Medicine Man

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Among the tribes of the plains the medicine man has always been next in importance to the chief. He is usually the best educated man in the tribe and his wisdom is consulted on all occasions, not only in things pertaining to his profession, but in affairs of war and diplomacy.

In our civilized life the medicine man (who is often a woman), is even more important. He is a specialist and had his work down to a fine point. He plays such a worthy role in the affairs of men that no history can leave him out of account. No story of the human race is complete without giving due credit to those who help us in and out of the world - these toll collectors who stand at both the front and back doors of life.

It is all right for one who is not sick to joke about the doctor, for he that is well needeth not a physician; but anyone who is suffering wants a doctor at once, and there is no greater blessing to a community than a sufficient number of physicians, who understand their business. There is hardly a person who gives up more personal pleasure and works harder in his profession. the pioneer doctor in Lincoln County was Dr. Vernon. Dr. Gilpin came soon afterwards.

Dr. Sarah Goff was the pioneer lady doctor. She began practicing in Lincoln in 1885 and was successful from the start. Her medical instruction began under Dr. Holloway, of Lincoln, and in 1886 she graduated from Hanneman Medical College of Chicago.

dr_hall.jpg (10878 bytes) Dr. H. M. Hall

Is the oldest practitioner in Lincoln at present.  He was born near London, England, in 1835, and came to Illinois the next year and lived in Toulson.

His education was received in the schools of Illinois and the Knox Seminary in Galesburg.  He graduated from the medical department of the Iowa University, receiving his degree in 1858.  After practicing medicine in Stark County, Illinois, for a number of years he entered the Chicago Medical College, which is now the medical department of the Northwestern University, and graduated in 1881.

He came to Lincoln County in 1885 and had practiced here ever since.  Ten years ago he went into the drug business in connection with his practice.

Doctor Hall was made a Mason in 1862 and is now one of the oldest Masons in the State.

dr_lough.jpg (6841 bytes) Dr. James Loughridge

Dr. James Loughridge was born and raised in Appanoose County, Iowa.  He received his common school education in a little school house with a red door.  He went to Amity College, at College Springs, Iowa.  his medical education was in the University Medical College, at Kansas City, Mo., where he took his degree in 1889.  He has had a great deal of hospital and clinical work.

Ever since his graduation Doctor Loughridge has practiced in Lincoln, where he has a large and lucrative practice.  He has a large, well-equipped office, containing among other things an operating table and ex-ray room.  he is especially prepared for eye work.

dr_hult.jpg (8650 bytes) Dr. Alfred Hultner

This remarkable man was born in Sweden, in the Province of Osterysthland, city of Lindkoping.  his early education was in the government schools of his native city.  He attended college at the University of Upsala, and studied medicine first at the Karolinska Medicuska institution in Stockholm, later at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, spending five years in the study of medicine in these two schools.  Doctor Hultner practiced medicine first in Spanish Honduros in the city of Puerto Cortez, in the year 1893.  The next year he was registered to practice medicine in Iowa.  The next year he came to Kansas and practiced at Wellsford.  In 1896 he attended the University Medical College at Kansas City and took his degree.

In 1897 there was a private hospital of considerable size at Lawrence owned by Bunn & Hultner, in which our friend was a full partner.

Doctor Hultner has been practicing in Lincoln since 1898.  His specialties are surgery and diseases of women and children.  Among his other accomplishments he speaks five languages, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish, and English.

dr_new.jpg (9869 bytes) Dr. Paul Newlon

The youngest member of the medical fraternity in Lincoln, is a home product.  He was born here and received his common education in the home schools.

He attended the University Medical College in Kansas City, Mo., and while in Kansas City he had considerable hospital work.  He was eight months at the University Hospital, at the City Hospital two years, and has a diploma from that institution.   He was an Inturn for several months.  For four months he was on the police ambulance staff.

Last May he graduated and came to Lincoln to practice.  He has been busy ever since.

dr_cole.jpg (13076 bytes)    dr_h_cole.jph.jpg (11236 bytes)

Dr. Sarah Cole      Miss Hannah Cole

Dr. Sarah A. Cole & Miss Hannah R. Cole

Dr. Sarah A. Cole is the second lady physician to locate in Lincoln County, and the only practitioner of the Homeopathic school in Lincoln.

She was born on the Atlantic Ocean, and received her early education in the schools of West Virginia.  She came to Lincoln County in 1882, and taught school here for a number of years.  Her medical education began under the preceptorship of Dr. Sarah A. Goff, with whom she studied two years.  She graduated from the Iowa University in 1889, and located at Port Austin, Mich.  During her eight years practice there, she was city health officer for three years, and medical examiner for the Ladies of the Macabees.

In 1989 she went to the Hanneman Medical College in Chicago, took a full year's course and graduated.  Having friends in Lincoln, she decided to locate here.  Eight years ago Dr. Cole began building a sanitarium for the emergency cases.  at the present time it has a capacity of ten patients with hospital facilities and all modern improvements.  A new bath house annex is nearly completed.  It will contain the apparatus for all kinds of water, electric, vapor and sun baths.

Miss Hannah R. Cole is a sister of Doctor Cole.  She is the trained nurse of the sanitarium, and also gives Osteopathic massage.

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