Fort Wayne (Ind.) Daily Sentinel, 9 February 1872, Page 1

Double Tragedy

On Friday, the little town of Abram, situated in the county of Lincoln, state of Kansas, twenty miles northwest of Fort Harker, was thrown into a dreadful state of excitement. A Times reporter, who was on the K. P. (Kansas Pacific) railway yesterday afternoon, furnishes the following.
Which were gathered from persons who were at Abram at the time of the tragedy:
On the Saline river, at a point about one half mile distant, from Abram, John Haley, ---- (Ezra) Hubbard and ----(John) Cook, had a raft of lumber. Words passed between Haley, Cook and Hubbard, in regard to their lumber. Hubbard became very much enraged, and bade
Cook to hold Haley,
so that he might shot him. Cook obeyed the command, and Hubbard, taking his rifle at short range, discharged it. The ball entered the left side, and passed through the heart, and caused almost instant death. When the news reached Abram, the proper officers started in pursuit of Cook and Hubbard, captured them,

Brought Them to the Town.
A jury of inquest was summoned, and an investigation entered into. The prisoners were confined in a room on the second floor of the hotel while the inquest was being held in a room below. Hubbard ventured to a window to look out at the

Infuriated Citizens
in the street. No sooner did he show himself at the window when he was greeted by a volley of bullets, and he fell to the floor pierced by three balls. Cook was taken from the room and Hubbard crawled into the passageway and upstairs to a room on the third floor. The mob followed him. The leader of the party, club in hand, beat him on the head until life was extinct, and the wall of the room
Desplattered With Blood.
Not content, his body was dragged from the room and thrown into the street, where it still lay up to 11 o’clock yesterday.
Hubbard was about sixty years of age. He has always borne a bad reputation, and is said to have
Killed Two or Three Men
He was a married man, but his wife had left him some time ago. He has four daughters living. Haley was about twenty eight years of age, and bore a good reputation. Cook is also about twenty eight years of age, and has always been well thought of.

(Article donated by researcher Mike Day.)

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