Pile of Stones
is just ...
a Pile of Stones

Lincoln County News, Jan. 3, 1935

Travelers along K-14 south of Lincoln have frequently wondered what significance there might be in the monumental-looking pile of sandrock on the hill back of the St. John Lutheran parsonage four miles south of town.

The column of brown rock stands on the brow of the hill, rising higher than a man's head and looking for all the world as if it were a bona fide landmark of great antiquity, but according to F.J. Aufdemberge, who grew up in that neighborhood, it isn't as important as it looks.

Rev. J.H.F. Hoyer, minister at St. John's church before Rev. H. Kroening came here about 11 years ago, had five boys, and one summer, just to be doing something, the boys erected the column, using the stones that are plentiful on the hill.

The boys are all grown now and all five of them followed in the footsteps of their father and became ministers in the Lutheran church. Professor Theodore is teaching in the Concordia seminary in St. Louis, Rev. Otto H. is at Alva, Okla., Rev. Hugo is at Gordonville, Mo., Rev. Paul H. is at Brecklinridge, Okla., and Rev. George is at Topeka. But their "monument" still stands on the hill as they left it.

(Transcriber's note: The pile of stones is no doubt diminished but is still visible today (2003) on the hill behind St. John Lutheran Church and cemetery.)

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