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BACON --- [Child] BACON
Lincoln County Beacon Thursday, December 23, 1880.
---A Mr. BACON, living near Bacon Post Office a few days since lost a little child from diphtheria.
submitted by Bill and Diana Sowers (Note... We are not related to this person. We found this obit while looking through the paper.)
BALL --- Hattie BALL
Lincoln County Beacon, July 23, 1885
---Miss Hattie Ball, daughter of John Ball, of Colorado [township], Kansas, of heart disease, upon Thursday, July 16, 1885. Eight years ago Hattie joined the M.E. Church, and lived a consistent Christan life. She was beloved by all who knew her. She was a patient sufferer; at times her sufferings were intense, yet she never complained. She died in the triumphs of faith.
BALL --- [Infant] BALL
Lincoln County Beacon Thursday, July 29, 1880.
---(Taken from Colorado Township local news section) Mrs. Volney BALL's baby died last Saturday night. Three times within two years have they (the parents) been called to suffer the loss of their little ones. The infant child of Mrs. WILLETS is also very sick.
submitted by Bill and Diana Sowers (Note... We are not related to this person. We found this obit while looking through the paper.)
BALL --- Volney BALL
Salina Evening Journal, Saturday, April 27, 1912 (Page 1)
Valaney Ball, one of the earliest settlers in central Kansas and a prominent citizen in the early affairs of Lincoln and Saline Counties died at his home in Brookville at an early hour this morning. The cause of his death was pneumonia and he had been sick for several days.
Mr. Ball was born in Beverly, West Virginia, on August 2, 1840, and lived there until he came to Kansas in 1859 at the age of 19 years. He did not remain long at that time, however, but six year later he again came west and had since made this state his home. When Mr. Ball came the second time in 1865 he conducted a store at Shipley's Ferry on the Saline river and also located a claim on the land where the town of Beverly, Kansas is now situated.
With the organization of Lincoln County, Mr. Ball at once became prominent in local affairs and was the first county treasurer, serving for two terms. A few years later he represented Lincoln County in the state legislature with much credit. After moving to Brookville in this county he engaged in the real estate and loan business and continued in this until his death. During the Civil War, Mr. Ball served in the Fourt Independent company of Ohio volunteer Calvary.
On April 28, 1872, Mr. Ball was married to Margaret J. La Barr, who survives him. Of the six children, four, Mrs. H. B. Saunders of Winslow, Arizona; Mrs. Phillip Reck of Parsons, Kansas, Miss Melinda Ball of Brookville, were with him at the time of his death. Mrs. G. V. Hackney and Miss Delphine T. Ball were not able to be here.
Mr. Ball was one of the best known men in Central Kansas, having come to this part of the state in the earliest days. He built one of the first mills in Central Kansas, locating it on his claim where Beverly now stands. He also built a dam across the Saline river to furnish power for his mill. The water was backed up to the mill of David Hardesty's mill, and the latter brought suit in the district court of Lincoln County to enjoin Ball from maintaining the dam. The litigation continued for many years, went to the district court several times and was remanded for new trials and otherwise disposed of in the higher tribunal. After a decade or more both Ball and Hardesty had spent fortunes in the litigation and disposing of their properties following other pursuits. The Beverly mill case became one of the state wide reputation among people in interested in court matters.
Ball came to Kansas from Beverly, Virginia, and the town of Beverly, Kansas, was named by him after his native town.
The funeral services will be held at the residence in Brookville Sunday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock and will be conducted by the Rev. J. M. Miller, pastor of the Methodist church at Brookville. The interment will be in the Brookville Cemetery.
Mrs. H. B. Saunders of Winslow, Arizona; was Flora Ball, H. B. was Hollis, probably died at Winslow, AZ
Mrs. Phillip Reck of Parsons, Kansas, was Pauline "Sadie" Ball, probably died at Winslow, AZ
Miss Melinda Ball of Brookville, later married a Cornell? and lived in Missouri
Mrs. G. V. Hackney was Maurine "Agnes" Ball, later lived, died & buried at Winslow, AZ
Miss Delphine T. Ball later married a Doyle and lived in Missouri, died at Shawnee Mission, KS
Not mentioned was son, Jay Gould Ball, who lived in Brookville, KS, later Ashton, ID and still later, Los Angeles, CA [Contributed by Mike Day.]

