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A collection of gleanings with little research value -- except if the researcher is in need of a chuckle.

Saline Valley Register, Aug. 9, 1876

We saw a mosquito work about 10 minutes yesterday, trying to get his bill through the skin of a man who owes us two years subscriptions. How we laughed at the demoralized little insect as, with a look of disgust he folded up his little bill, placed it in his pocket, and went for something on which he could make an impression.

Saline Valley Register, Dec. 6, 1876

The position of a local editor is very pleasant until two or three men in succession drop in with shotguns and ask to see the editor. Then the business suddenly becomes distasteful to a man who is just the least fastidious about such things.

Saline Valley Register, March 14, 1877

A year ago he called her his "darling duck," but now they are married and as he sees her reach for the last sweet potato, he murmurs something about a "blamed hog."

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 28, 1889

Some of the Ellsworth people that are complaining of dull times in their town should go over to Lincoln and spend a week. We think they would come ome thinking they had the best town on earth. Why, Lincoln is too dead to skin. Ellsworth Herald.
Ah! Thanks. Now, please tell us why real estate is higher in this place than the same grade of property in Ellsworth. Also, please exaplin the following item, clipped from the same number of the Herald form which the above item was taken:
"Mr. McReynolds, the broom-corn man, is hauling corn from Lincoln to feed his stock.

Lincoln Beacon, April 18, 1889

N. Nelson across Spillman, has a brand new wagon, and James Morganson a new hat, and pussy a new tail. News is not scarce. (Denmark correspondent)

Lincoln Republican, July 11, 1895

Since the marriage of Miss Lottie Henry, a number of Lincoln girls have expresed their desire to become nurses in hospitals. Some of them would find it as hard to secure a place in a hospital, as to catch a rich man. They would not know what to do with the first, and the second would not know what to do with them.

Lincoln Republican, July 11, 1895

The Ellsworth Reporter congratulates a Mrs. Carter of that town on the death of a wealthy sister. The prevailing hard times may be sufficient justification.

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