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"Hueston" some writers spell it Hogue or Hugues.

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"They did not have government cattle. They bought at a sale at Leavenworth three government wagons also two yoke of oxen for each wagon."-J. J. PEATE.


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Read Jas. J. Adams for Jas. M. Adams.


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Read Canning Smith for Caning Smith.

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Medicine Man

Read Toulon for Toulson.

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Indian Troubles

"There was but one troop with Benteen when he came from Ft. Harker. Keogh's troop joined him at the forks of the Solomon river and was with him when he returned," says Mr. Peate who guided Keogh's troop to Benteen.

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Add "on Spillman Creek."


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Read H. H. Tucker for G. H. Tucker.


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Read E. G. Tozier for E. E. Tozier.

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Mr. Samuel Berry.

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Read Lieutenant Beecher for Colonel Beecher.


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The raid of August.

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Read Capt. A. J. Pliley.


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May 30th for May 31st.

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Mrs. Timothy Kine not Kline.

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Raid of 1869

May 31st instead of June 1st if the raid occurred on May 30th,


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"Sol Humbarger was on Covert Creek north of the Blue Hills when wounded. Walked to the fourth branch of Wolf Greek. Harry Trask came in with Wm. Earl. Trask returned with the first relief party, I do not remember of Dayhoff."--J. J. PEATE.


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A number of settlers were out and on the lookout all the time.

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County Org.

It was called Lincoln County as early as 1866.

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John Ryan for John Lyden. It is Mr. Peate's opinion that Hubbard's guards were not his enemies and that an injustice was done John Lyden who was the only guard arrested.

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Metcalf for Medcalf.

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"They must have used crooked powder. He was shot in the temple."-J. J. PEATE.

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Tom Wall for Tom Wells.

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Too many cattle.

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Trail for trial.

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The Cleary Case.-In making up the data for this case l did not interview anyone from the west side of the county, nor read the Sylvan Grove Sentinel which I see contained no criticism of Harman's action. The following is a report which I asked a committee of the west side of the county to make for the errata; -

"After the turmoil was over and the excitement incident to the Pat