Lincoln Sentinel, May 4, 1905
--- On last Thursday at about 1 a.m., Mrs. BARRETT passed away. Her death was quite unexpected, as she was in her usual health the previous evening, and it is though to have been due to heart failure. The interment was made on Friday at the Catholic cemetery south of town. The services were held at the church at 11 a.m. conducted by Father McNAMARA. Mrs. BARRETT was a native of Ireland, and had spent most of her life in America. She came to Kansas from Pennsylvania in 1868, living first in Ellsworth county but for the past 25 years has been a resident of this county. She leaves three sons, Jas. Nic. and Will and a daughter Mrs. Thomas MULLOY who survive her. The children were all present at the funeral except one son who arrived too late to attend. Mrs. Michael HEALY is a sister of the deceased. Submitted by Tracee Hamilton, Would like to hear from descendants of the Barrett family.
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, May 16, 1940
---William BARRETT, 62, died of diabetes at St. John's hospital in Salina Monday afternoon. He had been in the hospital for two weeks and underwent amputation of one leg Thursday in an effort to prolong his life.
The body was brought to Lincoln where funeral services were held Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock from St. Patrick's church, conducted by Fr. Mulvihill. The body was laid to rest in St. Patrick's cemetery.
Mr. BARRETT was born in Ellsworth in 1876 but had lived most of his life in Lincoln county where he worked as a farm laborer. He never married. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Margaret MULLOY of Lincoln, and by a number of nephews and nieces.

BELL --- Achilles P. BELL
Lincoln Republican, Feb. 24, 1887
---Died February 19th, 1887, Achilles P. Bell of Beverly, aged 74 years.
Achilles P. Bell was born in Harrison county, O., October 19th, 1813, came to Kansas in 1868, lived in Leavenworth county eight years, came to Lincoln county in the fall of '76 and settled near the present town of Beverly where he died. He accumulated a nice property building up a home for himself and family, and was one of the most respected citizens of Lincoln county. He came to the altar on the evening of the 14th and was converted, was taken sick the same night and lived but four days. Mr. Bell leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss. The family desires to return their heartfelt thanks to their kind neighbors for the care and sympathy extended them in this the hour of their darkest trial.
The funeral services were conducted by Rev. I McDowell, pastor of the M.E. church, under whose labors the deceased was converted. A very large concourse of people followed the remains to their last resting place, where our departed brother and beloved fellow citizen will await the voice of him who will charnge our vile bodies and make them like unto his own glorious body.

