Coshocton (Ohio) Democrat, 27 February 1872, Page 3

How Justice is Administered in Kansas

The Topeka Commonwealth gives the following facts concerning a double murder in Abram, Lincoln county:
It appears that a feud has existed for some time between Ezra Hubbard and John Haley in relation to a land contest: On Friday last Hubbard was drawing some logs from a drift pile when Haley came along and objected to Hubbard taking the logs claiming they belonged to him. One word brought on another and until they got into a desperate altercation, when Hubbard shot Haley through the breast, killing him instantly. Hubbard then went and gave himself up to the sheriff.
In the evening a party of Haley’s friends went to the house where the sheriff had Hubbard confined and under four guards, and demanded the prisoner. The sheriff refused to surrender, whereupon the party fired into the room where Hubbard was, and two balls entered his body. The demand was made again upon the sheriff, bur he still refused to give him up. The whole party then made a rush for the door and succeeded in breaking in and passing the four guards. They went to the room in which Hubbard was, and one of the seized a carpenter’s mallet and literally smashed his head to jelly. Having accomplished their cowardly purpose, the whole party left. Hubbard was taken to Salina and buried on last Sunday.

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