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It is estimated by the elevator operators that the wheat yield in Lincoln County this year will run a million and a halt bushels.

Wheat is eighty cents this year, and is turning out 20 to 30 bushels to the acre.

The crop next in importance is corn. We saw some in our rounds which was twelve to fourteen feet high with ears large accordingly. Whoever has a hundred acres of corn in Lincoln County is a rich man.

Alfalfa, the Kansas hay crop, is a moneymaker here. The fourth crop is now being harvested, and it is a big crop, too.

Vast quantities of cream and eggs are shipped daily from every station in the county. Vesper shipped out 66 cans of cream of 100 pounds each and 36,000 dozen eggs, and this was nothing unusual either.

Better probably than words or figures would be a look at the county. The farm houses are large and well kept. The sons and daughters of these farm establishments are being educated in the Kansas colleges and abroad.

In making our rounds we found that if we happened to mention unemployed or poor people in the city the people would exclaim, "Why don't they come out here. We can give them a job any time.

The most up-to-date machinery is used for planting and harvesting crops and to save household labor. The latest thing which we noticed in the way of farm machinery was a corn binder which will probably soon be in general use, solving to a great extent the problem of harvesting corn and making It possible to raise a larger acreage.

Mr. Willard E. Lyon

In this connection we wish to mention Mr. Willard E. Lyon. who is familiar with the resources of Lincoln County, and the advantages. it offers to home seekers, as well as interested in everything in the way of public improvements and progress.

Mr. Lyon was born in Chilton, Wis., March 30, 1874. Two years later the family moved to Lincoln County where they have since made their home. The subject of our sketch attended common and high schools here. He began teaching in 1894, and two years later served on the county examining board. The next year he went to the State Normal and graduated from this Institution in 1910, as a valedictorian of a class of one hundred and eight members. The same year he was elected county superintendent of schools and served two terms.

In 1904 he edited the Sentinel and could always be counted on to support the right side of any public problem. The next year he became associated with his father in the land business, and since that time has sold property amounting to three-fourths. of a million dollars.

This year Mr. Lyon bought out the Star Grocery and Meat Market and is making a success of this business, as he does everything.

Mr. Lyon has been a member of the State Text Book Commission since 1905. He is also a member of the Lincoln school board.

As a citizen Mr. Lyon is always willing to support in a substantial way everything which will be of benefit to the community. As a real estate dealer he can show you just what you want at the right price.

Mr. N. J. Davidson

Mr. N. J. Davidson, one of the real estate and loan men of Lincoln County has been in the county twenty one years. He was county clerk for four and one-half years, after which he went into real estate business. His long residence here has made him familiar with the lands all over the -county and he can show his customers these lands to good advantage. Mr. Davidson is a member of the National Co-Operative Realty Company, and by this means can sell lands in any part of the United States and Canada. He is also a member of the Central Real Estate Dealers' Association, by which he is in cooperation with the real estate dealers all through the West. It will be to the advantage of any one leaving Lincoln County to have a talk with Mr. Davidson, and let him know where they intend to locate, as he can be of assistance to them in buying property in any locality, which they may select. To any person desiring to locate in Lincoln County he can show the best farm and town properties In the market.

Mr. Davidson is making a specialty of the loan business. He has an unusually good loan proposition by which he makes loans running from one to five years. These loans are made bearing annual interest and with the privilege of paying back all or part of the loan at the end of any one year without regard to the length of time the loan was supposed to run.

In addition to loans and real estate Mr. Davidson has an abstract and an insurance business.

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