BELL --- Dale BELL
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, March 14, 1929
---Dale Murphy BELL was born in Lincoln county May 3, 1909, and departed this life in the Wesley Hospital, Wichita, March 9, 1929, at the age of 19 years, 10 months and 5 days. He was a graduate of the Lincoln High School and had attended college at Kansas Wesleyan University at Salina and Kansas University at Lawrence. At the time of his death he was astudent in the Wichita Business College. Dale's happy, loving disposition won for him a world of friends wherever he went. He leaves to mourn his untimely departure a father and mother and one sister, Viola, besides a host of other relatives and friends. Interment was in the Lincoln cemetery.
BENDER --- Lincoln Republican, November 1, 1917
Lincoln Sentinel, June 28, 1906
---M.L. Berger of Sylvan Grove, one of Lincoln county's best known general merchants, died suddenly at that place, last Monday morning from an attack of heart trouble.
He was sitting at his desk in the store, working at the books, when he was stricken and was immediately taken home, but before medical aid could reach him, death came.
Mr. Berger is one of the best known West End merchants, having been in business both at Wilson and Yorktown, before locating at Sylvan Grove. For years he was identified in business with his two brothers - Peter Berger of Salina, and one living at Wilson. But for the past three years he has been in partnership with John CALENE of Sylvan Grove. There was no more widely known man scarecly in the county, and his sudden death shocked them all. At the time of his death he was about 45 years old.
He leaves a wife and eight children - four boys and four girls - besides numerous relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
Lincoln Sentinel --- August 11, 1910
---(from Sylvan Grove news section): Mrs E.G. BERHORST died at her home in Sylvan, Monday, July 31. Funeral services were held the following Wednesday and burial was made in the Lutheran cemetery.
Contributed by Bill and Diana Sowers. No relation to us.
The Lincoln Sentinel Republican --- January 11, 1940
---William John BERRYMAN, who homesteaded near Lincoln in 1876, died at his home on that original claim Sunday morning, January 7, aged 83 years, two weeks and two days. He was one of the county s oldest residents.
William John Berryman was born in Minorsville, Pennsylvania, December 21, 1846. He was born of Christian parents and was left an orphan at an early age. He was taken in by a Christian couple and reared in their home, living with them until he was about 29 years of age. At that time he chose for his wife Miss Susanna Stevenson. They were married at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1875.
Within one year of their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Berryman came west to Kansas and homesteaded on a place northwest of Lincoln in 1876 where he lived until death called him.
Mr. and Mrs. Berryman were the parents of ten children, four of whom survive to mourn their loss. These are Mrs. Rachel Thomas of Los Angeles, California; and Mrs. Jennie Hansen, Mrs. Grace Murphy, Spencer Berryman, all of Lincoln, Kansas.
Mrs. Berryman preceded him in death some fifteen years ago, March 25, 1925. From that time on, Mrs. Grace Murphy has been taking care of him and has been a close companion to him until the end. Interment was made in Lincoln Cemetery.

BIGGS --- Henrietta and Emma Estelle BIGGS
Lincoln County Beacon, Thursday, Nov. 25, 1880.
---In Lincoln Center, Friday, Nov. 19, at 5:35 p.m., of Diptheria, Emma Estelle, eldest child of A.T. and Emily J. Biggs, aged 13 years 9 months and 23 days. In the space of five weeks has this dreadful scourge twice entered this home and taken the two only daughters. Each lived 6 days from the time she was attacked. To say that the bereaved parents and two little brothers have the sympathies of the community but feebly expresses our sorrow for them. The character of this dear little girl is best expressed in the language of her favorite poem, she need often to so beautifully read:
I live for those who love me
Whose hearts are kind and true;
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my spirit, too;
For all human ties that bind me,
For the task my God assigned me,
For the bright hopes left behind me,
And the good that I can do.

The funeral sermon of the sisters was preached on Sunday last by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, who has known them several years, and who in the course of his sermon paid the following tribute to their memory:

"Diptheria is a terrible messenger from the hand of our heavenly Father. It visits the hamlets of the lowly and the palaces of the rich, and takes the princes and the poor man's dearest treasures. It rages alike in the crowded city and in the pure air of the country. On hill and in valley, in winter and summer it takes the strong and the weak. There are a thousand remedies for it and still there is not one that is truly effectual. Often we have been called to mourn over the loss of our dear ones, slain by this destructive visitor. Near five weeks ago it came into this then happy family and took their youngest daughter, Henrietta Biggs, a bright child 5 years old the 5th of last April. She died the 14th of October. I cannot tell you the history of little "Etta" for what tongue can relate all the bright smiles, the kind acts and tender, pleasing ways of a child, which are treasured up in the hearts of its parents and those around. They are exceedingly precious - how much, we only felt when the little one was taken. When Etta died, her sister, Estelle, threw herself upon her and desired to go with this little cherub to heaven. How soon her prayer was granted.

