"Artist Frank Cooper
Paints an
Unusual Map"

From the The Lincoln Sentinel-Republican
July 11, 1940

Working in his spare time over a period of several weeks, Frank A. Cooper, local artist, has been preparing a most unusual and interesting map of Lincoln county, giving a pictorial history of dates and events which have occurred over a period of years.

On a canvas four by six feet Cooper has reproduced the county, drawn to scale, with each of its townships clearly indicated. A portrait of Abraham Lincoln forms a panel at the right side of the map, the panel giving the countyís name and dates of orgnization. All the work is done in oil paints.

As accurately as possible, Cooper has attempted to include many historic incidents, placing them on the map where they occurred and giving dates and other information beneath the painted scenes. The background, a pleasing shade of blue-green, is carefully shaded to indicate the topography of the region or locality. Hell creek, Devilís half acre, the Saline river, creeks and other points of interest are colorfully included.

Although the map is not yet finished, Cooper has decided to place it on exhibit this week end in the window of the building east of the Saline Valley Bank. The exhibit of the map is being made in order that the artist may check dates and other information. He plans to prepare a list of questions and asks the public to assist in answering them so that location of events, their dates, personalities, may be exact before the map is finished.

Transcriberís note: This map turned up in a barn near Barnard a few years ago and is now on display at the Kyne House Museum in Lincoln, where an entire room of the new addition is devoted to the work of Frank Cooper, one of Lincolnís most famous citizens. Cooper originated the cartoon series, "It Happened in Kansas," which was syndicated and ran in many newspapers for years.

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