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of the Poor Farm
in 1907

Lincoln Republican, 17 January 1907

Lincoln county has one of the most attractive homes for the care of her dependent poor, to be found in Central or Western Kansas. The term “Poor Farm” doesn’t describe it all. To begin with, it is one of the best 160 acres of land to be found in a splendid section of country. This much, nature did for it; but the county commissioners and an energetic superintendent have done the rest.
When the farm was purchased a few years ago, the improvements consisted of a little old stone house. The commissioners at first put up a furnace heated infirmary for the use of the unfortunates who were to make this their home; then a fine orchard was set out and has been added to from time to time, until it is now one of the best in the county both in size and quality of fruit produced; a good new barn was erected; a splendid poultry house and yards were added to the other improvements, also various other out buildings. Last summer the climax of improvement was reached when the board erected a splendid modern two-story house for the use of the superintendent. This was built in front of the building for the inmates making it all one structure.
The farm is located at a convenient distance from town – about a 30 minute drive, and as it is approached it presents a pleasant home like appearance.
Last week, the commissioners made a visit to the farm for the regular quarterly inspection, inviting the Republican man to go with them. This was the last official inspection made by the old board, Mr. Shaver’s term expiring Monday of this week. The inspection was a source of satisfaction to all three members. Mr. Shaver, who has served a term of eight years, has seen the farm become the pleasant home it now is while Messrs. Taylor and Long have the satisfaction of knowing that during the last two years they have helped to give the indigent poor a home of which Lincoln county is proud, and which as an institution is a profitable enterprise for the county.
A look about the premises revealed what would fill any Lincoln county citizen with pride, and showed that Superintendent McFarland and his good wife are the proper persons to have at the head of such an institution. The inmates are given every attention and comfort; and while they are not clothed in purple and fine linen, they are well provided for in the line of clothing and certainly farm sumptuously every day. There are a number of fine fat cattle on the farm. Mr. Mc. had dressed one of these the day before our visit and had a supply of splendid beef on hand while a visit to the smokehouse revealed barrels of pork. In the cellar was tier after tier of canned fruit, with butters and jellies, marmalades and other good things without end. Four hundred head of poultry on the farm insure a bounteous supply along that line with a large margin of products for the market. Everything about the farm is cozy, up-to-date, and inviting. Those citizens who have been visited the farm cannot realize how much has been accomplished here by the superintendent. The farm is especially adapted for the growth of alfalfa and the board is planning to increase the acreage of this valuable drop. This together with the execution of other important plans is calculated to cause the county farm to continue to be one of the attractive places in Lincoln county.

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