Emma Estelle Biggs was 13 years old the 22nd of last February. She was always very kind to others and when very young used to deny herself, to save some good thing for her mother to eat, or the others of the family to enjoy. She was more like a woman than a child. She took such care of things at home in the house work, and was so industrous and orderly and careful. She was very studious in her habits. Her school teacher and her Sabbath School teacher give good accounts of her and accredit her with a mind stronger than common. One week ago yesterday Estelle was taken sick. I went to see her and after I had the sung the song "It is better further on" she handed me the book and told me to sing that beautiful hymn by Alice Cary, "Nearer Home." I did not want to sing it, it looked so much as ifshe was thinking of dying. But I tried. These are the words:

One sweetly solemn thought
Comes to me o'er and o'er
I'm nearer my home to-day
Than I've ever been before.
Nearer my Father's house
Where the many mansions be,
Nearer the great white throne,
Nearer the jasper sea.
Saviour, perfect my trust,
Strengthen the might of my faith,
Let me feel as I would when I stand
On the rock of the shore of death.
Feel as I could when my feet
Are stepping over the brink;
For it may be I'm nearer home-
Nearer now than I think.

Friday, the 19th of Nov., the last day of her life came and it seemed as if God kept Estelle all day dying, so that she could show how triumphantly a little Christian dies, and teach others how to die. She had before told what to do with the little things she owned. She desired that father, mother, brothers and all of the neighbors and friends who had watched over her should each have something of hers. She was more than once urged by her mother not to give up to die and she at one time promised to try and live. She was [can't read] as the apostle in the words of our text; "I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you. For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." [Phil. I 21-23-24]. Though outwardly she was a terrible picture of suffering and disease, she was happy and calm. "Oh, I am so much better, so much better," she said, "almost well"; and these were the very last words of Richard Baxter, too, before he died and entered into eternal joy. When asked how he did, his reply was "almost well."

"Don't cry, don't cry," she said to the weeping father and mother and brother, "please don't cry; you promised me not to cry." She sent for her teachers, her dearest friends, to bid them goodbye, and again and again she said, "Meet me in heaven." At times she clasped her hands as if in prayer. The last word on her lips was "Mother," and may not her first words in that better land be "Jesus, my Saviour, God my Heavenly Father." All those who stood around her were thrilled with wonder and delight, and smiled through their tears as they saw her triumphing over death through her blessed Saviour. We felt it was far better for her to depart and be with Christ as heaven seemed to have dawned on her soul.

