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Bad Scrape
Sylvan Grove

"Wm. Mollenkamp slugs Rein Wohler"

Lincoln Beacon, July 30, 1896

Last Monday evening a little while before dark William Mollenkamp of Vesper township "laid out" Rein Wohler, the Sylvan Grove druggist, with a beer bottle.

The circumstances as narrated to us are as follows: Mollenkamp had been denied credit by Wohler for about a dollarís worth of drugs to be used as a remedy for Mrs. Mollenkampís rheumatism. There was no particular row at the time, and it is only surmised that that was the cause of the assault that followed. In fact we understand that the refusal by Mr. Wohler to credit Mr. Mollenkamp was several days prior to the assault, but we are told that Mollenkamp had made threats to "get even" with Wohler.

Monday evening Wohler was walking along the sidewalk, and passed Mollenkamp, who was sitting on the edge of the walk. Mollenkamp suddenly sprang to his feet and struck Wohler across the right side of the head with a beer bottle. Wohler dropped and was taken home insensible without, it is said, even knowing who or what hit him. Later we hear that his condition is very serious, rumor having it that he is not expected to live.

Mollenkamp was taken in custody and is now guarded by Constable James Wilson.

At this writing, County Attorney Dunham is in Sylvan Grove investigating the case.

Latest Ė Mollenkamp was given a preliminary examination yesterday before Squire Ide. In default of bail he was brought to Lincoln and lodged in jail.

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