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Tont Morrison
Shoots Two
in Naylor Family

Lincoln Republican, 19 August 1915

Last Sunday evening, Lincoln was the scene of one of the worst shooting affairs that has happened in this vicinity for a number of years. Tont Morrison, son of Robert Morrison of this city, came to the D.M. Naylor place in the west part of town armed with a 25-20 Winchester Repeating rifle. It seemed that previous to this time, Tont, had been keeping company with one of the Maylor girls, but that her attentions to a young Mexican who was boarding at the Naylor home had made him jealous. Sunday afternoon, Tont and another young man whose name we have been unable to get, in company with Mary, the oldest of the Naylor girls, and another young lady by the name of Vaughn Rose, of Lucas, had been out riding, and during the afternoon drove to the river about two miles west of Lincoln. On the way home, some trouble arose between Tont and the Naylor girl, which angered the latter so such an extent, that both of the girls left their partners, and remained at the depot until after the passenger train had left, where they saw the Mexican, who returned to the Naylor home with them.
At the supper table that evening Mary Naylor told the circumstances as they had happened, which angered the Mexican, to the extent that he threatened to kill Morrison if he got a chance. Mrs. Naylor hearing this threat notified Tont of the Mexican’s intentions whereupon Tont armed himself with his rifle, and came to the Naylor home, about 9:30 Sunday evening, ostentiously [ostensibly] looking for the Mexican, and on not finding him there, proceeded to [try to] carry out his threat to kill the whole family. The first shot that was fired, struck Dave Naylor just below the heart, penetrating through the body, and emerging from the back just above hips [sic]. A second shot was fired which went wild, but the third struck Mary on the left hand, nearly cutting off two of her fingers. These fingers had to be amputated later by the doctor. The fourth shot that was fired also went wild. Reports vary as to the number of shots fired, some claiming four and some five shots being fired.
A coroner’s examination was immediately held, and the doctor pronounced Mr. Naylor to be in a very precarious condition. The doctor reported that the ball had punctured one of the kidneys and in all probability had penetrated some of the intestines also. The chances were very much against his recovery from the first, the great danger now being from the danger of gangrene setting in.
Morrison was arraigned in the justice court of N.B. Rees of this city Tuesday morning, and was given until Sept. 7 to arrange for a preliminary hearing. Bond was fixed at $4,000. M.J. Healy appeared as attorney for him at this hearing. Not being able to furnish the bond he was committed to the County Jail.
Many people in the west part of town heard the shooting and screaming but when the neighbors arrived at the scene Morrison had gone to his home where Sheriff Wilson arrested him about 10 o’clock Sunday evening.
[Subsequent reports indicate that Mr. Naylor survived his gunshot wound.]

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