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Original publication unknown, reprinted in The Lincoln-Sentinel Republican
February 6, 1958

Married—William Feldkamp to Miss Louisa Heiser, Friday, December 27th, 1889, at residence of bride’s parents, Col. John Heiser, in Indiana township, this county.

This was one of the greatest weddings ever held in Lincoln county. It was perhaps the most extensively prepared for of any that has been held in Kansas. Preparations for the festivities began some weeks ago, but the first public demonstration was had Monday of last week, when a brother of the bride started out to invite the guests to the wedding. He rode the county over and each invited guest, according to the ancient custom, tied or pinned a yard or so of bright colored ribbon to the young man’s clothing. When he left town Monday night he had at least 100 yards of ribbon streaming from his person and from the horse’s bridle.

Friday morning at nine o’clock the festival opened, and with eating, dancing, singing and jollification the festivities continued until 10 o’clock Saturday morning.

People came miles and miles to be present on this occasion. Between three and four hundred persons wee in attendance at one time and four hundred persons were in attendance at one time or another during the continuance of the party. About 200 was the average crowd all the time.

The best of time was had by all present, and all went away wishing the young folks all the happiness and prosperity that can well fall to the lot of any persons.

Col. John Heiser is a royal entertainer and the boys wish he had 20 girls and all of them so fortunate as to have a wedding feast prepared to them. They would join in making it a merry one.

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