -- Jackson, Ray -- James, Willie -- Johnson, Frank W -- Kelly, Olin B -- King, I. E -- Loy, Emory G. Loy, Homer E -- Loy, Lee P -- Marshall, J. E -- Mastellar, Boyd W -- Mastellar, Henry L -- Mooney, Pearl -- Mooney, Will E -- Morrical, Jess W -- Morrical, Harry A -- Murray, Willie B -- Nelson, George -- Nelson, William -- Patrick, I. W -- Piercy, Bert -- Pruitt, J. M -- Reese, Arthur -- Resch, Jodie -- Richardson, William E -- Simpson, Edwin W -- Simmons, Fred -- Snook, Riley F -- Sorber, L. A -- Stahly, Albert B -- Stover, John L -- Wallace, Robert -- Whipkey, H. E -- Woodward, W. R.


Second Lieutenant:
Cook, E. C., discharged.

First Sergeant:
Townsend, Leslie E., discharged.

King, V. A., deserted -- Long, R. M., discharged -- Mastaller, Harry, discharged -- Murray, John C., discharged.

Townsend, A. M., discharged. Privates:
Abercrombie, C. C., discharged -- Biggs, Doyle A., discharged -- Bishop, Ralph, discharged -- Brewer, Thomas, discharged -- Cook, George N., discharged -- Cozad, George, discharged -- Edgell, Elmer, discharged -- Gibbs, Dean, discharged -- Gregory, T. E., discharged -- Hani, Albert, discharged -- Harbin, Lee, discharged -- Healan, C. H., discharged -- Kaul, Joseph, discharged. Keating, Robert, discharged -- Keeler, William, discharged -- Knauer, William F., discharged -- Murphy, Charlie M., discharged -- Need, Guy E., discharged -- Nelson, Lawrence, discharged -- Saunders, Hiram, discharged -- Wallace, John Alfred, discharged -- White, B. E., discharged.


Company D took part in Memorial services, May 30, 1918, and performed guard duty and battalion review, July 4, 1918; parade and battalion review, Beverly, July 21, 1918. On April 6, 1918, the unit participated in flag raising and was reviewed by Governor Arthur Capper, and Adjutant General Charles S. Huffman, Lincoln, Kan. The organization assisted in Liberty loan and Red Cross campaigns.


Geering, Albert M.

First Lieutenant:
Nygard, Jens B.

Second Lieutenant:
VanLeewen, Harry J.

First Sergeant:
Brown, Fred W.

Anderson, George -- Askey, Lloyd E -- Beverly, Lewis E -- Brown, Lloyd A -- Brown, Henry -- Brown, Jesse C. Brown, Roy R -- Christiansen, George C -- Christiansen, Harry F -- Ecker, Albert -- Ellis, Charles E -- Ellis, Francis E -- Ellis, John P -- Ellis, Robert M., Jr -- Farr, John V -- Geering, Jacob J -- Geering, James H -- Harner, Harry O -- Hill, John A -- Jellison, William L -- Jensen, Henry J -- Jensen, Jens J -- Jepsen, Adolph T -- Jepsen, Arnold L -- Jepsen, Chris L. P. Jepsen, William M -- Kirshner, William F -- Klameth, Robert E -- Moore, James H -- McCormick, James E -- Peckham, Charles D -- Sheppard, Charles -- Steenbock, Albright W -- Sulsar, Hylas P -- Tarkhorn, John F -- Taylor, William S -- Timmerman, Oren J -- Timmerman, Raymond T -- Van Leewen, William G -- Wells, Benjamin F -- Williams, Harvey A -- Williams, Lewis A.


Sheppard, Frank, died.


Company E drilled twice per week until the influenza ban was put on.

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