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The Scythe
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Lincoln Beacon, July 30, 1896

Scythe in a tree

Hung there 13 years ago, now firmly imbedded

Lincoln, July 25—One of the historical reminiscences of Lincoln county can be seen on the farm of Elom Culver, about two miles north of this place.
Thirteen years ago this last spring Lyman Wetmore died at his home on this farm. The last day’s work that he did was with a scythe, mowing down the weeds around the house.
He was taken sick while in the performing of this work, and, hanging his scythe on the limb of a small cottonwood tree about two or three inches in circumference, he returned to the house, went to bed and died several weeks later.
In all these years the scythe has not been disturbed, except by the growth of the tree, the blade extending clear through the body, which is now probably 20 inches in diameter, and so firmly imbedded in the trunk that it cannot be pulled out by hand.
The handle is well preserved, except that it was been partially straightened out from the pressure of the growth of the tree. It is a great curiosity. – State Journal
Mr. Culver ought to "feel much obliged" to the fellow who has gone to so much pains to tell the whole state of Kansas that he has not used a weed cutter on his farm in 13 years.

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