Erects Marker
for Spanish
War Comrade

Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, July 27, 1939

Charlie E. Crosson, of Minneapolis, accompanied by Walter Hall and A.H. Robertson, fellow townsmen, came to Lincoln this Wednesday morning to complete the erection of a soldierís monument at the grave of George Dave Tipton, a veteran of the Spanish-American War who died in Lincoln in 1923 and was buried in Lincoln cemetery.

Mr. Tipton and Mr. Crosson were companions in the U.S. army during the Spanish American War and in the Philippine Insurrrection, 1898 and 1899, where they served under General Funston. The friendship endured until Mr. Tiptonís death. His grave was never marked and this fact brought deep concern to Mr. Crosson, who at his own expense procured and erected a regular soldierís marker, a low white stone. He feels now that he has "kept the faith" with his old war buddy and hopes to return in the near future to secure a good photograph of Mr. Tiptonís grave and marker.

Mr. Crosson, an uncle of the noted Dave [sic; should be Joe] Crosson, Alaska "mercy flier," has gained a measure of fame for himself through the construction of his "one-man cemetery" northwest of Minneapolis, where he expects to be interred. He is also a collector of curios and historical souvenirs and has a large and interesting collection.

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