Forever with the Lord,
Amen, so let it be."
BIRD --- Elijah F. BIRD
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, Dec. 12, 1957
---Elijah F. Bird, age 94 years 11 months 27 days, passed away Friday, December 6th, at his home northwest of Lincoln.
He was born December 9th, 1862, to James and Lucinda Bird in the state of Indiana. He came with his mother, three brothers and one sister to Lincoln county in the year 1869 and resided here the remainder of his life as a farmer in this community.
He was united in marriage to Parried Belle Thomas in the year 1885. She preceded him in death in 1950; also five sons, one sister and three brothers.
To this union was born nine children, four of whom are living, Harley L. Bird, Lincoln, Henry C. Bird, Lincoln, Lester J. Bird, Esbon, Alvin C. Bird, Russell.
He leaves to mourn his passing, four sons, 17 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends.
Funeral services for Mr. Bird were held Sunday, December 8th at 2:00 p. m. at the Congregational Christian church, with the Rev, Paul Hughes in charge, assissted by Rev. R. L. Hendrickson. Interment was made in the Lincoln Cemetery. (Contributed by David Veh [])
BIRD --- George W. BIRD
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, June 10, 1948
---George Washington Bird, son of James and Lucinda Bird, was born in Davis county, Indiana, January 1, 1859.
He came with his parents to Missouri at the age of six years and in 1869 he came to lincoln county, Kansas, where he grew to manhood. He was united in marriage to Samantha Refro in 1884 and to this union several children were born. Some of the children with their mother preceded him in death.
On December 21, 1925, he was married to Ida M. Jones who passed away September 15, 1932. Then on October 16, 1939, he united in marriage to Mrs. Luella Jones who survives him.
Mr. Bird spent most of his life as a farmer and stockman. Upon retiring he moved to Lincoln where he made his home until the end which came after many weeks of suffering on Thursday, June 3, 1948. He reached the age of 89 years, five months and two days.
He leaves to mourn their loss his wife of the home; one daughter, Mrs Bessie Tuttle of Canon city, Colorado; three sons, Andrew and John Bird of Quinter, Kansas, and Howard Bird of Lincoln, Kansas; 20 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren; one brother, E. F. Bird of Lincoln, Kansas, and many other near relatives and a host of friends.
Funeral services were held from the Congregational Christian church. Interment was made in the Lincoln cemetery.
(Contributed by David Veh [])
BIRD --- James Aaron BIRD
Lincoln Sentinel, May 8, 1913
---Aaron Bird was born in Amos county, Illinois, September 1, 1860, and died in Lincoln county, Kansas, May 3 1913, at the age of 53 years.
The deceased came to Kansas with his parents while a mere youth and made his home in this state until the end. On March 31, 1889, he was united in marriage with Miss Alice Couse. To this union were born six children, four surviving their father and together with their mother mourn his loss. In 1894, he united with the church and has lived a consistent Christian life ever since.
Besides his wife, two daughters and two sons he is survived by two brothers, one sister and a host of friends.
Funeral services were held Sunday May 4, from the First Christian church. Interment was made in the Lincoln cemetery.
(Contributed by David Veh [])
BIRD --- Parrie Bell BIRD
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, Sept. 21, 1950
---Parrie Bell Thomas was born October 13, 1869, and passed away September 15, 1950, aged 80 years, 11 months and two days.
She became an orphan at the age of thirteen years and came to Lincoln, Kansas, to make her home with an uncle, Nicholas Hall. The remainder of her life was spent in this community.
Early in life, she made the Great Confession and united with the church. She was a member of the Congregational Christian church of Lincoln for many years.
December 29, 1885, she was united in marriage to E. F. Bird. To this union nine sons were born four of whom preceded her in death. She leaves to mourn her departure, her faithful husband of nearly 65 years; five sons, Harley Bird, Henry Bird, George Bird all of Lincoln; Lester Bird of Esbon, Kansas; Alva Bird of Russell, Kansas; seventeen grand children and eight great grand children, many other relatives and a host of friends.
Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon from the Congregational Christian church. Interment was made in Lincoln cemetery.
(Contributed by David Veh [])
BIRD --- Samantha Ann (Refro) BIRD
Lincoln Sentinel, March 13, 1924
---Samantha Ann (Renfro) Bird; second child of Wm. N. and Eliza Renfro was born at Barn Hill, Ill., Oct. 31, 1869. As a child of about 10 years of age she came to Kansas settling in Lincoln County. On May 29, 1884 she was married to George W. Bird. To this union eleven children were born, five of whom are still living, and were about their mother during her last sickness ministering to her needs. Many years ago she united with the Bulah Church north of Lincoln, but later she transferred her membership to the First Christian Church of Lincoln. She was a faithful attendant of the church until sickness made it impossible for her to attend.
One of Mrs. Bird's favorite ways of exprssing her Christian faith was by actively ministering to others in case of sickness and need. The night was never too dark or the way too long for her to go when calls of this kind came.
Death finally came after a lingering illness Thursday moring at about eight o'clock March 6, 1924. Cause of death being Cancer of the liver.
She leaves to mourn her departure her husband, Geo. W. Bird, five children, Andrew, Arthur, and Bessie Bird Tuttle of Quinter, Kansas, John and Howard of Lincoln. She is also survived by her father, two brothers, five sisters and seven grandchildreen, besides many other relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held at the First Christian Church, Friday afternoon, conducted by the paster, John A. Stover. Burial took place in the Lincoln Cemetery.
(Contributed by David Veh [])
BISHOP - Margaret Anne
Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, May 6, 1926
--- Margaret Anne, infant daughter born Wednesday, April 28, 1926, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank BISHOP, died at midnight that day. Burial took place in the Lincoln cemetery on Thursday afternoon at four o'clock. Submitted by Tracee Hamilton (Note: No relation.)
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